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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. gug42
    Same here ... :frowning2:
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
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  2. Hifi59
    You can see a pin pushed forward whereas the other 3 are recessed. I believe this is the problem. I first mentioned this issue here a few weeks ago and I eventually contacted Audeze. They are sending a new one but they want this one back so they can examine it. I have to partially unscrew the connectors retainer to get it to release from the headphone connector. I don’t even use the cable anymore because I dont think it’s that good of cable audibly, however I want a working one for potential resale reasons down the line.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  3. knowhatimean
    I couldn't help myself & I "Pulled the Trigger" on the LCD2C............. I've wanted a set of Audeze LCD headphones for several years now & always went in a different direction

    He,he,he.... I have a few pair of Microsuede earpads that I've been using with my NO & NH headphones that I can try with these should I decide to do so & at least 2 headphone amps I can also try with them. My Metrum Acoustics Hex DAC will remain inline as will my Equitech 1.5Q BPT line conditioning ..... I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for the FedEx truck !

    I know I'm dating myself when I say "Cool",but that's OK (How long is the headphone cable ? At least 6ft correct; Even the length is no big deal as I have a 13ft (Grado:I think) Headphone extension cable..... I'll repeat myself & say....."Cool""
  4. Shetzu
    Thats not good for a company of high repute making such cheap quality cables. I have my pair ordered which I should be getting tomorrow and now I have my apprehensions as to whether my Lcd2c cable will turn out the way yours did:triportsad:
  5. Mitchuuu
    Got my pair in two days ago.

    Edit: using them with a magni modi multibit.
    Edit 2: I was really wrong. They're good headphones.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  6. chef8489
    First i would question what you are using to drive them? Before i went into my other questions. These sre by no means basshead headphones. They do have hard hitting bass that goes quite deep, but it is acurate and fast. A good amp is required.
  7. gLer
    I second that question. The minute I hear someone totally put off by the LCD-2 sound, I ask about the source. They need plenty of power (with plenty of current), and a clean, close-to-neutral amp to really make them shine. Mine hate OTL tubes, and most portable amps (with some exceptions) won’t really do them justice.
  8. chef8489
    I am using a Vali 2 and it does great. I like being able to change tubes yet the fact that it is a hybrid helps. I have been in this game for a long time, since mid to late 90s, and these are some of the best headphones I have heard not even considering the 600.00 price. Have i heard better, yes, but at a much much higher price for not a lot more performance.
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  9. Mitchuuu
    I'm using a magni modi stack. Its the multibit version if that makes a difference.
  10. knowhatimean
    This being your first foray into higher bracket HiFi equipment you have a bit more 'Leeway' then you may be used to having before considering the new item "A Bust". Better headphones are usually quite a bit more modular than those that aren't so there are a few things you can try before deciding they're not going to work for you.

    Normally, when you see a few screws on the outer sides of each earcup holding the grilles in place there is some type of damping material/pads sitting on top of the headphone's drivers that were placed there for a generalized voicing of the Headphone's sound. There is no way that Audeze or any headphone maker can know someone's preference for sound characteristics so it comes down to making a generalized guess at what they think will "work" with the numerous musical genres of choice they'll be used for The thing to be aware with just about any higher level audio equipment is that it almost always has a greater capacity for adjustments.

    As I mentioned you might want to see if removing some of the damping "Tames" the parts of the Frequency Response that you find objectionable to enjoying what you're listening to. Another option might be to try using different earpads.. What you're ,in effect, doing is simply changing the "Voicing" of your headphones. It may be a matter of hit or miss ,until you find the right treatment of changes that will bring your preferred type of sound into place .There's no reason to make any rash judgements about your new headphones just yet ! It's definitely worth your time to see if a few simple changes can give you the sound you'd hoped to have.
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  11. Mitchuuu
    Thanks for the helpful advice!

    I'd been wondering about taking out the damping material to see how it would affect the sound but at the same time I'm leaning really strongly towards selling right now so I'm afraid of doing anything that could damage them. Is it a simple, risk free process? Same question goes for putting it back afterwards.

    The pads are glued on so I'm gonna pass on messing with that, plus I don't want to buy add ons for something I'm pretty thoroughly displeased with.
  12. Mitchuuu
    Also, has anyone else done any modding? How'd it go?
  13. chef8489
    How much time did you listen to them and whats the quality of the audio files?
  14. Merkurio
    Same unplugging problem here with the right connector's 1st pin. :triportsad:

  15. Shetzu
    Those connectors really look cheap in quality. Here Audeze need to look at strongly.
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