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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. gLer
    Thanks for the write-up. Yet again your description has convinced me the LCD-2C is almost the twin of the latest LCD-2F, down to its only real ‘flaw’ - the slight upper mid shoutiness. I’m quite sure the two use identical drivers, with the only difference being the use of fazors, which possibly diffuses the shoutiness slightly on the 2C and elevates the bass a touch. I also appreciate the slight treble extension over the pre-fazor 2, which adds a touch of sparkle to the overall warm-of-neutral voicing. I’m currently testing out a friend’s HD600, and to me the latest 2F (and therefore 2C) is a natural upgrade to the classic Senn, doing just about everything bigger and better with a bigger and more involving soundstage, bar the touch of upper mid wobble.

    Again this is all going on extensive descriptions and chart comparisons, since the 2C is not available in my country and I’m more than happy with my 2016 aluminum 2F to buy essentially the same headphone in a slightly different shell.
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  2. pwjazz
    Very nice. Where did you get it? What's the model?
  3. Shetzu
    No model as such. I got it few years back on Ebay from China. I was wanting a good case for my X2 (which I sold now) and now it has come of good use to me for the LCD2C. Saved me good time and further investment.
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  4. pwjazz
    Cool, thanks.
  5. Shetzu
    Ok here are my impressions on Comparison with Hd-800 to LCD2C using Burson Mojo Combo

    I have heard all types of Genre. HD-800 does not play too good with high treble music like electronic and some old rock from the post 1979 era. Hd-800 has very high resolution and great ability for details and is very clear not clinical.
    Soundstage is very large & wide and sounds as if sound is coming outside the HP pads. LCD2C on the other hand has good warmth and the soundstage is closer to the ears but very refined. I can listen to LCD for long hours with out fatigue and are very comfortable in lines of the HD 800. The Hd 800 after few long hours gets fatiguing.
    Now coming to the Bass: Hd800 has clean & tidy bass with great refinement and is very snappy & fast. After modding them I have become a great fan of the sound of HD800 and don't feel any 6KHZ peak hurting my ears rather I am really enjoying them very much. The LCD on the other hand has great bass and sounds deep with great depth. They don't sound boomy like X2 Fidelio's. The Bass extension is very good on the LCD & is very punchy.
    Coming to mids: HD 800 mids are clean with superb details. LCD mids are more balanced & has flat frequency. These are really neutral pair of HP.
    The HIGHs : Hd-800 is, as all know pretty detailed and high. So some may prefer to control it using EQ which as I have read plays well with the HD800. The highs of Hd800 is not grainy and totally clean. The LCD on the other hand has no annoying peaks and is more relaxed highs though sometimes I felt lacking clarity in some songs.
    The Burson Mojo combo gives both Headphones that classic thud bass and of course the HP plays its own character in refining it further. For me this combination is the Ultimate for both Headphones giving the listener that long hours of enjoyment with great musical tone & refinement. Also I felt if you are listening to both open back Hp in a quite room the isolation is very good and unless someone grabs you from behind to alert ,you cannot hear the footsteps of anyone approaching. Thanks to two fantastic ear pads of comfort and airy headphones. I am in love with the LCD2C. I specially thank a friend who encouraged me to go for the LCD2C. Yes Today I broke all records and have the HPs on my head since 10am in the morning till now as I write this message. Also I like to mention that both Astel & Kern Kann and LCD2C is a great package together but open up further to a bigger powerful amp would surely make it better. The mobile(android) with mojo as external DAC and uapp application too is fantastic combo at higher volumes.
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  6. Hifi59
    Burson amps have always had great synergy with the Lcd line of headphones. This has not only been my experience but that of several reviews also. They simply have this great energy and leading edge attack that makes you want to tap your toes and bop your head to the music.
  7. marcan
    I had the opportunity to make a comparaison between the LCD2rev2 and the LCD2C.
    I friend brought his new LCD2C while I'm a happy owner of the goof old LCD2rev2.
    We mainly used a Weiss DAC 202, the audio-gd HE-9 for the amp and a good balanced cable.
    We both work in the music.
    First they both have a similar sound. However the LCD2rev2 had better subs and curiously a better clarity (we thought about 5 kHz). The LCD2C was more mid centric but without the creamy mids of the rev2.
    We had also the impression that the rev2 was dynamically more opened than the brand new LCD2C. A bit like the rev2 is used everyday more than 6 hours for more than 5 years and the LCD2C just comes out of the box. So we should probably make a new comparison in 6 month when the LCD2C will spread his wings.
    I was interested in the comparison because I was curious to see if I could find a replacement if one day I would loose the rev2 but I think I will still take care of it.
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  8. gug42

    I have buying the LCD2c, a really good sound quality for sure ! I have Zmf Omni and HE-500.

    But :
    - I dont find "magic liquid mid range", is this normal ? Only LCD2 pre-fazar get thoses ?
    - Some harshness in the trebble region

    Moreover I was hopping better quality for some parts :
    - glue pads ...
    - mini xlr connectors have some flaws ... I will never reuse the stock cable, too dangerous.
  9. Jack-A
    20180223_212010.jpg 20180223_211813.jpg
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  10. knowhatimean
    My LCD2C is supposed to arrive this coming Tuesday. I'm anticipating trying a few things to them based on what worked well for me with just about every Headphone I've had (including the Hfman HE 6 & the Senn HD800).... Take what I say with a Large grain of salt as I believe my adjustments are absolutely specific to my choices of listening material & the Home playback system I'll be doing all my listening through.

    I honestly can't remember a hp that I've had that I didn't sound more "tonally correct" minus whatever damping was placed inside them as the produced recorded energy level of "Live Perspective" Acoustic music is (More often than not Orchestral / small scale Classical) is Significantly different than it is for Electric based Rock & Pop music. "Liquid mid range FR" for the music I listen to takes on totally different set of requirements, which isn't that hard to attain ,specifically because I'm not going "screw the pooch" by spending a second of time trying to spend any time whatsoever making adjustments to my playback setup that will benefit how the music I don't listen to, sounds

    . With that in mind there has always been something that comes to mind whenever I look at the grilles on an LCD earcup. There is more mass than there needs to be for Acoustic music to be as open sounding as it can be given the Recording Techniques & Microphone placements used in Concert Halls or Auditoriums. Give that the HE6 responded so well to removing all damping from the Planar Magnetic Drivers (Along with completely removing the outer grilles.) I'm tempted to see if going some in this direction with my LCD2C after it arrives sometime next week.

    I think I prefer the Microsuede / Vegan LCD earpads (which I already have), but I don't think there was a big of a difference changing earpads as allowing the drivers to "breathe" more easily. As I mentioned overly aggressive recording technique & other considerations aren't really in "play" for my playback to perform at pretty enjoyable level (Though through the years I've spent more money getting my playback to this level than I should have, but my headphones are usally just "bit players" in the entire scheme of things)

    We shall see,but I have high expectations due to my experience at this hobby (time to give a hobby up when you aren't learning as you go along)
  11. ForSure
    This is a great team! Audeze LCD2C with Elekit TU-8600 Lundahl edition.
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  12. gug42
    Great amp :) Want to build one like this !
  13. knowhatimean
    Hmmm..... Now that I'm looking at the the LCD2C grilles they appear to be more "open" then I thought they were.... I still think I might remove them,use one of them as a tracing pattern , & use two pieces of speaker grille cloth from my Spendor SP1 loudspeakers (which is Black & slightly textured & as such a bit more visually interesting;as a slight perk) .

    If I don't notice anymore transparency from the Frequency response I may simply put the grilles back in place minus any damping (if any existed). With my playback setup I'm fairly certain I will be able to notice any slight amount of frequency extension that may exist in the music I'm listening to regardless of how low level it may be as Headphones are almost always voiced for the possibility of more heavy handed then necessary recording engineered scenarios. Mohr & Layton.Kenneth Wilkinson,Bob Fine,Tony Faulkner,John Eargle.....etc. knew exactly what recording techniques to use specific to the Recording location on a consistent basis . Heavy Handed recording technique is for Amateurs, which may be why the Recording Engineers aren't always mentioned in many Genres of recorded music (Sorry couldn't help myself from getting on my Soapbox; It must be a Generational "thing" that I'm sure a lot you don't get just yet !) (Oh well , I do enjoy good equipment though)
  14. Mitchuuu
    I'm still really curious about the sealing of the LCD-2Cs.

    If I play a 60hz test tone and tilt the pads off my ears just enough to break the seal, the bass increases VERY noticeably. In songs, I noticed this improves the sound stage just a little too.
    Someone earlier mentioned changing their orientation can do that but after more testing I'm positive it's the seal, not the orientation. If I stick something thin like a pencil between the pad and my head and, without moving the headphones, break the seal I get the same bass / sound stage improvement.

    Can anyone else recreate and verify this experiment?

    For you guys, is the seal on your headphones really airtight? For instance, it's difficult to yawn and pop my ears with these on. Also, if I gently push them towards and away from my head (without breaking the seal) there's a vacuum effect, sort of like a plunger for my ears...

    Anyways, I don't understand this at all but I'm really curious. It feels like my headphones are suffocating and just need to breathe a bit.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  15. Shetzu
    For what you said in your first paragraph. will try out and revert. However. the seal on the headphone is really tight to me. Had no issues . The vacuum effect is surely there because of the tight seal of the pads. I also feel though its open back the isolation is pretty good since you hear the music inside the pads more .
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