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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. tabm
    OK, I managed to solve the problem by changing USB port and reinstalling drivers.
  2. mowglycdb
    how would a DI-2015 sound like  (amanero included o.o)
  3. xxxfbsxxx
    amanero cant be used on DI
  4. comzee
    You have to understand the reason for the DI-2014 and Amanero.
    The USB32 that Audio-GD used to use had a bit of jitter on it (significantly less then any other standard USB implementation though).
    Audio-GD made a breakout (DI-2014) to even more reduce that jitter. Essentially it really wouldn't matter what type of USB interface (to my current understanding) was in the DI-2014, because that's the whole reason to even use it in the first place. It takes the USB out of the equation, and uses the I2S format to erase any jitter at all.
    Think of it like this, just made up numbers but it gets the point across.
    Everyday USB jitter = 10
    USB32 jitter = 2
    Amanero jitter = 1
    DI-2014 jitter = 0
    I did confirm from Kingwa that the DI-2014 is still "slightly better" then the Amanero. Make sense?
  5. bballas
    Usb 32 power mod-di 2014 same
  6. d4b0
    I have NFB-1 (2014). I bouht this in Oct 2014. Around one month ago I started to experience sound distortion problem when dac is connected to Linux machine. Sound distortion starts after 3 hours of operating. The I connect dac to Windows 8 machine all works fine. If I turn off dac then turn on after 30 minuts it works fine on Linux again, but after next 20-30 minutes sound is distorted again. On widnows machine works fine.
    Anyone experienced such problem?
  7. Rockin_Zombie
    hey there, I am in the same boat. Just got the NFB 10.33, tried to install audio gd driver, no luck. Can you let me know a step-by-step procedure on how to make it work with Windows? So far I have tried installing audio-gd driver from this page (version 2 as they suggested):
    The DAC shows up as an SPDIF device under "playback devices". All my other plug-n-play DACs used to show up as speakers. I can't get any audio output out of it yet. Should I uninstall audio-gd drivers and install ASIO4all? And what should I expect in terms of audio playback? I was expecting playing all the system audio through it, I guess that won't be possible? 
  8. tabm
    Are you on clear installation of Windows 10 or after update from Windows 8? In the latter case you should reinstall the driver - I basically solved my problem this way.
    Yes, it is shown as SPDIF device, this is OK. It seems that driver is installed successfully. Do you have "Audio-gd" in Device manager under Audio devices? Also try choosing it as default playback device under "Playback devices". 
    I use Asio4all in Foobar2000, you can try it, but certainly you don't need to uninstall the driver for device itself.
    Given that I have very ancient device and it works, I think yours will work too. 
  9. Rockin_Zombie
    Got it! I upgraded to Windows 10, but I didn't have audio-gd drivers installed on Win 8 as I just got the DAC.
    Are you running on the latest driver from this page?
    The information is all over the place, I was running an older driver, will update to this latest version and try again in the evening when I am home. 
    So with the audio-gd driver, it acts as a normal sound card would right? As in I can play all my audio through it? 
  10. tabm
    I use the proper driver for my device - 1.22, not the latest, because, as you can see from the page, the correct version depends on the date of device manufacturing.
    Yes, it will run as a normal sound card.
    In fact Windows 10 installs some "default" driver for Audio-gd after first plugging in. I installed 1.22 version over it.
  11. Rockin_Zombie
    got it up and running, for some reason the recommended firmware didn't work, the latest one is working. Thanks for your help!
  12. xxxfbsxxx
    you can always update your firmware then you can use the latest driver.
  13. Rockin_Zombie
    So It has been working quite well, but I realized I can't go up to 32 bit 384 KHZ, only 24 bit 96 KHZ. Anything above that and default windows sounds (playing youtube through Chrome) cuts off. Anyone with Windows care to chime in? Basically I am changing the settings through playback devices -> audio-gd -> properties -> advanced. Is that not the right place to change it? 
  14. lucianpescaru
    Change the USB port and/or cable. I had the same problem.
  15. Rockin_Zombie
    Are you connected to a USB 2 port, or 3? I have only one USB 2 port on my laptop, if I connect to that the system crashes. I have two cables, tried with both, same issue. Is there any specific cable recommendation? 
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