AUDIO over IP - REDNET 3 & 16 Review. AES67 Sets A New Standard for Computer Audio

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, May 1, 2016.
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  1. Iving
    Thanks mourip
    I agree - To me Windows taming is all part of "The PC does make a difference."
    I have not used AO. If you install/run it, are there any hiccoughs? RedNet doesn't mind?
  2. peteAllen
    Personally I've had lots of trouble with AO and Dante/Roon stability. It did make a positive audible difference though. Worth trying out. (I also didn't like the fact that when I had trouble he essentially required me to pay more to upgrade to the latest version)
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  3. Iving
    What sort of trouble Pete? The type that is manageable with a little attention, or the type that makes you want to cry and so you reinstall Windows and start all over?
  4. Iving
    ... talking of which (i.e. reinstalling Windows) - anyone been bothered by restrictions on # DVS activations - I've been moaning at Dante about how an audiophile mucking about tweaking on a Friday afternoon could wind up the whole w/e with no music (and, more frustrating, being just totally brick-walled on a new installation) if nobody is in the office to add some extra allowance ... Dante policing isn't required for we virtuous, law-abiding and non-profit-making audio hobbyists ...
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  5. peteAllen
    It's been a while... Dante problems with the services stopping / not being able to see endpoints... I ended up leaving AO in its least invasive form. When I reinstalled windows i didn't reapply AO.

    No problems with dvs reinstalls. I think I've done it about 5 times. Until I got the pcie card :)
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  6. Golfnutz
    Exact same issue at one point (testing various SSD's). However, after explaining I'm a home user, with a single computer, no recording studio, etc., I got this reply.

    " upload_2018-3-13_13-36-10.png
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  7. Iving
    I've had to go back - they only add a couple at a time it seems ...
  8. JayNYC
  9. mourip
    AO has been very solid for me. The only issue I have found is that one of the settings disabled a service or function that was network related that DVS needed. If you restart DVS after running AO then DVS will ask if you want that service turned back on. Just say yes and then it will ask for a reboot. Otherwise it has been smooth for me.

    I guess one other issue is that I had trouble getting it to work in Core Mode with Win2012R2 but to be honest I did not spend a lot of time trying. I run in minimal server mode and let JRMC be the shell.

    With AOIP and the Mutec clocking I find myself less compelled to tweak and more interested in listening.
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  10. InsanityOne
    Just wanted to pop in here and say that I am looking to pickup a used Rednet 3 or Rednet D16, I would prefer a modded one, but I don't mind if it's stock, so if anyone is considering selling theirs, we could probably work something out. Thanks!
  11. JayNYC
  12. mourip
    Do you need remote control or will you just use a monitor/keyboard/mouse for control? If you wanted to remote control or had a reason to connect to your network for NAS music files or updates then you would have to either use the second ethernet port on the D16 for network access, use WiFi, or get a USB ethernet dongle.

    Since it is probably optimal to only have audio between your D16 and your PC I would choose the dongle. WiFi evidently does not mix well around audio equipment and using the second D16 port will allow network traffic to travel alongside audio back to your PC. Just my 2 cents!

    Hard to say about the PC itself. Might work great. Consider asking the question over on The Computer Audiophile as someone there may have already tried it.

    Regarding the SMPS, one of the issues with them is that they can also inject noise back into the AC and pollute other audio devices that are more susceptible such as a preamp or amp. I remove as many as I can including modifying my D16 and also my Mutec USB to take an LPS .
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  13. Golfnutz
    If there's a return policy, you could try it first and see how it works. Also, you're only out $179 if you decide on something else later on. Just know, resale on these are terrible.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy it (it just doesn't have enough options for what I like/need). Some or all of the points below may not apply to you.

    Only 1 Ethernet port, which for me wouldn't work. I need 2 ports, 1 connected to D16, and the other connected to a stand alone router. This allows me to remote into my D16 attached PC (mini ITX) from my laptop. If you don't use Windows Remote Desktop, than it's a non issue. I really enjoy using it. I suppose you could use one of the USB ports if you needed too (USB to Ethernet).

    Hard drive appears to be pretty small at 64GB. There's nothing mentioned about Sata ports. I use 2 sata drives, 1 for OS and the other to store music. Both SSD drives are powered separately by an external LPS. Sorry, I don't know how noisy those Emmc drives are. Don't know how you plan on storing your music.

    There's no PCIe expansion slot. You might want to install a PCIe based Ethernet port down the road, you won't have this option. I've disabled both my Ethernet ports and installed a PCIe based Ethernet card with 2 ports. This card is also powered separately by it's own LPS.

    I also use another LPS just for the PC's power. It does sound better than a SMPS.

    Just some things to think about...
  14. Iving
    I would just say fwiw and to stir your imagination:

    In line with "small" (and low power), Bob - who started this thread aka rb2013 - has posted aka Tubelover2 on his other thread here: and then here: and then here:

    But then posts beginning here: corroborated my own prejudice towards "clean and big" culminating here:
    PeterSt Quote begins
    Yes, the more powerful the PC, the better the sound will be. This has always been the general consensus, and in 100% of cases where people thought they'd be good with their laptop or other "mini" system, they had to admit they were no good at all, after finally implementing the hefty desktop.
    General consensus too is the more processor cores the better, and what's fairly standard by now is 20 core hyperthreaded Xeons. But mind you, without anything further in that cabinet, and preferably fully powered by a linear power supply. So no fans, no disks, no SSD, no USB connected stuff and also no SD. Nothing. Only LAN and the music stored somewhere there.
    And regarding NAS ideas : Might that be beneficial in the first place, then try to envision it is not about any peripheral which doesn't spread noise to your precious Audio PC; it is about the Audio PC being able to run lean. Run evenly (no spiking).
    PeterSt Quote ends

    Mine is now a simple CPU/PCIe loop comprising only o/s and music on an Optane PCIe AIC together with a PCIe Ethernet AIC. They sit on a quality mobo, and a decent LPS supplies everything. I am not so much wishing to taunt you as to explain that Bob seems to want to expend his (most worthwhile and educational) efforts downstream of the PC, whereas others (including me) are just as interested in the PC itself. The difference is partly a matter of personal philosophy - not right or wrong as it were - and I am just urging you to identify yours - personal tendencies that is - for we audiophiles all suffer from a dreadful and obsessive disease of perception - so that you may tread a consistent orientation henceforth - so wasting less time and money in the long run.
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  15. lmitche

    I couldn't agree with you more. My PC is simple, 6700k, 8gb ddr-2400, Optane boot drive, and a single LPS-1 powered, 4 port USB 3 card for NIC, HDD and LPS-1 powered ISO/REGEN/Lush/DAC connection. Power is split between CPU ATX SMPS and 24 pin Hdplex/ Sigma 11 LPS. Dual serial lt3045s everywhere possible.

    SQ is phenomenal!

    Still working on refinement of the network link, and getting major SQ improvements as an outcome.

    P.S. I think Bob is great, different strokes for different folks.
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