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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. aive

    Are you able to confirm results following your mods? My previous measurements of the USB32 indicated that it may be suffering from significant distortion issues (maybe it's only limited to my unit)...
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  2. bballas
    I just use listening test.First step give separated 3.3v for tcxo,and listen.Wow!!much better.second step give 3.3v firmware chip,and listen,also better.third step, find some important line,give 3.3v but hear nothing.
  3. undersys
    Yeah It looks like it may fit size wise..
    Wonder if kingwa will offer a TXO upgrade too?
  4. Miracle1980
    Do you guys expect "real" audio improvements with this new usb module compared to VIA one?
    Or it is just a driver compatibility improvement?
  5. aive

    I'd expect real improvements. I think the USB32 has distortion issues...
  6. Miracle1980
    I owned 2 (still own one) dac from Audio-Gd with USB32 from VIA and never had a distortion issue. Only some compatibility issue with Linux, but it was firmware related...
    If USB32 would have distortion issue it means that all the Audio-Gd dacs sold till now should be affected...
  7. aive

    Have you measured it?
  8. aroldan
    I have a USB32 module and I did this tests:
    I found that this DAC implementation has IMD.
  9. Miracle1980
    No. I didn't measure it. But i assume that it was measured from Audio-Gd and all the people that rewieved or tested these dacs...
  10. Miracle1980

    I didn't make the test and, to be honest, i really don't know if this can be realted to the usb module, to your specific unit or to the dac itself (in general). Who knows if 90% of the dacs on the market would fail these tests...
    Have you asked Kingwa about it? Or anybody asked him about the real differences between the 2 usb modules and if there is ''an upgrade'' plan for Audio-Gd dac owners?
  11. mowglycdb
    The usb interface already has 2 Low Phase Noise TCXO
  12. comzee
  13. bballas
    I know this problem.Trial older driver,or buy new firmware chip.
  14. GrdironTrenches
    Hey folks, does Windows 10 support ASIO/bitperfect off the bat or do we have to wait for Audio-gd firmware update?
  15. tabm
    I can't get my Audio-gd DAC to work under Windows 10 in apps like PotPlayer. Everything was perfect on Windows 8.1. It works in Foobar via Asio4all however.
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