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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yikes, that may be tough depending on how sensitive the IEMs are as noise floor may become an issue.
  2. Aleatorius
    Yep, I don't currently have a good portable amp/DAC or DAP so I'd have to make do with whatever amp I get since I doubt the noise floor will be any higher than my phone.
  3. DoctaCosmos
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    So what type of amp do you want? Is it a portable or desktop? The iFi iDSD Micro is a fantastic unit and they have recently apparently made some improvements, but it was already stunningly good I thought.
  5. Aleatorius
  6. DoctaCosmos
    My wishful thinking
  7. Aleatorius

    I'm looking for a desktop amp suitable for the Eikon and orthodynamics in general, but since my phone is pretty bad with regards to noise floor I may use an IEM with the desktop amp until I have the funds for a portable amp. (a month or two)
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The Micro drove my LCD2F fine and it has a gain setting for IEMs so it is pretty well designed. It has a very well respected reputation here and is easy to recommend.
  9. The_Blood_Raven

    Unpopular opinion time: Schiit Asgard 2. Very nice amp for the price and works well with IEMs due to the really low "low gain". It's good enough to suffice for the Eikon and Planar Magnetics, but also works well with IEMs.

    Shame I can't recommend the Jotunheim, low gain is too high.

    If you need portability I guess the Fiio E12 A5 should have the power on paper.
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  10. heliosphann
    Oh, you don't say... [​IMG]
    Did you try them on the Milo?
  11. Hansotek
    Yes. Very open, clear and impactful. I actually listened to them with Zach and Jeff Wells at RMAF. Zach and I both ended up buying Milos afterward, so yeah, it's real good, lol!
  12. cglin222

    I just "dropped" my E-MU Teak on massdrop and decided I wanted to get in on these... 
    But I am still not sure which wood to get , and with Atticus or Eikon?
    Is the post from reddit of the sound signature accurate?
    1) Eikon in Padauk (heard): linear, punchiness and immediacy. Great if you want fast bass and quick treble.
    2) Atticus in Cherry (heard): lush mids (actually, better than my LCD2), sweet decay. This is a relaxed sound that is never fatiguing, and sounds just fantastic with electric guitars.
    3) Eikon in Cherry (speculate): Should have a little bit longer decay and should seem a little bit more open and spacious. Should slightly open up the midrange at the expense of a little bit of punchiness in the bass. Treble may be slightly reduced from Padauk.
    4) Atticus in Padauk (speculate): Should tamp down the mids just slightly, but give better bass and treble response.
  13. heliosphann

    From what I understand due to the baffle Zach has used, the wood choices on the Atticus/Eikon have even less effect on the overall sound profile than the Fostex OEM line. So looks aside, you should primarily compare the Atticus and the Eikon differences, which have been covered in this thread.
  14. zach915m
    Yeah, I do find this to be true, the more I listen the more I can pick out minute differences, but it's not as immediate as with the t50 drivers. More subtle changes that are apparent, but only if really comparing back and forth. It's real hard core a/b stuff which is why at the end of the day I think the aesthetic look does over-ride the sonic difference.

    Only thing I would add to that reddit post is that between the two woods, the mids on Padauk are just a hair less lush, more leading edge, again subtle, not a huge difference, just a minor difference in attack.
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  15. cglin222
    Thanks Zach
    I think overall I probably will prefer the Sound of Eikon. I am no means of audiophile or hi-fier, but I like my hd800's (not hd800s) treble presence and the soundstage and imaging
    I listen to a lot of female jpop, and sometimes classical.  Occasionally with some dance music and trans, but again female centric.
    So, reading all the forums and info, it looks like between Eikon and Atticus, Atticus have more forward mids than Eikon, but Eikon has more treble presence.  And I am no bass head either, so maybe Eikon will suit me well.
    As you mentioned, it seems, the differences are very subtle unless doing a hard a/b comparison.  Maybe I shouldn't really worry about which wood to go with except the color and looks
    Now, that comes the question, if aged Padauk will actually turned dark brown? or will it stay reddish... or actually cheery wood becomes tan overtime.
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