1. anroj

    Playback cracking and popping

    Hi all, I posted about this before but I haven't found a solution to the issue so I thought I would try again. I am getting cracking and popping when I play back DSD512 via I2S on my Audio-GD R8/Gustard U16. Also, 48KHz-based files have a muted, tizzy sound. I am on v1.4PSA on the U16, HQPlayer...
  2. simomat

    SOtM sMS-200 network player SOLD!

    sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by SOtM. Works with Roon, HQ Player, DLNA, Squeezelite, Airplay, you name it! It doesn't need much presentation 'cause it's a very well known and renowned product. Comes with original box. I can...
  3. rb2013

    AUDIO over IP - REDNET 3 & 16 Review. AES67 Sets A New Standard for Computer Audio

    While the discussions on my thread about the new class of XMOS USB processors rages on along with all kinds of USB gizmos to fix it's follibles.  A new paradigm of computer audio is not here.  This is different then the UpNP/DLNA - it that this new Audio over IP Ethernet std will allow you to...