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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    Huh, the LCD XC is bright regardless, though I noticed it was the least bright or the smoothest/darkest with the Hugo 2 when I had it
  2. seedubchris
    I really think it has to do with the amp being used . They seem to want a lot of voltage to not be lacking in bass. They will work with anything but they don't start to sound any good until they are given the ample power they need . Audeze hints at this but stops short of requiring amps that have at least 1watt of undistorted power in hand . Most people who buy these ridiculously expensive cans already have adequate power amps and therefor never get to experience the shrill tinny sound that they produce with ****ty power . I also think they don't pair well with saber dacs. Glass meets glass if you get my drift . I'm currently in a quandary as to where to go from here. Not surprised your experience with the Hugo was good. It probably had the right components to pair well with the xc ...
  3. seedubchris
    I get that part but what is it supposed to be doing or replicating . Is it emulating speakers or headphones or both . I read it is supposed to help mixes translate to any room but by what mechanism ? If you put in the amp you are using along with the type of can then that would make more sense . It would be reversing the sound of the amp out of the mix . I just don't understand what it is supposed to be accomplishing .therefor I don't know how to set it.
  4. Slim1970
    I'm finding the same thing. Any amp can drive them but they don't open up until ample power is provided. I use my iDSD BL to drive them and they sound fine in normal mode. But in Turbo mode, using more power, they really sing. Bass is impactful, the mids are lush, and treble has presence but it's not shrill sounding at all on the iDSD BL. Same thing with my Mojo. The Mojo can drive them very well but they sound slightly bright on the top end to my ears. The Mojo has tons of details and clarity but when mixed with the treble of the XC's they becomes to edgy. But I love the bass on the XC's with the Mojo. I would love to try XC's with a Hugo 2.
  5. Astral Abyss
    I'm driving mine with an Ampsandsound Leeloo and there is no shill or sibilant treble. The sound is crystal clear, but never harsh. Yggdrasil is the DAC being used.
    I previously used my LCD-XC with an Audio-gd DAC-19 and C-2 amp, and it sounded excellent as well.
  6. x RELIC x Contributor
    Lol, just adding my $0.02 regarding what you said...
    I don’t like the pairing at all and there are much better headphones with the portable Chord products IMO. That’s all.


    Edit: and no, it isn’t a power issue, no matter what all the power myths would have one believe.
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  7. x RELIC x Contributor
    Actually, they crave Current (being planar magnetic), and not so much Voltage, especially given the impedance.

    ****ty power is not the same as unused power. Using a quality source makes all the difference, but that source should also synergize with the headphone. I agree with the glass-on-glass comment with the XC, like the ESS based HA-1 that I used to own. The Liquid Gold i now have is much better with the XC but that’s the tuning of the amp, not the 9W of overkill.

    Tyll measured 0.09Vrms and 0.39mW of power to reach 90dB SPL. That’s getting a little loud and a far cry from 1W that many manufacturers will say to sell amps. Even with room for very dynamic passages there is no way anyone will feed the XC 1W of power and still have their hearing left.
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  8. Mozhoven
    I have had my pair for about 8 months now and really like them. They have the newer drivers and I replaced the headband with the carbon fiber version, and made my own cable out of Canare L-4E6S Star-Quad Microphone Cable. (an all-copper cable that really warmed them up) I only listen at home. I drive the XC's mainly on my Marantz HD-DAC via Foobar. Supposedly the Marantz is a "warmer" amp, but I have no comparison. I also think they sound pretty great on a portable Fiio X5 or even Ipod Classic, but really come to life with more power behind them. They are really good for all music, but especially vocals and contemporary music overall. (I prefer my HD700 for classical, but the XC's hold their own in that respect) The XC is my main set mainly because of the bassy-punch they give and the fact that I share my listening space with my wife, so isolation is key. The are fun, relatively wide, musically detailed, and emotional in character.

    That said, I did not like them much at first. Even after a looooong burn in I found the midrange WAY to forward, and the overall tone bright. I wouldn't describe them as sibilant or shrill (that can often depend on the music and the ears listening to it), but they were uncomfortable to listen to with all the stock settings and accessories. After several weeks of listening, I finally decided I would never get used to the stock sound and decided to apply the EQ. I felt like I was betraying the community, but was determined to see if it could make a difference. It took some time to find the right levels in the EQ. I'm not a purist, and so likely will loose a lot of folks here. Perhaps with the exception of the HD700's, I generally don't like the stock sound of headphones in general. I prefer a V shaped EQ with 1K slider right in the middle, and edges near the top. To my ears, this is the best setting for the XC's. Since I did this, they really fit my needs perfectly. I felt silly for ever thinking that I wasted so much time thinking my ears would just get used to it.

    If you don't like the spike at a given frequency, or feel that there isn't enough oomph at another - change it. You are the ones listening to them. Luckily, these cans respond well to the EQ. I only wish Foobar's EQ would process changes in realtime, and not on a 1-minute delay. BTW, I tried the Reveal plugin and HATED IT. To me, is sounds like a plug-in designed to ruin the musical experience. To my ears it sounds heavily processed and in no way like listening to speakers. Maybe if I really try to imagine it I can get there, but my experience with it was the opposite of what I want when listening to headphones. Maybe it would work better with an open back can. Anyway, I haven't tried the other plug in, but if it is more like an EQ (and not a processed algorithm) I looking forward to trying it when I get back home in a few weeks.

    Play around a bit and see if you can't get them where you want them with the EQ. I would think that a copper wire would only enhance what you will achieve there, not be the solution by itself.
  9. seedubchris
    Ya ,current .thats what i meant. JK..
    I can see you dont buy into the anp being of issue but i will point out that it is the audeze company that calls for the 1 watt of power.
  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes, I realize they say this. They copy and paste the exact same text for all their headphones.

    I recommend everyone set their volume on their favourite 1-4W amp and measure the actual output power, including peak power, while playing their favourite music. One would likely be surprised how low it is. I used to think the power spec made all the difference, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t once there is enough for headroom and that ‘enough’ is pretty low for most headphones.

    Of course an amp will make a big difference to the sound, no debate there, but it just isn’t the max power spec that makes the biggest difference according to my experience. There are a lot of factors that contribute to sound quality and sound signature besides max power.
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  11. lenkiatleong
    Bought my XC June 2016.
    Left driver no sound on May 2017. Sent to distributor to fix it. Got it back in one week.
    Left driver no sound again 20 Dec 2017. Send to distributor to fix it again.

    Got my XC back on 27 Dec 2017. Was told that both drivers are replaced. Warranty ends after 3 years from date of purchase. After warranty, have to pay for new drivers and they are only warranted for one year. :frowning2:
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  12. makan
    Did they replace the drivers? 1 week is a short turnaround time if you are not in the US and given it was the same side, maybe the previous fix was just an adjustment. Make sure they replace both drivers this time.
  13. lenkiatleong
    As the distributor is a reputable one in Singapore, i trust they changed both drivers for me on May 2017 as mentioned by them. On top of changing both drivers, they even changed both earcups FOC for me. In fact, i noticed that it sounded better. Not sure if it's placebo effect or not though. However 7 months later, left driver no sound again.
    But like what you say, it's better to ensure that they replace both drivers. How can i ensure that without opening up the can?
  14. makan
    I guess they replace it in Singapore then which would explain the quick turnaround time. I have used mine pretty well every night for a couple of years and still going strong,,,,hopefully. Planets are much more prone than dynamic phones to fail....a risk one takes. Let us know how it goes.
  15. lenkiatleong
    Yes, i was told that they have the drivers in Singapore and could change them immediately. If not for backlogs (other service matters), i could get them back on the same day i bring it in. Yes, i used the XC on average 3 hours per day. I'm surprised and upset that it turned out to be so fragile for this price. My Sony MDR-1RNC has zero damage for more than 4 years!! What amp did you use to drive the XC that caused it to be so happy?

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