Been away from the forum for a while. SE425 on the way to replace E4 - what's the competition?
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Jul 14, 2004
Wow, I haven't been on the forum for a while - the IEM market looks like it really filled out over the last few years.  
My story is that I originally had the Shure E2c and shortly after the E4 came out around 2005 (2006?), I upgraded to those.  About every year or so, the sound in one of the earphones would cut out and I would send them back to Shure, who promptly replaced them.  The result of this was that I was basically content with the E4 and because I never had to shell out any cash for new earphones, I never really examined whether something else would make me happier.  Cut to last week, when they died again.  This time, however, Shure tells me the E4 is discontinued and out of warranty, so my only option was to pay $155 for a pair of SE425, which are on their way.
My question is, what is the current competition for these earphones and should I consider selling them and purchasing something different?  I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly rock, indie rock, and electronic music.  I'll be using an iphone as my source, although I am now considering an amp. My other headphones are MS1s, although they don't get as much use - I listen to headphones mainly on the train so the MS1s are not as useful for that. 
I liked the E4, which at the time was basically known as a neutral but musical earphone that was a little light on bass.  This seems to be the same assessment of the SE425.  
If I could get something that had a touch more present and extended bass/highs, better soundstage, and had equivalent isolation, I would consider the hassle of selling the SE425 and buying something else in the same street price range.

So what say you, forumites?  Stick with Shure or consider something else?
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The Heir 4.Ai is pretty well-regarded for a new IEM. I have a pair myself and listen to much of the same music you do and it works great. I've never heard any Shure IEMs, so I don't know how they compare, but they're still pretty well regarded here too.
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Currently own a set of Shure SE425's though I'm upgrading to a set of the Heir 4.A.1's on Tuesday. I'll do a full comparison of them sometime next week. As for the SE425's, they're a lovely set of IEMs. I'd say they're mid-centric, though if you get the triple flanged tips the bass does improve in both volume and depth. 
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Just picked up the 4.Ai. If you can afford the upgrade it's definitely worth it. Sound impeccible for rock though they might be a tad light on bass for electeonic music. I'll give you a bit more of an in depth review once I've spent some more time with them.
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The SE425 are upgrade over E4c but there are better IEMs like GR07, UE TF10Pro........
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The Heir Audio 4Ai are supperior than GR07, UE TF10Pro in term of soundquality.

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