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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. whirlwind
    The Omni sounds wonderful with tubes..I am using a 2359glenn OTL to drive mine and it does very well with the right tubes.
    Currently running mine with 6336B power tubes & C3g driver tubes.
    I hear you and that amp is on my watch list, most of my headphones will end up being 300 ohm cans  HD800...Atticus......Eikon....so as long as the OTL can power my Omni all right, I should be good....but the amp you mention is in the back of my mind....lol
  2. colinallcarz
    I ordered the Eikon in cherry as well. I'll be pushing it with my Burson Soloist - I'm hoping it's a good fit.
  3. jelt2359 Contributor
    OTLs aside, what other amps are being used with the Atticus and Eikon so far to good results?
  4. Aleatorius

    The only other one mentioned I believe is the Decware Taboo:

  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    With all this OTL talk I thought I would shamelessly post that I am considering selling my gorgeous and as new La Figaro 339 with some very nice tubes. The only reason I will even consider selling this is that I am still unable to return to work after a full year unemployed as I have to stay home with my young daughter who has a serious anxiety disorder so selling this gem may be needed. Real shame as it is a gorgeous piece of kit and I would love to have an Elikon, but until I get back to work again, sadly that won't happen. So PM me if you might be in the market for a killer OTL amp. Sorry for the solicitation post, but it is also a service post as the 339 doesn't come up used often.
  6. mwhals
    For those pre-ordering the new headphones, I noticed that the order list from the email link has been updated for the first several orders.
  7. zach915m
    There were a few people that ordered @ RMAF and a couple review units that were paid for before the pre-order period started that were added to the batch.
    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/ZMFheadphones https://twitter.com/ZMFheadphones https://www.instagram.com/zmfheadphones/?hl=en http://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/ contactzmf@gmail.com
  8. Hansotek
    Eikon through the Cavalli Liquid Carbon is tasty as hell. Listening to SRV's "Tin Pan Alley" in DSD, and it is just way too damn good!
  9. identitymatrix
    Glad to know that as I am planning to use it with LC2 !
  10. DoctaCosmos
    Meh, If it wasn't for the preorder price I wouldn't have been able to get this headphone. That aside, I don't know what the hell I was thinking ordering a headphone I wouldn't get for months haha. I cancelled my speaker order before because my anxiety got too bad. With this purchase I don't even have any headphones at all to hold me over till they get here. Not being negative by any means just emotionally unstable right now. In the middle of doing a hard water cut to make weight for tournament this weekend
  11. The_Blood_Raven

    I feel you. The wait is painful. I bought a Blackwood to tide me over, I really really regret selling mine. In the meantime you can explore modding and or budget-fi. The Koss KSC75 is amazing st $15. My favorite <$100 headphone. The PortaPro is also amazing, the Tascam TH02 is really good, and the Onkyo FC300 is surprisingly good.
    DoctaCosmos likes this.
  12. DoctaCosmos
    Quite nice of you to be so thoughtful. Great fully appreciate it. That might not actually be a bad idea. I was misleading though as I just remembered I do have a pair of Bluetooth headphones I use for working out. I disregarded the, because I only use them at the gym and they're earbuds so kind of not the same thing
  13. DoctaCosmos
    Also, I love the Blackwood. I took a friend of mine to the NYC headfi anonymous meet last year and we both liked what we were hearing. Definitely an interesting headphone. Reminded me more of an instrument than a headphone. Being broke at the time we were scheming up a plan to split the price and share them. As two grown men we realized quickly that just wouldn't work
  14. YtseJamer
    I would love to buy the Eikon but even with the promotion, it's going to cost me a total of $1340 CAD with the shipping and the customs fees. [​IMG]
  15. ProfFalkin

    Mi auricular es mi auricular, damnit. Hehehe
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