ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackbird09, Mar 6, 2014.
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  1. bcschmerker4
    In the case of a set that will fit under the RFI shield of the ST/X/II, the best dual amplifier available as of July 2017 is the Burson® V5i, which uses a monolithic transistor array in lieu of the discrete transistors on the original V5; it too uses surface-mounted resistors, capacitors, and chokes to complete the circuitry. All other options are monolithic IC's. (The Sparkos® SS3602 is too tall to work with an unmodified RFI shield.)
  2. EternalChampion
    Do yourselves a favor and install Uni Xonar drivers instead of the non-optimized default STX II driver.

    Drums will sound cleaner with more rounded timbre, free of charge :beyersmile: I use normal installation because the low-latency option adds extra strength to the signal which I do not like that much.

  3. Mihaidmg
    Thanks Bcshchmerker4. I will go for vi5 instead. I will have a look how to proper install them.
  4. FrameBit
    Hi there EternalChampion, I installed unixonar driver 1.80b-r3 for my STX II and downloaded the official windows 10 xonar DX driver on asus website(they use the same chip Asus AV100 and control panel). Opened device manger and have chosen update driver -> have disk -> pointed out to the xonar DX driver .ini and it works!, audio has clarity and especially DEPTH in it compared to the STX and STX II drivers. Movies come alive and objects fly/float in front of you :D If anyone tried this I want to know what's their impression :)
  5. banco-sg
    Just be careful though, the unixonar has a bug that can cause random BSOD when you are watching youtube, twitch, etc. This bug only occur in Win10 Creators Update, so if you are not using it, then you should be good.
  6. FrameBit
    Hi banco-sg, I have Windows 10 Creators Update and I don't have any problem with random BSOD while watching youtube or anything, only that problem stated with the UniXonar website when using WASAPI(event) I get random stop/resume issue on music playback with Foobar2000 I have no problem using ASIO though. The Asus stx II stock driver its very stable, no playback issue on WASAPI or ASIO but lacks some depth that I was looking for :)
  7. EternalChampion
    Btw I haven't checked the newest version I went straight to the "STX II" specific v1.80b-r3 which runs flawlessly on Windows 7 x64 platform I can confirm.

    All I'm asking from this card from now on is to properly send quality digital info including EQ setting through either Toslink or Coax to the Burson dac that I'm about to place onto the desk when it arrives.
  8. hangman2123
    Always wanted to try the STX II, had the old D2X.. Don't even own a desktop now.
  9. EternalChampion

    Normal or low-latency installation? I noticed a significant change in drums/bass strength with the latter. Maybe it plays better/softer on Win 10? Asus cards always sounded more aggressive/fatiguing to me than the ones by Creative.
  10. FrameBit
    I use the normal installation using UniXonar, rebooted pc again and disabled driver signing. Went to device manager and clicked update driver to use the DX ini. Everything sounded powerful but maintains its balance for my ears.. like everything is fixed like the way dolby would sound like even on higher volumes, it maintains its softness and power. Hi-Fi mode, it truly sounded like what the mode means. Compared to stock... I think asus removed the depth to it and Hi-Fi sounded flat and lifeless. I even love watching movies with it because objects coming in front or on the sides tend to float even using 8-channels it would have the feeling of having a true 7.1 setup but having only 2.1 speakers because of the DVS. However the soundstage feels like its compressed compared to stock driver which is more wider but I'm like 1 meter away on my screen which is okay for me too. And also, about asus being aggressive/fatiguing compared to Creative, I came from creative cards too, I have the Titanium HD and SBZ and it gave me fatigue when listening to music and would stop after 2 hours of playback. I listen to rock and other no-lyric music like dubstep and other similar music. I find the asus being soft but having its punch but not fatiguing.

    I also swapped the op amps with the same muses, 2x muses 8820 on the I/V and muses 8920 on the buffer. some say it enhances bass when using speakers, I might switch it back to its original position when I have the time to do so and find out how it would sound like :)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  11. Ricard
    To this day I do not know if I buy "Sparkos Labs SS3602" or "Burson V5 / V6" Op Amp.
    Please someone who has tested the two brands who can tell me which one to buy to improve my op amp stock.
    I want an original and faithful sound, I do not want an artificial or metallic sound.

    In return I will tell you to those who are looking to listen to the highest quality music on speakers I am using: Asus STX II 7.1 + Creative T6300 + Unixonar Driver + Foobar2000. I listen to songs to mp3 320kbps / Flac in 5.1 thanks to channel mixer DSP of Foobar2000.
    It is an excellent combination :)
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  12. Strangelove424
    Great tip on the channel mixer plugin for Foobar, thanks! I gave this a shot and it was a wonderful experience, and surely more customizable than Dolby virtual surround algorithms. I know how to transcode to FLAC and play discrete 5.1 music through Foobar, but discrete 5.1 is a slim portion of the market, and this plugin expands 5.1 to the rest (99%) of my stereo collection in Foobar. The complete adaptability of the plugin, including individual channel mix control, redirection of bass to/from LFE channel, and timing adjustment make this a complete solution. Loving it. Additionally, because it allows complete control of bass response (bass can either be redirected or mirrored from satellite to sub) this can be integrated into room correction systems like Audyssey very easily. To put it simply, it sounds friggin' awesome. :L3000:
  13. Francisco Javier
    Hello, last night I had to reinstall my STX II and I did exactly what you said, but using latest xonar unified drivers (W.10 creators update).

    STX II + o2 + fidelio x2 -> 8 channel virtual sorround - Now sound is more powerful end enjoyable (for me) in games. 2 channel- More clear while listening some music. I haven't experienced any problem like BSOD,

    Thanks for your advice...
  14. FrameBit
    Wow good to hear that! :D I'm not alone anymore :) what OP amp combo you are using with that driver? :)
  15. Francisco Javier
    Stx ii - > rca - > jds o2 - > fidelio x2. Stock op amp.
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