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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Zoom25
    I get the pricing higher with the fazor and travelling case as an optional, but if Audeze has better headbands, then they should be included on all of their headphones. On a premium headphone, anything comfort and purpose related should be included. The comfort will only help them sell more headphones. The carbon headband should be on all headphones. If not, at least the new suspension thing.
  2. ATau
    This. There has been too much complaint about the LCD range's excessive weight and comfort issues. The steel suspension headband should replace the older headband on all models.
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  3. tamleo
    Do you guys think that Audeze doesn't apply the new headband as default on all models as it looks uglier than the old one? I think so :) The old headband just looks so classic
  4. anoxy
    I think the suspension headband looks pretty good. Compared to Hifimans, which is just downright hideous...
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  5. Audeze
    Speaking of headbands here is the original LCD2 headband. It was one piece of bent metal that was actually quite comfortable. We never shipped these and it was shown only at CanJam. LCD2-Orig-Headband.png
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  6. gLer
    I agree, plus if you don’t like the suspension headband you can always just get a Lohb strap. Doesn’t look quite as good but is definitely more comfortable. I can wear my LCD-2F all day with it.
  7. Zoom25
    I think the new suspension headband on the 2C, Carbon headband on LCD-4, and the current headband on the rest of the LCD's all look fine. Only a select few people complain among hundreds about the looks of a headband. Nobody makes it an issue. Comfort and the sound on the other hand is what can make or break a headphone.

    Take HD 800 - great comfort - bright and fatiguing to some - user sells it

    LCD - excellent sound, no fatigue - weight too heavy - user sells it

    You guys have the sound down. People may or may not like the sound, which is the norm with all headphones. However, the LCDs aren't fatiguing people anyone like lot of the top models out there where people are putting the headphones down after a few minutes. It's one of your selling points! People (including me) actually WANT to keep listening to these headphones for a long time. Some have no problem doing so. Others despite wanting to keep on listening have to put them down due to their weight. Countless times on classifieds you will see the weight/comfort issue listed as reason for selling.

    I get that with planars, the drivers are going to be heavy and that's fine. However, if you have figured out how to make them comfortable, I'd be rushing to put the absolute most comfortable headband on them. I don't care what they are made of, or how they look. Just make them as comfortable as possible and people rush to order Audezes.

    The response to Fazors may have been a knee jerk reaction, but I can tell you that the weight issue and the headband has never been a knee jerk reaction.


    On looks, the only thing that has ever looked tacky to me are the extender/yokes. They look so out of place in comparison to the rest of the design. It looks super cheap.
  8. tamleo
    I will not put $800+ on a bad designed headphone or smartphone these days :d
  9. lentoviolento
    will be available in italy?? or i have to order them from audeze directly??
  10. BB 808
  11. boxxi
    Definitely agree on that. Premium headphones should be followed by premium build quality and materials. A revamped headband suspension system, more competitive pricing and the option to order non-fazors will make Audeze a hit.

  12. anoxy
    Price tiering in the niche audio market is largely nonsensical to me, especially considering the subjectivity of sound and diminishing returns of audio fidelity.

    I always think about graphics cards, where the price tiering actually usually makes sense for the improvement in performance you get.
  13. involuntarysoul
    if you can't make it good, make it wood
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  14. bfreedma
    Looks like the 2C had everything on your wish list....
  15. Matro5
    Do we have any clarity on when the sale price for these ends?

    I'm interested but have never heard the LCD-2s and, since we can't buy them in stories, I am wondering if impressions from owners will roll in before the sale price goes away.

    Any insight would be much appreciated.
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