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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Jack-A
    LCD2C rings aren't metal. They're ABS plastic. Which is not bad at all.
  2. joeexp
    I could quite happily live with either of them. However my original LCD2s had quite a few driver failures and had to be replaced a couple of times.
    No problems with the LCD-2C as yet ...

    LCD-2 -- $995
    LCD-2C -- $799 (was $599)
    Aeon Flow --$799.99
  3. cpetrillo
    My LCD2C sound very nice with well recorded music but can be quite harsh with lots of glare in the upper mids and lower treble on poor recordings especially during creshendos of female vocals. I am using them with my fairly new Sony Wm1a on the balanced output with moderately priced solid silver cable sourced from ebay. This doesn't sound like the sound signature described by other people here, certainly not dark. Anyone have an idea where the problem is in my system?
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  4. endlesswaves
    Tried my LCD2C with WM1A single ended, volume at 110-120. Audible enough but always feels like something's missing. No harshness or glare but lacking in everything.

    By the way is your cable pure silver? A sub quality silver cables can be quite harsh and a lot of glare like you mentioned. However my Effect Thor Silver II is nowhere harsh or glaring. Might be the silver in your cables causing those harshness and glare?

    Wanted to get a balanced cable but not sure to terminate with a 4.4mm or to choose xlr as I have a Massdrop Sdac + Cavalli Carbon coming in May. Dilemma.
  5. DrSeven
    Thanks for the input! Sounds like the lcd-2c is a safe bet. Here for me its like this:

    LCD-2: 1200€
    LCD-2C: 800€
    Aeon Flow: 900-1000€ (really hard to find though)
  6. cpetrillo
    Using mine balanced on high gain about 75 to 80 volume. Cable is by Dyson and wasn't super cheap but I suppose that could be the problem.
  7. endlesswaves
    This one?

    Couldn't find any info on headphone cables for Audezes. Only headphone cable is this "Dyson Audio Gotham Hifiman HE400S HE400i HE1000i Oppo PM-1 Cable 2M"
  8. cpetrillo
    Yes the facemelter version which he does sell on eBay in several configurations
  9. DrSeven
    IMG_20180420_161453.jpg Going to do a little comparison (also with the HD700) over the next week.
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  10. jazzwave
    Just add other member impression, LCD2C working amazingly with Chord Mojo.
    Mojo able to drive this 70 Ohm planar nicely, very engaging; deep and well defined bass, good sound imaging.
    I tested side by side with LCD2, the LCD2C slightly has deeper bass but LCD2 better in Hi territories
    But it just 3 days old LCD2C, let's see after 100 hours.

    For me, Mojo do better than R2R for LCD2C

  11. joeexp
    Which R2R are talking about?
    Which Amp driving the LCD2Cs?
  12. omniweltall
    Which one? And why better?
  13. jazzwave
    I use Audio Gd R2R-11 and Mojo DAC/Amp via Coax to DAP

    Mojo better than R2R-11 with LCD2 Classic, good sound imaging, more clean and musical...but that my opinion
  14. joeexp
    The mojo can't drive ANY full-size headphone properly. :deadhorse:
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  15. omniweltall
    Aaahh...you mean....You think Mojo is better than AudioGD R2R-11. Now we understand.
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