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  1. vlach
    I doubt the lack of power is the issue using the CDM. I use the ak120ii line out (or max volume) which outputs 2.3V and feed that to the CDM. Listening to the HD800 i have the volume pot around 3 o'clock for the average recording and the HD800 is not the easiest headphone to drive. I don't have the LCD-XC but judging from the specs and user comments it is an easy headphone to drive. I estimate i would never need to go past noon on the CDM volume pot if i had the LCD-XC.
    I think your disapointment regarding a lack of bass is inherent to tubey sound. Just my opinion of course.
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  2. vlach
    Edit: forgot to mention the set up i described above is SE, further reinforcing my point that power shouldn't be an issue especially if going balanced.
  3. seedubchris
    I'm driving the cdm from the se output from the ak320(no balanced cables to use balanced ) also listining to se out to lcdxx from cdm (again no cabling to listen to balanced. ) looking for a TRrs to TRrs 2,5 to get balanced into cdm and 5 weeks into wait list for plus sound balanced cabling to listen to lcdxc in balanced mode . Shocked that a adapter is $400 to go from 4 pin xlr to 2.5. Jeasus that's spendy . What if after all this cabling the lcdxc still suck? Grrrrr...
  4. vlach
    Question is; if the lcdxc still sucks after all this cabling is it really the lcdxc being too bright or is it the CDM lacking bass (or not powerful enough) or is it the Grace not gelling well in terms of overall seems you're bleeding from everywhere...its painful to read almost. I really hope you get this sorted out.
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  5. seedubchris
    It's pretty crazy . I can't believe the lack of performance in my current situation . The cdm has plenty of low end in my ciem's . The mullard tubes add a nice amount of lower fundamental. I have the ak amp on the way . That should yield some interesting perspectives . I am starting to suspect that Saber and AKM dacs might be contributing to the lack of synergy. They are both very revealing glassy dacs. Both the grace and the ak320 are at 80% of max volume to get the xc to the volume I am hoping for . Straining amps coupled with lots of high end from glassy sounding dacs might be a recipie the papery highs I'm hearing in the xc's . The only thing standing in contrast to this theory is the cdm being 50% of max and is sounding unlistenable . No guts whatsoever . This is of course in SE which is not the strongest circuit the cdm has to offer. We must not discount the less than stellar cabling that comes with the xc from the factory. Another potential link in this chain of potential regret. Gonna have to spend more to know it would appear. Shocker. Cuz this dog don't hunt.
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  6. Nitreb
    I get a very decent sound from my LCD-XC on a Clip Zip (with RockBox) at less than 50% volume. Listening a 80% volume level, I would worry about the long term health of my ears.
  7. seedubchris
    I have been listening to headphones at these kinds of levels my whole life and my hearing is fine per my last test last month. I don't know about the clip zip and it's amp characteristics but the grace and ak320 don't come alive till 70 or 80%. Especially the grace. It's obviously designed to put out its best drive when more wide open than not. Just the wat they are designed I guess. There are other amps that I can't get past 12 o'clock like the cdm..
  8. vlach
    Is the output of the grace a standard 2V?
  9. dobigstuff

    Can you bring your LCD-XC's to your local Hi-Fi shop along with your music to test out other Amps. Another way is if you can get to a Can Jam.......that is where you can sample all the combinations of DACS/AMPS and Headphones. It will take a while. Don't get frustrated. You will check out many DAC/AMP/Headphone combos and once you find the right combo for you, then just listen and enjoy.

    Also try to listen to another pair of LCD-XC to make sure there are no issues with yours (A/B with yours w/same source and Amp).

    I am using my Schiit Mjolnir with the stock 4 pin Balanced Cable and this Amp really brings out the best in the LCD-XC's. I rarely need to go past 9:00 on the Volume Knob.

    Good Luck.
  10. seedubchris
    Just missed the can jam . Be another year. There are no places that I am aware of around where I live to try other amps. I live in Denver area. Thanks for the suggestions though. I wish there were.
  11. dobigstuff
    Here is a great DAC/Amp Combo that will not break the bank and drives the heck out of those LCD-XC's. Schiit Bifrost and Schiit Asgard 2 Class A Amp.
    Schiit Stack 2.JPG
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  12. Matias
    Asgard 2 is a very, very nice amp regardless of price.
  13. dobigstuff
    Better Pic:
    LCD-XC and Schiit Stack.jpg
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