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AUDIO over IP - REDNET 3 & 16 Review. AES67 Sets A New Standard for Computer Audio

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, May 1, 2016.
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  1. Marcin_gps
    Hi Guys,

    FYI: there is sth like return policy - you can check how the product works in your system and if you don't like it, return it within 2 weeks for a refund. Shipping is only 10EUR worldwide :)

    Best regards,
  2. mourip
    Hi Marcin. Nice to see you here. Have you been following audio over IP?
  3. Marcin_gps
    Hi mourip,


    Yes, I follow everything related to hifi, especially computer audio related. But I haven't tried AoIP in my setup yet. I hear from my customers who purchased the JCAT NET Card that it improves SQ in their AoIP setups.

    Before JCAT NET Card was developed, I've been using 2x syn1588 PCIe NICs with OCXO clocks in my JPLAY dual PC setup. I believe these cards would improve AoIP playback as well as they utilize IEEE1588 (PTP) hardware support. I liked the sound a lot, but JCAT NET /w linear PSU is just better, at least for my purposes. The syn1588 PCIe NIC /w OCXO retails for 1220EUR. If anyone is interested, PM me :)

    Best regards,
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  4. Marcin_gps
    That's my system's diagram. As you can see it's Ethernet->Ethernet->USB Audio. JPLAY uses UDP for transmission.
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  5. mourip
    So I decided to try moving back to my Intel PCIe card and removed my optical ethernet card and associated FMC just to see if It had really made a difference or if I was just hopeful and working on what I thought was logical. As it turns out I prefer my Intel card with regular ethernet cable. It also pulled the last SMPS out from my audio chain.

    This does leave me open to the option of the JCAT however I am still hemorrhaging from buying the Mutec REF10 so it could be a while.

    Thanks for the push...
  6. Golfnutz
    If it wasn't for the Belden 10GX Ethernet cable I might still have them plugged in. I found this cable did a better job than the FMC's.
    Only reason I tried one is because I happened to see them at this Surplus store I went into. The price was pretty cheap, so I figured why not buy some. For my setup the length was a bit too much, so I ended up buying a shorter one (2' unshielded) from a different place. The cables at the Surplus store are shielded, but I can't hear any difference between shielded or unshielded - http://www.fcsurplus.ca/shopping/products/468918-15-foot-cat-6a-network-cables/
  7. mourip
    Ok. So I ordered a "Laird CAT6-HDBT-003 Belden 10GX Enhanced Shielded Category 6A 10 Gigabit IP Ethernet Cable - 3 Foot" from Markertek.

    It was unfortunately not as cheap as the surplus one but is shorter. Will check back in once it is in place...
  8. Iving
    Leaving Brand/Model aside for a sec ...
    STP vs UTP? (Pros & Cons both)
    Length a SQ issue?

    I have 45' (integral to my set-up) BJ Cat 6 UTP - very happy with it!
  9. Golfnutz
    Do you have any cross talk issues (I did with Windows Remote Desktop)? This is one area of improvement I can attest to.
  10. Golfnutz
    Sorry Lving, nothing I would comment on, other than to say I can't tell any difference between the two.
    Lots of technical info via google. Also, lots of opinions both ways on the various audio forums. If someone could measure the differences in our application (if any), would be the only way to win this argument/discussion...
  11. Iving
    I feel like a "winner" since abandoning USB for RedNet (and marrying my wife etc). Saw mourip's review of the REF10 on CA - my that's quite an outlay! I'd like one - but I'd need the Mutec reclocker too - and I'm not sure I could or would spend that much even if I had a few thousand to drop on Hi- Fi right now. Something has suddenly gone "right" with my system last few days, and I'm not 100% sure what it is. Could be the Intel X540-T2 breaking in :wink:. Or a fresh reinstall/roll back of W10 Pro - that could be it. Yep - seen Google and misc audio forums on inter alia shielded vs. unshielded. Often I identify with mourip's " journey" and wondered whether shielded a deliberate choice. Yeah - course it was!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  12. astrostar59
    Hi Guys
    I haven't posted here for a while. I use the Rednet 3 with LPS fitted internally following the instructions on this thread. I am delighted with the sound quality and loosing USB.

    My thoughts right now are although the results are all good, the level of effect may be throttled by the design of the DAC receiving the data. There is jitter introduced in most inputs to a DAC, for example SPDIF creates it's additional jitter. And most connections in the DAC will have a receiving system with it's own clock. I am wondering if a direct to chip? i2S would avoid that.

    It may explain why some DACs respond better than others. I am swopping DACs right now, but may look at the SPDIF receiver next, that may the the next hurdle to jump over.
  13. Iving
    Getting an even better AN? :wink:
  14. mourip
    If by cross talk you mean noise generated through my speakers when using my mouse in an RDP session that seems consistent regardless of which system I use to connect between my PC and D16. My guess is that it has more to do with my system board and USB than the ethernet connection. Oddly when I use my iPad to control JRMC I do not get that noise.

    I am with you RedNet and marrying my wife are perfect examples of my genius...or good fortune :)

    I am using an inexpensive Intel single port NIC. I have been looking online at the X540T2 cards and prices vary widely. The ones from China on eBay are a lot cheaper but I am suspicious about knockoffs. Those in the US are a bit expensive at ~200+ USD so that brings one closer to the JCAT card. I need to explore this a bit more.

    Regarding shielding I have mostly been working on logical theory and have not really experimented. My assumption was that with all of the digital circuitry in my cabinet there must be a lot of generated noise that needs to be avoided. I could be wrong of course because within the past couple of weeks I have removed my second Mutec USB and reverted back to CAT6 from optical having found that neither was really helping especially with the REF10 now in my system.

    BTW. I am selling my Antelope LiveClock here as the REF10 is better. As an interim the LC did improve over the internal wordclock of the D16.
  15. Iving
    Genius - definitely Genius

    My thinking mainly unshielded for isolation. Especially as the PC (being at the listening position) requires a spur from the Topaz transformer, and ethernet cable is the only loop back to the otherwise "everything plugged into a single strip" (credit John Swenson). I doubt it makes much difference at all (U vs. S I mean - same re length - even brand).
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