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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. DrSeven

    Tested the LCD 2C, Sennheiser HD 700, Beyerdynamic T1, Denon AH-D7200 and the Philips Fidelio X1.
    Source was all FLAC material and a Colorfly C4 mobile player, Aune S16 solid state and an Aune T1 Tube dac/amp.
    Been testing so far with two musicians ( one drummer and one guitarist) and myself.
    Music selection has been a very broad spectrum from Soilwork to Kishi Bashi.
    Just a quick sum up so far for each headphone( in comparison! Some negative stuff I mention doesn't matter as much if you hear them by themselves but in comparison it becomes obvious. Going to do a long comparison when I got more time).

    T1: bright and biggest soundstage. Greatest detail and very natural. Too bright for some and not good for badly recorded music. Love them for acoustic and well recorded stuff.
    LCD 2c: best Bass and most mellow sound. Mids different but on par with the T1. Smaller soundstage. Can sound a little dull for some music because of the treble but that's rare. Good for all music but best for something where a punch is welcome. Deafheaven for example sounds amazing with them.
    HD700: like a downgraded more sibilant T1. Very similar signature. Very natural for most I've listened. A good value for it's current price.
    Denon: By itself a fun headphone. In comparison to the LCD... A very very downgraded version with abysmal soundstage and lots ( almost too much base). Just my personal taste and I enjoy them but the LCD is except for not being closed ( If that's what you're after) a better version of them in all aspects.
    Fidelio: Open sounding but still lots of bass and smoothness. Not as much detail and separation as the others.

    That's my personal opinion SO FAR. More to come. Please keep in mind I enjoy all of these headphones and they are all awesome but as I said I will directly compare them so I had to be honest and criticize. Thanks for reading!

    Going to borrow this ranking system:

    Tonality (bright to dark) – HD700 > T1 > Fidelio > Denon > LCD2C

    Bass Quantity – Denon > LCD2C > Fidelio > T1 > HD700

    Bass Quality – T1 = LCD2C > HD700 > Fidelio > Denon

    Midrange – T1 >= LCD2C > HD700 > Denon = Fidelio

    Treble Quantity – HD700 > T1 > Fidelio > LCD2C = Denon

    Treble Quality – T1 > LCD2C > HD700 > Denon > Fidelio

    Clarity – T1 > LCD2C > HD700 > Denon > Fidelio

    Soundstage – T1 > HD700 > LCD2C >= Fidelio > Denon

    Imaging – T1 = LCD2 = HD700 > Denon = Fidelio

    Bang for buck – Fidelio ( if youre on a tight budget) > HD700 (if you can get them for 400) > T1 = LCD2C (depends on taste of dark/bright) > Denon (if you need closed)

    Overall – T1 = LCD2C > HD700 > Denon = Fidelio

    Btw if you want to experience true magic listen to you want it darker with the LCD 2C. Goosebumps guaranteed!
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  2. lugnut
    Nice job ! Easy to read and understand. Looks like the T1 & LCD2C would make a good pair to have the best of both worlds !
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  3. DrSeven
    Thanks!! Indeed! I think the T1 and the LCD2C complement each other perfectly! And I noticed that when I was listening to an album with one of them after listening to the album earlier with the other one, that I started to appreciate qualities that I didn't even realize anymore ( especially on the T1 one that I have had for quite a while). So I even go as far as proposing the hypothesis that just like with a great speciality coffee that after always drinking the same you get used to it and stop appreciating it as much as you used to. Until you switch from the dark chocolatey lcd 2 c roast to the light fruity T1 and vice versa to just get blown away even more by something that's already pretty damn great ( dunno if my metaphor is understandable sorry xD)
    And I actually used to say that even when having more headphones then one will always be my 95% of the time used one.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  4. nicknack40
    Don't know how people call the LCD2-C dark i don't find them Dark at all or Harsh. They sound superb and quite forgiving on most recordings of course if the recording is poor then it will sound poor that's the case on most things nothing is going to make a poor recording sound superb. The clarity on the LCD2-C is excellent and i find the BASS well up there and these are deffo excellent with EDM. Not mellow sounding to my ears
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  5. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    At this point it's a meme. Someone saw someone else say it & everyone else took it & ran with it. They are on the darker side but I saw someone describe them as the "prince of darkness" like cmon. They aren't always harsh but the upper treble is rocky & it's becoming more apparent the longer I have them (3 months now). Still like them a lot, but I think the honeymoon phase is ending.
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  6. DrSeven
    It always depends on where you coming from.. from a T1 POV they are dark as hell, from a AH-D7200 not as much by far
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    It's quite dark relative to not only the other LCD 2s but also other cans.

    Not to say that it's darker top end is a bad thing, but it's clearly subdue'd up top. Now as for the harshness I didn't get too much of that, unless I was listening up above like 90ish dBs...

    Non the less just gonna dump this here lol


    Overall I found the LCD 2F to be slightly dark with a drier sound and a focus on clarity and precision over naturalness.

    With Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem I noticed;

    • The bass guitar had exceptional clarity but lacked a little power an impact
    • There was a slight exaggeration to the echo of Rebecca's voice
    • Her voice was very airy and slightly rougher comparatively
    • The strums of the guitar's had exceptional clarity
      • the leading edge of each individual string was vivid
      • how ever the tone of the guitar's and other stringed instruments was a little dry lacking some sweetness
    • Each shake of the shaker was exceptionally vibrant
      • The unique texture of each individual shake was clear and the instrument it self sounded very natural
    • Violins were slightly too dry and had some roughness
    • The 2F resolved a lot of micro detail in the guitars
      • Especially with regards to the unique fretting of each musician
      • Had a slight focus more on the fundamentals over the harmonics
    • An overall the presentation was expansive with good precision and cohesiveness
    While listening to Monty Alexander's Sweet Georgia Brown the LCD 2F;

    • Had slight forwardness in the low & central midrange
      • This resulted in a very intimate presentation of the Piano and Horns
        • Additionally the tonal balance of the 2F aided in it's impressive dynamic clarity
      • An as a whole the 2F was had consistently excellent dynamics especially in the lows and mid range
    • Despite being quite dark up top
      • The timbre and envelope for drums was excellent as was it's overall dynamics presentation
        • But overall the 2F still struggled with resolving some ambient noise
    • The bass presentation for both the electric and acoustic bass featured excellent clarity
      • But a slight lack of power
    • Horns had a nice forwardness and good leading edge
      • But a often too much of a metallic bite

    Listening to Epica's The Divine Conspiracy with the LCD 2F I found that;

    • Good definition in the lows
      • Bass guitar had good impact with clearly defined fretting
      • Big drums were full, heavy with a slight tinge of their inherent hollowness
    • Simone's voice was exceptionally airy and slightly forward
    • The stringed instruments placed towards the back of the track were clearly defined
      • Though slightly more forward vs the other LCD2s
    • The drums were quite powerful and full
      • Excellent macro dynamics and impact
    • Guitars had a very crunchy presentation
    • Her husbands growling vocals were very rough and aggressive
      • I actually really enjoyed this slightly drier rough and forward presentation
    Again compared to the other LCD 2's the latest Fazor'd LCD 2F was;

    1. Expansive and airy with good precision & cohesion despite a slightly forward mid range
    2. Has the least amount of power and slam in the lows
      • but exception clarity, definition and texture
    3. Was slightly drier in the mid range
      • slightly aggressive presentation with a slight focus on the attack and decay with a slight de-emphasis sustain & release
    4. Well extended up top with great definition despite a slightly darker than neutral presentation
    5. Slightly clearer macro dynamics

    Overall I found the LCD 2C to be the darkest with a wet sound and a focus on naturalness, a beautiful timbre and hefty low end

    With Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem I noticed;

    • A thick powerful bass presentation
      • The heft and weight of the lows was apparent but texture was slightly smoothed
    • Each of the guitars were beautifully voiced, vivid and exceptionally resolved
      • Each of the strings had a nice individual weight and force to them
        • There was no lack of tactility despite the added wetness
    • Vocals were hearty
      • But at times lower notes in her register were a little too emphasized
      • The echo of her voice is the room was a bit less obvious
    • The piano was slightly creamy with an apparent percussiveness
      • The weight of each stroke of the keys was clear
      • An despite the creamy presentation there was no lack of texture in the piano
    • Shaker variation was slightly muffled
      • Of all three LCD 2s this one was the darkest and least resolved up top
    • Violins were slightly beautiful
      • Again the body of the instrument was apparent and there was a nice slightly sweet tinge to the sound
    • The 2C resolved a lot of micro detail in the guitars
      • Especially with regards to the unique harmonics of each individual instrument
    • Clearly resolved micro dynamics or the slight and gradual changes in volume and intensity
      • Especially for instruments ranging within the lows and central mid range
    • Presentation is fairly intimate, but impressively natural, powerful an engaging
      • Despite not being as expansive as the 2F it wasn't ever too congested and had good cohesion in the precision of instruments within the space
        • Though it isn't quite as cohesive or precise as the 2F
    While listening to Monty Alexander's Sweet Georgia Brown the LCD 2F;

    • Has slight forwardness in the low mid-range
      • With an excellent timbre and dynamic presentation for the piano
    • As a whole the 2C did well with the sudden and constant dynamic shifts within this track
    • Is the darkest
      • As such the timbre and envelope for drums was slightly subdued
      • Ambient noise and macro detail was again slightly out of focus vs transients and micro detail
    • Both the electric and double bass had a powerful presentation
      • With a lot of impact and slam though also a slight lack of definition
    • Horns were quite full with a nice chesty gusto present
      • The slight metallic tinge I often hear with horns is gently subdued with the 2C
        • Rather horns had a beautiful full bodied timbre with a gentle bite
      • The upper mid dip often associated with the LCD 2 family is most evident though it's much less invasive than what I found in previous models in 2014/2016

    Listening to Epica's The Divine Conspiracy with the LCD 2F I found that;

    • Tons of power in the bass
      • Slight lack of definition but with an lot of slam
    • Simone's voice was a bit stuffy with too much emphasis in the lower notes
    • The stringed instruments placed towards the back of the track had beautiful timbre
      • But were slightly muffled
    • The drums were quite full
      • The kick drum in particular had some serious SLAM
    • Guitars had a good crunch and edge with a nice touch of sweetness
    • Her husbands growling vocals were foreboding and POWERFUL
      • A slightly withdrawn mid-range let's the texture of the notes in his lower register shine a little more
        • While slightly different in presentation I also really enjoyed it
    Again compared to the other LCD 2's the LCD 2C

    1. Very natural full bodied presentation
    2. Has excellent power, slam and IMPACT
      • But with a slight lack in clarity, definition and texture
    3. A smidge wetter in the mid range
      • Just a bit smoother in presentation with a slight focus on the sustain and release with a slight de-emphasis attack
        • I found the overall decay of instruments to be mostly neutral
    4. Having the least definition up top
      • Percussion was still powerful and dynamic, but not quite as vivid nor impressive as on the other 2 models
    5. Excellent micro detail and micro dynamics!
      • With a slightly subdued macro dynamic presentation


    Overall I found the 2012 PreFazor LCD 2 to be a step above each of the previous models. Really combing the best of both

    With Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem I noticed;

    • A truly powerful low end
      • With no lack of texture or definition
    • Each of the guitars were beautifully voiced, vivid and exceptionally resolved
      • Each of the strings had a nice individual weight and force to them and vivid tactility despite being sweet and wet
    • Vocals were sweet, slightly smooth and well resolved
      • The airiness and echo in her voice was presented with exceptional balance
        • There was a clear sense of the rooms size without any exaggeration
    • The piano was slightly creamy with an apparent percussiveness
      • The weight of each stroke of the keys was clear
      • An despite the creamy presentation there was no lack of texture in the piano
    • Shaker variation was the most vivid
      • Of all three LCD 2s this one was the brightest and had the best definition and precision
      • I actually noticed that the shaker moves around quite a bit both vertically and horizontally
        • The 2012 PreFazor had the most precise and cohesive imaging
    • Violins were slightly beautiful
      • Again the body of the instrument was apparent and there was a nice sweet tinge to the sound
      • The sustain of notes on the violin had the most natural timbre with the 2012 PreFazor
    • Excellent resolve of a lot of micro detail across the full spectrum
      • With equal focus the unique harmonics of each individual instrument both while notes were sustained and as the gently decay'd and faded into silence upon release
      • Clearly defined the unique edge of the fundamental notes present in the attack and interwoven into the sustain
    • Clearly resolved micro dynamics or the slight and gradual changes in volume and intensity
      • Again with full spectrum coverage
    • An overall the presentation was fairly intimate
      • But more cohesive, precise and airy than the 2F despite being slightly less expansive
    While listening to Monty Alexander's Sweet Georgia Brown the LCD 2F;

    • Excellent timbre and dynamic presentation for the piano
      • Great dynamics and the most cohesive and precise imaging
      • Had the MOST percussive presentation of the bunch
    • Excellent dynamics both micro & Macro
      • Top end was also the most forward and well extended
      • As a whole there was no lack of dynamics any where
        • Drums in particular were the most dynamic, resolved and impactful!
    • Tactile, Powerful and near perfect low end presentation
      • Fret noise, slight sliding present in the fret board for the electric and double bass, really no detail is spared!
    • Horns were quite full with a nice chesty gusto present
      • slight metallic twinge present but very subtle
        • bite was a little more apparent with less of a metallic edge to it
      • Nice airiness and warmth overall

    Listening to Epica's The Divine Conspiracy with the LCD 2F I found that;

    • Again low end was optimal
    • Simone's voice was both beautiful and full with a nice airyness
      • Really the 2012 PreFazor shined the most with her beautiful vocals, with excellent layering of not only her voice atop the guitars but also the multitude of background vocalists as well
    • The stringed instruments placed towards the back of the track had beautiful timbre
      • And good precision
    • The drums were powerful
      • Though the only problem in this track is the overall quality of the high hats, this some what poor texture is most evident on the 2012 PreFazor
      • How ever the tom and kick drums were incredibly dynamic and explosive
    • Guitars had a good crunch and edge with a nice touch of creamy sweetness
    • Husbands growling vocals were foreboding and POWERFUL but also with an aggressive edge
    • Dynamics were most vivid on this track with the 2012 PreFazor
    Again compared to the other LCD 2's the 2012 PreFazor is;

    1. Exceptionally Wet & Creamy
    2. Crazy resolving
    3. Slightly intimate but with exceptional precision and cohesive imaging
    4. Hands down the standard for how Bass should be presented at this price point
      • Has the most power with no loss of quality, texture or control
    5. Slightly dark but with good texture and resolve up top
    6. Slightly slower or rather more romantic than the newer models
      • though this added body/decay or sweetness doesn't take away from it's resolve
    In this case, I do feel a good quality LCD 2 PreFazor model is a step above the newer models. An as much as I love my model there are issues with ownership of any of these old school LCD2, many of these models have hundreds of hours on them and once they fail there's no option for repair. Only replacement with newer drivers. Additionally assuming you get a good one they are far more difficult to drive and under-amping them will put the overall performance below that of the newer models.

    Now the question is how do you get an ideally tuned PreFazor LCD 2? Well honestly, there's no guarantee. I only recommend that you purchase from some one whose had it for many years and some one whose impressions your familiar with and trust! These are not headphones you want to buy blind unless your in a position to tolerate a financial loss.

    Generally I feel the newer models are a better purchase, or at least a better recommendation for the majority! An for those curious I did these general impressions with my reference system. Which features an amp that can run about 2,000mW+ into the LCD 2 as well as another that can do upwards of 5,000mW+, an while the newer models didn't see a vast improvement on these amps the 2012 PreFazor did. So again given the slightly more difficult amping requirements, the unknown life span and overall difficulty in acquiring one. I highly recommend any one out there skip all of the older models and go with either the 2F or 2C depending on which your preference! With the only exception being those of you with no real budget in mind for buying a headphone or lots of time to wait!

    Non the less I do feel overall the 2C does capture that classic PreFazor sweetness and power, while being a bit quicker overall and easier to drive. How ever the 2F is also an excellent option for those that want a little more detail an linearity in exchange for some naturalness and heft.

    Next up is how each of the different models changed with amplification! An were going to start with a fully balanced solid state for portable use!


    For these impressions I stuck with Spanish Harlem from Rebecca Pidgeon and used my Geek Out v2+ with balanced output. I also used a custom flat braid Copper Cable that's been wired/terminated for balanced use with my Norne Audio 4pin XLR to 3.5mm TRRS Adapter.

    Overall it's from this system that I felt the two newer Audeze LCD 2 models caught up with my PreFazor'd edition as while the individual imaging characteristics of each remained the same I do feel that the resolve of all three was more or less on par with this amp.

    An in terms of power I'd say even this balanced amp falls a little short at only 1,000w into 16ohms. Give that the LCD 2 is around 70 means were getting maybe around a 4th of that output... maybe! Sadly I don't have the exact numbers for how the GO V2+ handles higher impedance loads, though it will run upwards of 4v into a load!

    Speaking of my Geek Out v2+ has a dual ESS Sabre 9018 Dac with a high frequency roll off and Texas Instruments TPA 6120A Output OpAmp, so overall it's fairly natural but leans a little on the drier side.

    The filters made a big impact on the sound as well, and I use the Green Filter which features high frequency roll off that helps to add in a slightly more natural sound.

    Non the less, resolution and overall imaging aside each headphone did have a slight change in tonal balance with this pairing!

    Overall with this portable balanced amp the LCD 2F had;

    • Better macro detail
    • Slightly more exaggeration in "airy vocals" and room echo

    So in the end I wasn't a big fan of this pairing.

    However with the LCD 2C I noticed;

    • Slightly more top end energy and airiness
    • A smidgen drier

    In this case, I did like the touch of added clarity and top end energy that running a solid state amp brought to LCD 2C!

    As for my 2012 PreFazor LCD 2 it had;

    • A little more top end energy
    • less bass power/heft/texture
    So under driven the 2012 PreFazor losses some of it's texture/heft and power but gains a little top end energy... which it honestly doesn't always need. But it does well enough I suppose!

    In conclusion, again, I feel that the newer models do better in this and other portable situations! An the LCD 2C in particular pairs better with brighter solid states than it's siblings.


    Next up is my Garage 1217 Project Ember II, this is a single ended hybrid tube that can push upwards of 2w into the LCD 2! This is my reference amp for planars for it's overall clarity and power, and this is the amp where the 2012 PreFazor LCD 2 shined best!

    It's creamy, wet and almost honey like mid range are what I like most about it! So with an upgraded 6SN7 I feel the Ember II allows it to be it's best self! The Hybrid Tube amp in this configuration is in my opinion more natural than anything, though I pair it with a rather bright DAC so the slight warmth of the Tube does help balance out the aggressive sound of my DAC.

    That aside, with a Hybrid Tube I felt the 2012 PreFazor LCD 2;

    • Maintains a good balance of both naturalness in the mid range and power/clarity on the top end bottom end
    • Has an even deeper presentation and more spacious imaging
    So as you all know, the Ember II is my go to amp for Planar's especially for under $400!

    With a Hybrid Tube I felt the LCD 2F;

    • Gained some much needed naturalness
      • a slight added wetness and body helps to balance out the 2Fs drier sound
    • Gains some added heft in the low end
    Again for the drier and more expansive sounding Audeze I feel Hybrid Tube amps will be an especially good match!

    Finally with the Audeze LCD 2C and my Hybrid Tube Amp;

    • Had an even sweeter, lusher and smoother sound
      • without much loss of texture in the midrange and top end but vocals still remained a bit too thick
    • Gained a little more airiness
      • Percussion in particular had a nicer presentation
    Finally, with the Audeze LCD 2C I still preffer the sound of my own solid state equipment, but can also see how others may appreciate the added sweetness

    Overall in terms of amplification as long as you have enough power, whether you go solid state or tube, fully balanced or single end really depends on your system and preference!

    I personally think more aggressive solid state or tube amps pair well with the LCD 2C and slightly more relaxed solid state or tube amps pair nicely with the LCD 2F!


    Now as a final point I'd like to talk briefly about cables, my own 2012 PreFazord LCD 2 came with an aftermarket cable copper cable built by it's previous owner. It's fully balanced and terminated to 4pin XLR. Something I did notice is with the stock cable each of the models was noticeably stuffy! So given how resolving the LCD 2 is I do recommend you guys do take a look at upgrading from the stock cable before you look at getting another headphone. Doing so does a couple of things for you;

    • Gives you an opportunity to grab a balanced cable + balanced to Single End Adapter
      • This way your not limited to just single ended amplification and having more options is always a benefit, especially if your planning use these are your primary headphones
      • With the rise of the dual mini 4pin XLRs as a headphone side connector, your able to use your upgraded cable with not only your LCD 2 but what ever else you choose to upgrade to in the future!
    • An in my opinion yields a slight but noticeable improvement in sound quality.
    An regardless of what you think of cables, I do at least encourage you guys to at least grab a nice copper cable with a balanced termination and adapter. That way you'll always have that option at your hands! An please do stop by my Cable Matters thread, for mine and others impressions of a variety of different cables over the years!


    Finally let's talk about upgrades! Primarily how does the 2012 PreFazor LCD 2 with an upgraded cable compare to something like the Audeze MX4 with just the stock cable?

    Well I gave my copy of Hotel California a listen and untimely found;

    • That it doesn't compare
    Simply put even with the stock cable the MX4 clearly shows it's self as being a step above even the best LCD 2 I've heard! Quite literally everything is improved so the MX4 offers;

    • Better resolve of both transients and spacial information
      • so the position of the strike of that big drum moves around a little more
    • Texture in the spectrum as a whole
      • So an even more defined tactile edge on each of the guitars individual strings
        • giving you an even deeper appreciation for the beauty of a 12 string guitar
    • even more precise imaging
    • Marginally less bass power,
      • But... while the bass is a little drier and not quite as powerful it does have a similar sense of heft and impact
      • Overall I feel that maybe the MX4s bass is still a step above all the LCD 2s I've heard
    • Even more efficient and easier to drive
    • Even lighter and more comfortable
    Even better if you add that nice upgraded cable from your LCD 2 as I found with my upgraded Copper Cable;

    • There was a bit more power in the bass! Leaving the LCD 2 completely defeated
    • Slightly more natural mid range
      • Again with the stock cable I felt the MX4 was... kinda both stuffy and dry upgrading helped add in a little more mid-range decay and more clearly resolved some extension on the release making the overall envelope that much more natural
    • Improved clarity on the top end
      • The bongo drum in the intro suddenly... gains a little more space in and around it. An with that better defined sense of space it's a little more captivating than before! The clarity of each strike and the fullness of the instrument itself really grabbed my attention on the MX4
    But even with just the stock cable again the MX4 is in a whole other league from the LCD 2.


    That said, I appreciate you guys for reading over this review! I hope that it helped to clarify some questions you had concerning the variation among the different models! An again, overall I felt that in-conclusion the two newer LCD 2 Models to be the more desirable recommendations! As they are;

    • Lighter and more comfortable to wear over long periods
    • Easier to drive and ultimately need less power overall to reach their max potential
    • Have a more established life span and continuous support from Audeze
    • An established sound signature and excellent resolve
      • And they scale nicely too
    Again while I felt overall the older model was better sounding, it's still too much of a gamble to have my full recommendation! As with the newer models you've got 2 slightly different established sound signatures to choose from without any worry about "losing" anything moving forward! That and their just so easy to own and enjoy! Without any of the fuss or stress of having an older model to bother with.
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  8. nicknack40
    Louder you turn them up the more harsh there going to be. depending on recording and genre of music my mostly type of music is EDM i find these excellent for that genre but if i have above 1 oclock then it can start to get Harsh. Peoples ears are different to different sound levels.
  9. nicknack40
    Has anybody used the Audeze Reveal plugin i got the usb stick with my Classics not popped it in yet to try
  10. gLer
    How about you pop it in to try and come back here to share your thoughts with the forum? The only person who can really know how it makes your headphones sound is you :)
  11. Fegefeuer
    wow, Mshenay. Well written and easy to read. Thanks a lot.
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  12. gLer
    Outstanding post and impressions, thank you! I didn't quite get if your fazored LCD-2 was the latest revision but that would make a huge difference to the sound. In my experience the 2016 or newer LCD-2 is almost a new headphone compared to previous versions, nevermind the more robust driver build and lower failure rate, but the more open, neutral sound compared to the point revisions that came before.

    Same applies to the post-2016 LCD-3F, which for me is always missing in these LCD-2xx vs XX comparisons. I recently moved up from the 2 to the 3, and if I did so based on reviews alone I probably wouldn't have bothered. But the jump is a big and significant one, almost in the same way you describe the jump from the 2 to the 4. If I were an LCD-2C/F owner, my next logical stop would be LCD-3, and (for me at least) that's endgame planar (and only because $2k is my personal summit fi budget cut off, not because I don't think the 4 improves on the 3, which I have no doubt it does).

    Thanks again @Mshenay always appreciated!
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  13. chef8489
    I use it with JRiver. Its worth giving it a try and seeing if you like it.
  14. nicknack40
    Yep i think im going to give it a try with MusicBee. Thanks for reply
  15. Fegefeuer
    you can install the reveal plugin also on a "systemwide" level through Equalizer APO and the device of your choice
  16. betula
    I have pretty much read through the thread. Some useful info, lot of rambling around.

    I am considering buying these headphones, but I am at a phase where I am trying to collect as many first hand experiences as possible.

    I am a one headphone guy for several reasons, wouldn't go into it. LCD2C/AFO is pretty much the highest end of my wallet.

    For 18 months I own the Nighthawks. I know, it is a very controversial pair of headphones, but I like it a lot. Once your brain adjusts to the sound and you have a proper DAC, it is very likeable. Organic, lush, smooth, natural. Good depth. I like my bass, so the bass quantity the NH gives is sufficient for me. Mids are organic and lifelike due to the biocellulose membrane. Highs are natural, but quite laid back. People who need sparkle or shiny treble hate NH by default. I like it as I am pretty treble sensitive, I hear nothing over 15k.

    Since I know NH will be discontinued, after the initial thought of buying a second pair the upgraditis bug bit me and I had a look around what else is available which might be a subjective upgrade for me over my beloved NH.
    After reading and watching the available reviews and considering my wallet the choice basically came down for the Aeon Flow Open and the LCD2C.

    It is a bit confusing to read so many controversial opinions over the LCD2C. Even here in this thread some say the 2C treble is piercing, some say treble is too rolled off. Bass too much, bass not enough... etc...
    Unfortunately here in the UK it is not as easy to try out all these headphones before purchase as it is in the USA.

    In the past I owned X00. I loved that bass, still miss it. NH was a compromise on bass compared to X00. But the treble on the Fostex was piercing to me, fatiguing almost painful. Also the sound is cramped, too much in your face. I need a more laid back sound. X2 was mentioned a lot in this thread. I did like them a few years ago a lot, but there are superior cans. And although the bass quantity was quite good, it did roll off as it does with almost all open cans.

    I listen to all sorts of music, vocals too, but maybe 60% of my music is ambient, electronica, downtempo, slower type of EDM where bass and sub-bass is important. I do love lush and lifelike mids, I don't mind if mids are slightly forward. I am treble sensitive, so I need a laid back and smooth treble which is rather natural than sparky.

    AFC might be better for EDM due to the closed bass, but I read everywhere that AFO is superior to AFC. So I need to decide between AFO and LCD2C.
    I don't mind a little coloration, I don't want my headphones to be audio microscopes for detail hunting. I also prefer a little excitement over neutrality. I want to enjoy my music and get lost in it instead of monitoring. I want fun and happy hours instead of a precise measurement graph.

    So, here I am hopefully provided enough background for you to give me a useful advice. AFO or LCD2C? Or I shouldn't bother and keep the NH? (unlikely)

    I will probably share this post in the AFO thread too once I read that too.

    Many thanks and happy listening! :)
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