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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. Zaiki
    Nice post, I have to say the sound from usb is inferior than optical even though usb has much better threshold on paper.
  2. pearljam50000
    Has anyone tried the NFB11( latest version) with HD800?!
  3. Zaiki
    i tried. That will make hd800 sound thin and harsh
    pearljam50000 likes this.
  4. cel4145

    Why is that? The NFB-11 seems to be neutral. One would expect it to produce an accurate sound. If the HD800s sound thin and harsh to you with them, then that means the HD800s are harsh and thin, which seems contrary to what most people think.
  5. Zaiki
    that is how nfb11 sound when driving hd800, thin and harsh
  6. Zaiki
    I can't tell why, but I know nfb11 is not a good mate for hd800.
  7. cel4145

    The HD800s are rated 102db at 1 volt RMS. NFB-11 is rated 10V RMS. That's enough power to cause pain. So your problem is not lack of power.

    It seems more likely that (a) you don't actually like the HD800s with a transparent amp and/or (b) for some reason, you have an expectation bias that the HD800s should not sound good with the NFB-11.
  8. Zaiki
    Well if you equip nfb11 with nordost Valhalla power cord and nordost power conditioner. Then nfb11 is not harsh and thin. Very smooth and lovely sound from nfb11. But how many nfb11 users can afford an expensive power cord?
  9. cel4145

    Sorry. I don't buy into power cord upgrades since expectation bias it the most likely reason for perceived differences without ABX testing.

    Power conditioners could certainly help, though, if the power at your home is bad. But then that's not the NFB-11 that needs the power conditioner but your home wiring that is the problem.
  10. Zaiki
    my expectation is not biased. Harsh and thin is based on what I actually heard. I don't care abt the specs I only care abt the sound. Since they sound harsh and thin through my original setup macbook original usb cable power cable and nfb11.
  11. cel4145

    Please don't mispresent my quote by adding your own words into it like you did. It also makes it very difficult to reply to you.
  12. willowbrook
    Zaiki, this isn't a forum to brag about your power cables. Please give actual details of comparisons or something rather than saying this is thin and harsh without explanation. I also don't buy into power cord especially when you are putting a cord that costs thousands into a gear that costs at most $400.
  13. Sam21
    Power cable ? that is insane. Only analog interconnects matter. every other cable does not matter.
  14. dragoss
    Hi guys,
    How does the DAC section of the NFB11 (or 11.32) compare to the Rega DAC (the old one, not the DAC-R)? I mainly listen to EDM (Dubstep, Chillstep, Trap, Drum & Bass etc.). I'm not a basshead, but I do enjoy it, so I lean towards a slight warm sound I guess. My library is mostly MP3 (various bitrates) and some FLAC and I listen to a lot of youtube music too. I also intend to buy a pair of headphones, most probably a HE-400 and/or DT990 Pro 250Ohm (maybe both in time, one pair for home and another for office). In the case of the Rega i'll need an amp also, so the price would be much higher (the Rega is twice the price of the NFB11, both units SH). I've read good things about both, the Rega being warmer in sound (might be better for the bassy EDM?) and the NFB11 being more neutral/accurate sounding. The NFB11 has a clear advantage in supported high-res files (Rega's USB is the main culprit here). I'll try to listen them both, but first I wanted to hear your opinions.
    Thank you in advance
  15. pearljam50000
    How does the NFB11 compares to Geek Out?
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