AURALiC owners unite!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by norway, Mar 26, 2013.
  1. phaeton70
    congrats!!! a great DAC, one of the best implementation of the glorious 9018, have fun with it!!
  2. Lavakugel
    Is 9018 a musical or reference DAC?
  3. Lavakugel
    I use my Auralic stack Taurus MK2 with VEGA and there is some background noise when I'm using it with my Grado GH1. Is this because Grado headphones are so sensitive?
  4. CoLdAsSauLt
    Is that trade-in deal still available? Could somebody please point me to some dealers? My dealer might want to offer this as well if some others do this (maybe with some help of Auralic themselves?)

    Thank you!
  5. GlaSid
    Hi folks

    I snagged a pre-owned Taurus MkII recently and am very happy with how it sounds. However, I noticed that there was s sound coming from within the case when I moved it, that suggested sonething was a wee bit loose in there. I then noticed that the large silver nut on the underside of the case was slightly loose. I finger-tightened the nut, which seemed to sort the problem.

    I checked the user instructions and sesrched the Web but couldn’t find any information about the silver nut on the Taurus’s underside. Does anybody kniw what the function of this nut is and what it’s connected to inside the case?

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  6. T Bone
    This is purely a guess. I would venture that it's the nut that fastens the transformer to the chassis of the DAC. Usually you have small screws that fasten "stand offs" to the chassis and circuit boards are mounted to those. In a lot of audio gear the big power supply transformer "doughnut" is usually fastened to the chassis with a single large nut.
  7. GlaSid
    Thanks for your reply. That sounds like a very pkausable explanation to me. It dud sound like domething substantial that was loose, such as a transformer.
  8. doraymon
    Checking in as I am interested in the new Vega G2.
    Strangely enough I could not find a specific thread nor a review.
  9. lcasadonte
    I don't believe there is a thread on any of the products specifically. I have the last gen vega and love it but think its overpriced new myself. I am not sure of the actual sonic differences between the 2 but can say the vega is a very good dac that won't disappoint you if you can get over the price. The new look of the G2 is very nice and beats the orange glow from the old series.
  10. intlsubband
    Hi all, I've been using the Taurus Mk ii as a headphone amp for a while. I am about to get some active speakers, and wish to use the SE line output from the Auralic as a preamp.

    When I looked at the Taurus Mk ii manual, I found the following sentence: "AURALiC recommended you only connecting RCA or XLR outputs at the same time for best sonic performance." Does this mean line outputs only? or should I also avoid having RCA line out plugged in while listening to a headphone via XLR output (or even SE output for that matter)?

    It would be quite difficult to unplug the line out cable every time I want to listen to a headphone...

    Would love to hear from people if they find it easy to use as both head amp and preamp.
  11. Noldir
    Main problem I had with the Taurus as preamp was the stupid amount of gain. Not really useable on my system because of that
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  12. intlsubband
    OK, I can update that:
    1. The Taurus Mk ii seem to work flawlessly as a preamp to my pair of active speakers (Advance Acoustic Air 55) - no problems with gain etc.
    2. Headphone XLR output appears unaffected when RCA pream output cables are connected.
    3. However, listening to the active speakers (and having the Taurus output set to STD) will still send a signal out of the XLR headphone output, which does seem to slightly impact the signal going to the speakers - so, need to disconnect headphones when using as preamp, but no need to disconnect the preamp output when listening to headphones.
  13. Blueshound24
    Has the Auralic Taurus been discontinued? I was considering getting one but somebody said they were.
  14. luckybaer
    How do you connect your DAC to the Taurus MkII? XLR, or RCA?
  15. luckybaer
    Was your issue with a MkII? I had a MkII that I just returned because feeding it from the Gumby via XLR made the music sound congested and almost as though some sounds came across as gargling. I returned the MkII and ordered a brand new one in the hopes that it isn't an equipment synergy problem.

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