AURALiC owners unite!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by norway, Mar 26, 2013.
  1. ardilla
    Yup. And BTW, I couldn't tell the mk1 and 2 much apart ,)
  2. Tassie Devil
    I've got the Violectric 281 and Taurus 2 here in two different systems & using Sennheiser HD800S in both. I got the Taurus at an excellent price new and the Violectric (used) also at a good price, although itcost more.

    There is not a huge difference between them but there are subtlties as mentioned above with a preference to the Violectric so it is in the main headphone system. It runs a lot cooler than the Taurus - the Taurus can give odd unstable behaviour if there is insufficient cooling. At one stage I needed a quiet 120mm fan in the setup with the Taurus to make it behave but have it in a more open situation now and it is OK.

    Bottom line is the Taurus is fine with the Sennie 800S if given good ventillation but the Violectric has an edge. Whether or not the extra cost justifies that edge is a personal decision. IMHO choice of DAC is more important and here I'd again plug the LKS DA-004.
  3. LeMat
    I own the Taurus with an Yggy and am very satisifed with the result, especially in balanced mode. I'm aware the Questyle and Violectric are good contenders but still very similar. I was wondering if anyone got a chance to compare those with the Pass Labs HPA-1 ? While not being balanced, this thing seems to harvest very good reviews. Is the price really justified for something which oddly looks like a Beta22 internals?
  4. Tassie Devil
    Agree that the Taurus/Yggy is a great combo for the 800S, However the Violectric/LKS is better for me. Super bass control and excellent non fatiguing resolution. Note that is not to imply the Taurus/TYggy combo is fatiguing, it is not.
  5. LeMat
    I personally did find it fatiguing with the HD800S. I wasn't a fan of this can anyway and quickly sold it to get an Elear which paired with a silver cable is everything I was looking for. Comfort might not be as good as with the HD800 but it's a detail.
  6. Tassie Devil
    Just as well we all have different tastes!!! Otherwise there would not be such a choice of headphones etc,

    And there is no absolute "best" in any of this but that does not mean there is no individual best. That will be the result of a combination of -

    1. The brain/ear genetics which determines the shape of the ear canal and nerve reactions to audio
    2. Environmental interaction on the brain as a result of exposure to music over the years.

    That said, with a lot of people preferring a certain product, the chances are it would suit an individual. but that is no guarantee. So, personal recommendations from people like myself must be tempered with caution.

    And yes, the Focal Utopias do sound better to these ears than the Sennies 800S, but mine broke down and have been months away in France being, or awaiting, repair. I had blamed a visitor for driving them too hard but would not swear to that being the fundamental problem as it does seem the Berillium structure could be excessively delicate so prone to unreliability. But I'm not complaining about deprivation as, in the meantime, the 800S are giving much musical pleasure - and they are a lot more comfortable thasn the Focals.
  7. Ekul61
    Has anyone else discussed a over heating issue before.
  8. Vu Chau
    Lately my unit hasn't been as warm as it was before. It's largely because it's almost winter now, the air is cooler / less humid, and I don't have central heat on yet. So, I'd say the overheating might as well be due to the weather where you are. Ventilation also plays a role - my unit sits atop a makeshift carton box in the middle of a big room.
  9. Tassie Devil
    Some time ago I contacted Auralic about a problem I was having with only 2.5" clearance above and their response was:

    "TAURUS MKII dissipates up to 50 Watts of power during normal operation. It should be installed in a space with at least five inches of clearance above; one inch behind and on both sides of its enclosure to provide adequate ventilation. Avoid placing it directly above other equipment that produces heat.

    The problem you reported seems to be a relay inside the machine which does not work randomly."

    I did use a quiet 120mm PC fan for cooling until I moved it to this office here where currently it has 3.5' clearance but heaps clearance either side so is showing no signs of distress although is obviously hot on top. I did not like using the fan as my prejudice is that an amp needs to run warm/hot. I also contacted Violectric about this issue and had this reply:

    "V281 will become a bit warm during operation but the case temperature will never exceed more than 45 centigrade (with room temperature of 25 centigrade or below).
    But please keep in mind that the front panel of V281 has the hight of 112 mm, the feet will add another 10 mm.
    A clearance of 2 cm over the case would be enough for ventilation and safe operation."

    The V281 is warm to touch but does not feel as hot as the Taurus. Bottom line is to ensure the Taurus is well ventillated."
  10. Ekul61
    I've found a used Taurus for 850 . Violectric could have a %25 off black fri sale. Putting the 281 at about 1800. Any thoughts?
  11. Tassie Devil
    That is a hard one but I'll give my opinion FWIW.

    I paid a similar amount for each and either is good value at those prices. The Taurus is a fine unit but the 281 is a bit better, BUT, unless you have optimised input, you may not benefit from that "bit better".

    And that optimised input includes digital output from the player or PC (and if using USB out from a PC I doubt any success at hearing improvement with the 281), the bridge if using a server (the Auralic Aries is superb at this) and then the cable (Canare DA206 or equivalent) -> top DAC with AES balanced input (Another plug for the LKS D-004) -> AMP.

    It is a chain, and as is often said, only as strong as the weakest link. The biggest trap for audiophile novices (and I'm not meaning anyone here) is to expect money spent on a top end headphone will reveal all sorts of previously hidden nuances when they discover that headphone reveals a poor DAC or other earlier problerms. They then foolishly blame the headphone!! You can apply that to any part of the audio chain. And it is only this year I personally woke up to ther fact that poor digital cabling can introduce jitter. Up to then I only associated jitter with the DAC. We live and learn.
  12. Anjolie
    Mine gets warm but never hot to the touch
  13. MLGrado
    Well... I think I am going to take the plunge and get a first gen Vega DAC. Been holding out for the promised iFi Pro DAC. But, looks like its delayed yet another year.

    Right now I am down to 2 choices... Wyred4Sound DAC-2 Special Edition or the Auralic. No, I am not going with the latest models.. that is just how I roll.. cheap with stuff just removed from the bleeding edge :) :) I am a W4S DAC-1 LE Femto owner, and its a great little DAC, that really only seems to have one flaw... it can get a bit sibilant on forward mixed source material. I am going to guess the much upgraded DAC-2 SE will be better in that regard, but perhaps not if its just the consequence of their house sound and my particular equipment.

    My question is about the Vega, then... vocalists... how well does the Vega handle sibilance?

  14. lcasadonte
    If anyone is interested audio advisors has the taurus on sale for 1099 . I love the taurus and vega combination. I don't find the vega to be sibilant and i bought it because my source, the altair streamer, was sibilant btw.
  15. Bellari

    Just joined the Vega club yesterday and I am very impressed! Took the Favorited position in my setup immediately. I find the DSD64 and 44.1 very easy to just listen to and not be all analytical with my sessions. I've been an ESS9018 owner 3 times through the years and this is Definitely the best implementation of it IMO. Was a toss up of Brooklyn+ NEW or Vega USED and I'm glad I chose what I did.

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