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  1. makan
    I think it is chance that yours failed and mine has not. I m expecting the worse but hoping for the best as I have been unable to find a closed phone that beats the XC (had the Sony z1r as well). I alternate between the OPPO Ha-1, Bryston Bha-1 and Senn hdvd800.
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  2. PinoNL
    In my experience the LCD-XC benefits a lot from a powerful amp. Not just for the sound level but more in terms of authority and control. From that point of view I still love the Moon 430HA.
  3. IEMstrong
    What are the earcups made out of?
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    Great. :)

    I’m just saying that the physics behind it are that the headphone doesn’t actually ‘see’ all the power available unless the volume is all the way up (which you wouldn’t want to do anyway for headroom - below 80% volume is a good range for headroom) and most of the power available on high powered amps is usually just not used. This is how volume pots work. The implementation of the amp is much more important to sound quality than just max power spec is what I’m saying. Power supply rails, THD, Current delivery, slew rate, amp tuning, output impedance, etc. Just doing some myth busting because sooooo many times all I read is power power power and it’s a little misleading.

    The thing is that most well designed desktop headphone amps usually also have a high power output, but as I mentioned the power output isn’t the only determining factor for quality. High power output is nice to have for the few very difficult to drive headphones out there, but something like the 100dB/mW, 20 Ohm XC isn’t one of them (some IEMs are harder to drive).

    There are terrible sounding powerful amps, and there are fantastic sounding weaker amps. Once a consumer realizes how much power is actually needed for their headphones then a world of choices opens up that may have been overlooked previously. The relatively weak ALO CDM and Woo WA8 are good examples. Ironically, due to their tuning, many users say these two portable tube amps are very powerful, but it’s just their tuning and implementation.
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  5. seedubchris
    Transducers of any form benefit from headroom. This effects a myriad of things like damping factor and control of the transducer under load . I get wait you are saying but lack of headroom on a transducer leads to all kinds of nasty artifacts . The lcdxx sounds horrible through the cdm in se. I can only think it is due to lack of power ...
  6. x RELIC x Contributor
    Curious. Do you like it through balanced on the CDM?

    I agree about the headroom, no question, but the general rule is 80% max volume for headroom. Also, damping factor is a result of the amp implementation, not just power ‘controlling’ the headphone. Everything I’ve used with the XC doesn’t need anywhere near 80% volume.
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  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Your correct, enough headroom is enough. Different designs though handle power differently, but just "more" power isn't enough. My own hybrid tube sounded better with less power than my nfb10es2 with upwards of 6 watts into 20ohms... I even went a step further and ran phase reversal with the nfb10es2... So power was certainly not an issue for me and I still found a better quality of sound with less power

    So as @x RELIC x mentions power isn't everything n More power alone isn't enough to get the most out of any headphone including the XC
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  8. seedubchris
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  9. seedubchris
    I am waiting on a balanced cable from Plussound. 4 strand gold plated copper . Hopefully that will slow the highs down. I'm in a bit of a quandary as i don't have the proper cables to see if the balanced out of the cdm is enough to drive the XC's in balanced and there are deals going on now for the next few days on Ray Samuals amps "SR71B" and the AK amp but I wont know until weeks from now if the cdm was enough after all. I kind of doubt it if the SE is any indication. Really poor. Does any one know if the ak amp is a good fit with the XC? or the RSA amps?
  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    The SR71B (now a classic) is reported to be a warm amp with a good reputation and I imagine it would synergize well with the XC, but I haven’t heard it.
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    I've heard the SR 71b and It does pair well, it's dark with a very deep sound stage and some pretty stellar micro detail! If you can find one it'll sound excellent with the XC.
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  12. seedubchris
    It seems like i am violectric v280 bound. Found someone here willing to trade for the cdm and some cash. That ought to get the job done....Any one heard that combonation?
  13. TexasBuck
    I have an older model Violectric (HPA 181) and it works great with the XC. It really brings out the planner bass thump. The V280 has even more power and likely the same neutral tuning. Should be a great choice.
  14. dobigstuff
    I have the Ray Samuels SR71A and it drives the LCD-XC's no problem.

    For my Home setup I use the Schiit Asgard 2 and the Balanced Schiit Mjolnir. The Mjolnir is unreal. Deep tight Bass, wide soundstage, mids and highs are not bright and voices emerge from in front of you just above the nose. All this with the stock 4 pin Bal cable.
  15. vlach
    Have you tried feeding the CDM with the ak320 instead of the grace?

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