ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackbird09, Mar 6, 2014.
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  1. FrameBit
    I see :) thank you! :D
  2. Jonathan Crouch
    I use the STX 2 with the three Burson V5-D's I did originally have problems because the OP AMPs wouldn't stay seated. From what I have seen the V6's look like they have had a pretty solid overhaul to them. I would highly recommend them if you are thinking of upgrading to better quality amps.
  3. sha007
    Hi I am using a STX 2 and I've noticed when I change the gain tuning setting for the headphone to the lowest one (IEM or for 16~32 ohms headsets), I hear a "click" sound. But it does not happen while selecting other gain settings. I think that click noise coming from a relay switch but what it actually does?

    Also, I'm using a HD 700 so which op amps should I get?

  4. xxAMAROKxx
    I think its normal. I hear click, when I change gain to any option. Also when changing "Sample rate" or "Analog Out" (there is relatively loud click in original HP's left channel)
  5. FrameBit
    totally normal
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    I would recommend the Burson amp's that I used in my STX 2 they literally destroyed everything else I've used besides the conductor air I have. Fun facts I use the HD 700 as my primary headset also. That or the V6's. I can say for certain the V5-D's are amazing in the STX 2 they literally make it sing. However, when installing them it's important to make sure they are secured into the card with either zip ties or something to hold them to the sockets.
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  7. sha007
    Thanks for the suggestion. So which Burson op amps you are using?

    Edit : Oh got this you are using the v5D's. So if i get the v6 which should I get vivid or classic?
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  8. Jonathan Crouch
    It’s difficult to say do you prefer absolute clarity or heavy warmth? The Vivid will provide the clearest audio experience, the classic while they are still fairly clear focus more on the warmth of instruments or so I’ve heard. I’ll have a Burson play with 5 V6 vivid coming in a few weeks. After that I can tell you first hand experience with them.
  9. sha007
    By clarity did you mean bright? I'm sorry I'm very new to the audio terms. And please don't forget to share you experience with the v6 vivid. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
  10. Jonathan Crouch
    Vivid should produce more detail and what I mean by clarity is the transparency of the sound and the separation of it. For an example, when paired with my HD 700 and those op-amp's the sound is so clear when I play FPS games that I can not only tell the general area a shot comes from but what gun it is from a considerable distance. Everything from every little detail is pronounced with the V5D (which is similar to the V6 Vivid) you can pick apart details in music as well. It's really incredible. Asking for the V6 classic I can't say I'd probably love them too because in orchestra pieces I imagine they shine really well.
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  11. sha007
    Thanks for explanation. Yes now I'm sure I want clarity with good instrumental separation. So I better go with V6-D's. Now the question is if I only get 2 V6-D in I/V for the headphone out and left the buffer op amp to default with is Muses 8820 is there going to be any problem like I/V buffer voltage imbalance or some kind of overload while using the line out port?
  12. EternalChampion
    I haven't seen anyone yet complaining for voltage instabilities related to the Burson op amps and the Asus STX II regardless the configuration. Btw the V5 (I assume V6 also) makes the biggest impact when used on the buffer socket. I have 3 modules and If I had to, I would prefer to use just one in the buffer instead of using two of them in the I/V.
  13. sha007
    You meant the buffer affect only the line out port's (speaker output) audio quality right? Because as far as I know the STX II's headphone output only uses the two I/V slots.
  14. EternalChampion
    By saying "impact" what I meant was performance. Placing the Burson op amp on the buffer will give you more for your money than using it on either of the I/V.

    Like you said the headphone out utilizes just the two I/V sockets whereas line out takes advantage of all three.
  15. Mihaidmg
    I just received my v5i and install them. I will say now the sound it's a bit more detailed but comparing with my JDS Labs Element they are slighty under as detail , but just install them , i will give it some time to burn in. The sound is less warm but not focused on mids either, gain a bit more in the low mids, but not as warmth, just as presence, i like the sound , but the highs are not clear enough and the lows a bit muffled. Now i am using the line out through the Element and using it as head amp only. I tried also the head amp from the soundcard, is more punchy, not bad, but a bit too much on mids around 300-600 hz area, not bad also. But it doesn;t have the power from The Element. I put 3 of double v5i and as headphones i am using AKG K712.Like i said, sound is not bad, some improvement on soundstage area for sure, but still a bit muffled, i will give it some time to burn in. They fit perfect in STX II with shield on. The drivers are the one from the asus website, maybe if i will use the other ones wil get better.
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