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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Aleatorius

    I do want faster decay but I hope it doesn't end up sounding too fast/unnatural on the Atticus.
    Right now I'm heavily leaning towards the cherry but it'd be nice to have some confirmation.
  2. jinxy245
    I give you guys a lot of credit.
    I just can't bring myself to make what would amount to the most expensive headphone purchase of my life (so far) without hearing them first. (The lack of funds at the moment makes the decision much easier.) I guess I'm going to miss the intro price and to wait to hear them in February before I make a decision...I can't wait, though...it's killing me!!
  3. Aleatorius

    You'll probably be able to pick one up lightly used once they've been in people's hands and they discover whether the sound is for them or not.

    I was saving up funds specifically for Black Friday but I had the pleasant surprise that is the Eikon and now the Atticus so I won't be able to get that new fridge now.
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  4. jelt2359 Contributor
    I've been involved in many pre orders- the price always seems to genuinely be higher post launch, even for used units. No regrets so far :)
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  5. BunnyNamedCraig

    That's so fantastic. Sounds like a starving audiophile
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  6. czy6412

    I ordered Eikon Padauk after read the new impression though. I love my Abyss sound and think Eikon Padauk would be a good closed back alternative due to fast transient and more sub-bass
  7. PacoTaco
    After having them a couple of days now (I think it's been four, but don't quote me on that,) I thought I'd pass some more impressions before I get the Decware tomorrow and then my review on Friday.
    The Eikon has grown on me quite a bit over the last few days. I still prefer the Atticus, however. But I'd equate the differences between the two as a "HD600 vs. HD650" kind of thing.
    Let me explain:
    I've found the Eikon to be more neutral than any of Zach's headphones, as I've said before. It has a touch of bass, however, but said bass extends well into the subbass regions. The Atticus also extends far into the subbass regions, but it has a mid-bass/lower mids boost that makes it a lot warmer overall. Due to the lower distortion, said warmth is pulled off quite well (unlike, let's say, the HD650 at times.)
    The treble also extends quite a bit further than I thought it would on the Eikon. Interestingly enough, the Atticus also extends pretty far into the higher-treble regions. The difference, however, is this: The Atticus is more immediately apparent in the lower treble, and seems to sound more energetic because of that. The Eikon, however, has more of a presence in the upper-treble.
    Once you get to the mids, it seems the big thing that stands out is the added warmth on the Atticus making the rest of the region thicker and (slightly) more forward. It isn't overly warm to the point of muddy, however. The Eikon, on the other hand, has much more integrated bass and seems to sorta coast on into its mids. Quite frankly, it reminds me of the mids on the HD800 (without the thin sound due to the tiny bit of warmth nor the dryness caused by the upper mids dip in the HD800.)
    The upper-mids part is where things get interesting. The Atticus, due to how the 2-4Khz region sorta sets itself, ends up having a timbre similar (but not exactly the same...think of an "approximation" more than a mimicry) to the HD600 and HD650. You can sort of hear the same thing going on with the Eikon, but it is a lot more apparent with the Atticus. In fact, besides the added warmth (I like the combination of the mid-bass boost and low distortion,) I believe this is the reason I am so partial to the Atticus over the Eikon (I have a soft-spot for that damn Sennheiser 6x0 series.)
    Luckily, a buddy on the Headphones discord chat is lending me his HD600 so I can confirm that's what I'm hearing. One of my favorite headphones was a modded HD650 for almost the timbre alone, so it is exciting to recognize the same kind of timbre in the Atticus (which does things a lot better than the HD650.) 
    Ah, one last thing on the sound. The speed difference between the two has become less obvious the more I've switched between them. The Eikon is still in the lead, of course, but the Atticus has less issues catching up with it than I thought it would.
    All things considered, it looks like I'm probably ordering a Padauk Atticus around Christmas.
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  8. mysticstryk
    Your upper mids description of the Atticus and comparison with the 6x0 series just sold me. Will wait a while to decide on wood, but Atticus it is. I have never heard that region as good as it does on the 6x0.

    You originally stated the Atticus had a very slight upper mids dip, is this no longer the case then?
  9. PacoTaco

    I only seemed to hear it sometimes, so I went at it with some female vocal heavy songs. It's only really at 4Khz, it seems (the upper limit of the upper-mids) and it seems to be similar, if not almost the same as the one found in the HD6x0. 2-4Khz range can effect timbre quite a bit, which is partially why I think the Atticus has a similar timbre to the HD6x0.

    Another gentleman said he heard a more of a upper mids dip than I did, but the concensus seems to be that it was probably the amps he using (as I'm using a very neutral solid state.)
  10. zzzmonster

    So the trade off between Padauk vs Cherry is Speed vs Neck Fatigue...
  11. ProfFalkin
    If you guys seriously get neck fatigue from these, you need to exercise your neck or something. Get some jaybird x3s and go do calisthenics or yoga...

    I'm not trying to be funny or anything. I'm just confused how I can wear 500g-ish headphones every day for 6+ hours and feel no fatigue at all, then see people complain of it on the forums after 20 min of use in some cases. I keep thinking that when you're 90 you won't be able to support your own head. That would be sad.

    Maybe my neck is just overly developed because it has to support my massive brain all day? IDK...

    (Now I'm trying to be funny...)
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  12. heliosphann
    Yea, I'd hate to see these guys try some LCD-XC's on if they're complaining about Atticus/Eikons. Lol
  13. zzzmonster

    I will admit that I have weak neck, I find the LCD-2F and Final Audio 6 heavy for the neck, but surprisingly Abyss is comfortable
  14. cglin222

    I remember you have both cherry version right, so why Padauk Atticus? For that larger sound stage and fast decay? Then Eikon is probably best with cherry for that lush mid rather than padauk to balance things out?
    So in short cherry Atticus maybe too warm and padauk eikon maybe to technical and fast for some, hence the reverse for balance?
  15. zzzmonster
    Logically speaking, if we can withstand the weight, always pick padauk, you can get lush mid with tubes
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