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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. inmytaxi
    That's it. I know for sure because I returned mine and had to check the stats when I sent it back.
  2. givemetacos
    Awesome, thanks!
  3. gLer
    Enjoy them, look forward to your impressions - especially with the R2R-11. Just beware the ‘wonky’ midrange dip that according to the obvious FR curves makes female vocals sound like constipated male sopranos :joy:
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  4. fivedollah
    Yup my shipment came from fed ex sta ana!
  5. lentoviolento
    the same has happened to me this morning!! i hope to get it tomorrow night!! and i have r2r too... now i'm listening to massive attack with atticus. i have to say afo slammed harder. like someone said it had a piercing bass i loved..
  6. wazzupi
    That should be it sir they do dont keep track of updating statuses
  7. wazzupi
    I seriously don't know which im going to sell yet... Afo and or lcd2c...
  8. givemetacos
    Thanks! But to be fair, my impressions of LCD-2F, HD650, and Atticus line up exactly with his comparison chart, though I have a more moderate view overall and don't hate LCD-2F even though I personally preferred HD650 over it. I'll update here with initial impressions and then eventually write up a full review for LCD2C. I'm hoping they'll tick just enough boxes that I'll like them more than HD650, but we'll see.
  9. lentoviolento
    if you decide to sell afo i can think about it!
  10. wazzupi
    Idk man the hd650 completely throws everything away for vocals and mids and even the mids arent the best I've heard. Treble bass on my hd650s are not even in the same universe when it comes to my eikon afo and lcd2c.
  11. wazzupi
  12. lentoviolento
    lcd2c are not arrived yet. now i have atticus... i was saying that as i can recall, the afo slammed harder than atticus.
  13. fivedollah
    It is now back at $799!
  14. givemetacos
    No objections as that is all personal preference. The beauty of HD650 is its smooth and cohesive transition from mids to treble, which is a bit different from the pure "quality" of mids and treble, and something you can see in FR graphs. I personally find the vocal timbre and emotion to be nearly perfect on HD600/650. For the music I listen to, those factors made me prefer HD650 over LCD-2F. But again, I am not saying HD650 is superior to LCD-2, just highlighting the particular strengths I hear in it and why I tend to prefer it overall.
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  15. wazzupi
    I do prefer the hd650s to the lcd2f but as a overall package I enjoy my lcd2c over hd650 i think my AFO is the nect headphone out the door because i have 2 dynamics and 2 orthos and afo just doesnt fit I'd love to keep it around as a collection piece but i might venture into more zmf headphones
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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