AURALiC owners unite!

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  1. kylev
    They are amazing pair!
    I was using tube amp last time, Lyr prior to Taurus. One thing I dislike about tube amp is because of the coloration, it makes the overall sound warmer. I like original sound of HD800 / HD800s without overall coloration.
    If there's one thing I dislike is the peaky highs only - that's all. Although HD800s is reducing those peaky highs, but somehow the transient is bit reduced, less lively.
    I owned HD800s last time, then go for HD800 with SDR mod - I am grateful that I got HD800 with reduced peaky highs and the bass somehow is improved.
    On top of that I use pure copper for both the headphone and the power cord.
  2. CoLdAsSauLt
    Auralic announced a lot of new products in the DAC and streaming range (Aries G2, Vega G2, master word clock) with some launch dates even quite far ahead, but no word on a refresh/new development in their amp line-up.
    Makes me wonder indeed why the Taurus Mk2 is rather unavailable right now, and has been on quite a big sale lately. Anybody around who knows more? Or maybe some dealers might chime in?

    Where did you get this info?
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  3. ardilla
    I spoke to a trustworthy long time Auralic dealer (who already had the G2's in demo and praised them to the sky...) and asked him about any prospects of an upcoming Taurus mk3 or other headphone amps. He said that he talked to Auralic recently, and they are focused on their streaming range and all-in-one boxes - no new amplification units planned as far as he knew and he would be surprised if they did.

    So - I guess we will just have to keep on appreciating the Taurus as it is :wink:
  4. CoLdAsSauLt
    Did you hear them? I asked Auralic Benelux about them, and there is a demo end of October in the Netherlands. It won't be possible though to put the original Vega and the G2 head to head, which would in the end be what it's all about for me and the decision to make. So I'm eagerly looking forward to comparative impressions...

    I sure as hell do :)
  5. manpowre
    I had 2 hours with Auralic Vega G2 together with my own LCD4 and the HDV820 as amp + Focal Utopia and Clear today.. I have to say, Im impresed by the Vega G2. I wish I had more time with it.
    Originally I came home from a Sennheiser HE-1 demo a few days ago and was confused as hell as the Vega G2 was actually feeding as the dac, and it was very resolving and great soundstage. I was confused to exactly what I was hearing, was it the Vega G2 or was it really the HE-1.

    Once the eventwith Sennheiser was done I went back early today to get some listening time on the Vega G2.. Im holding off money now to afford one.
  6. whill
    Hi Guys!

    I wanted to ask your opinion, if buying a brand new Auralic Vega is still viable since they are already 3 years old in the market?

    Other options are:

    Resonessence Veritas
    Benchmark DAC 3
    Schiit Yggdrassil

    Also, they are offering refurbished Vega for a cheaper price is it good?

    Thank you for your inputs.

  7. Tassie Devil
    There is one DAC missing from your list - the Chinese LKS D004.

    I own a Auralic Taurus 2 and an Aries and admire their expertise and have not experienced their DAC so you can judge my opinion in that light.

    But I have owned the excellent and highly reviewed Yggdrasil at the same time as the LKS. To these ears (and yours might interpret differently) the LKS has greater resolution etc etc than the YOGGY so I sold mine and am actually in the process of getting another LKS.

    The madness continues!
  8. lcasadonte
    Auralic just refreshed its entire line i believe and there are all new models. I believe it is the vega g2 and there is a trade in deal still going on. Styling has changed but I'm not really sure how much the components themselves have changed. Beware of that if buying the older styling at this point because the price should reflect that. As far as audio capabilities i guess it depends on your goal but I'd be surprised if either vega let you down - setting price aside. I own the taurus mk ii, vega g1 and altair streamer and bought the vega because the dac in te altair was no really up to the level of the rest of the equipment or what i was looking for. It was very fatiguing. Vega changed that and it is a very smooth sounding dac, lots of detail without any fatiguing. Very neutral, no coloration to the sound, wide sound stage. It really made the sound for what i was trying to achieve.
  9. T Bone
    I would second your impressions on the Altair streamer being fatiguing. I have two systems - one for headphones and an analog 2-channel system. The Altair is a convenient way to provide access to my digital files on a system used primarily for vinyl playback. ...and I love the Lighting DS iPad application. The sound quality is bit lackluster. I'd give the Altair high-marks for usability, but over sonic quality it gets a "meh" from me. That said, it is adequate for the frequency and way that I use it. I'd be a bit disappointed if it was the only DAC I owned.
  10. Ekul61
    Anyone know the diff in the sound of a Taurus 2 and a violectric 281. This would be used with senn 800s.
  11. ardilla
    Basically, what I found with the HD800 (cannot imagine the HD800S behaving much different) was that the Taurus is a bit more up front in the midrange, the V281 even more detailed. I wrote some more at the end here:
  12. Ekul61
  13. Ekul61
    Thx what a great review! If a large sound stage and micro detail was the goal. Which would you suggest with the sennnhieser 800s. Auralic Taurus or the violectric 281
    Thx for your time
  14. ardilla
    Glad you liked it :)

    Both are great at that, but I found the 281 to be even a tad greater than the Taurus, at the cost of some of that midrange energy/body - and money, of course.
  15. Ekul61
    thx , sounds like a used taurus around $1000 would be money wise vs a $2000 281

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