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(Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by zzllloz, Mar 29, 2013.
  1. zzllloz
    (Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)
    Headphone i am using :DT880 250ohms
    Thanks in Advance
  2. anetode
    Asus STX.
  3. brunk

  4. zzllloz
    Thanks for the advice but why ? i understand they use the same dac in soundcard what is the difference between the stx amp to the magni?
  5. brunk

    Its not just the DAC, but better analog (the A in D/A Converter) components are used in the STX too, giving you the best quality of sound between those two options. Secondly, the amp in the STX is quite good and you can even tweak it with some user replaceable OP amps.
  6. zzllloz

    Thank you i went with the stx
  7. anetode
    Plus the volume control sucks on the magni. The schiit mini units are a decent solution for a desktop setup sans dedicated PC, but if you do have one, the STX is cheaper and more practical.
  8. stv014
    The "better analog components" on the STX do not actually make a real, audible difference, and in some aspects the cheaper card even measures better. But the line output quality should not be an issue in practice with either (assuming no interference, ground loops, or other problems). The headphone amplifier is more important.
    The TPA6120 headphone amplifier is in fact the weaker part of the card. With a good external amplifier, the Xonar DX can very well outperform the STX. But with the DT880-250, it does not make much difference, and the STX might be preferred because it is more practical and overall cheaper.
  9. zzllloz

    Thank you for the info .. Ill just stick with the stx and maybe get a external amp in the future if i feel the need ... also what OP amps are recommended for the dt880 in case i want to replace the standard ones..?
  10. brunk

    I would ask that question in this thread here
  11. kaokao
    I had the Xonar DX and Magni combo, and it sounded great with my D2000s, but when I plugged in my DT770 80 ohms I would be able to hear static that sounded like "wooshing". It went away after I changed my sound card to a Titanium HD.
  12. cssarrow
    I would go with the STX, can swap the op-amps and change the sound to something more preferred.
    Magni is a little grainy to my ears, and there's no changing that now is there.

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