1. trig-

    DAC/AMP/Soundcard Combo for Philips X2

    Hello Head-Fi, I'm sure you guys get a million threads like this every day, but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a proper audio setup.   My focuses are 60% fps gaming, 30% movies, and 10% music.  I've been using Astro A50's for a few years now, and after...
  2. AtlanticMadness

    Need ideal home setup under $500 (Headphones + DAC/Amp)

    Hello guys. (TL;DR below) I'm pretty new to audiophile gear, but I'm looking to get a somewhat good home setup going for under $500. Seeing as it's Black Friday weekend. I figured it would be a good time as any. My old setup was simply plugging my m50's straight into my desktop's headphone...
  3. rds

    Asus Xonar DX Mods!

    I wasn't able to find a mods thread for this card anywhere and this card can be really nice with a few basic mods. So I've taken some time to figure out what is what on this card in terms of the stereo output stage. Note: Everything on this card is surface mount and the board is very cheap...
  4. techboy

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170)

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170) Review of Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless Audio Tech Perfected! Sennheiser RS 170 is a mid end wireless headphone set. It retails for Rs.16990 in India or $279 in USA. It comes with a transmitter Sennheiser TX 170 (the...
  5. azizinum

    Question regarding Sennheiser HD598 as for PC gaming + music use ,should i get an Amp/dac +soundcard ?

    hello ,i've been seeking a guide regarding what to buy along with the HD598 to get the awesome sound quality ,for PC gaming + music ,i've seen alot voting for the Fiio e17 + soundcard , but how would both work together? and which soundcard to buy ? any help will be appreciated
  6. apsol

    Worth replacing the Xfi Xtreme Gamer for Xonar DX?

    I am thinking of buying a xonar dx to replace the xtreme gamer but wondered if it's worth the money invested.   there will be significant improvements in sound that are worth or will be almost the same?   I'll be using the DT 990 PRO and a bravo audio v2 (that still not arrived).
  7. AssaultClips

     ATH-AD900x: Where to start?

    I am quite new to the audiophile world and am wondering what I need to purchase with the ATH-AD900xs. I was looking into getting a soundcard for quite a long time but I have just recently read that with using a soundcard, I would notice digital interference from the mobo and that using a DAC and...
  8. doveman

    Any cheap soundcards that do Dolby Headphone/CMSS-3D and Dolby Digital Live?

    I need to get a soundcard for Virtual Surround in headphones, as my motherboard's ALC892 with THX ProStudio Pro Virtual Surround just doesn't work and I can't hear anything other than a slight reverb/flanging effect when playing games with it. When I test it with the Realtek Sound Manager...
  9. toivi

    In search of a good DAC for my monitors

    What DAC would you recommend fot driving monitor speakers? I'm using KRK Rokit 8's. Not sure if I need balanced outputs on the sound card or not, though I would prefer 6.3 TRS or XLR since I already own these cables.   200-300USD with shipping is my budget for the project, second hand is also...
  10. renji1337

    Soundcard/AMP Volume question

    I intend to hook up a schiit magni to a xonar dx which has a 100ohm 3.5mm ouput, i would go from 3.5mm to dual rca's into the amp     Do i put windows volume at 100% like with digital to send a full signal? or do i have to lower windows volume
  11. twiz

    Computer Build

    I am building a new PC next month and am looking for some suggestions on my audio setup. I will be running both Windows and Linux. Will be used for gaming (RPG and FPS), music (obviously), and misc.    Between headphones, DAC/AMP, video card I am looking at spending around $500. Suggestions?
  12. conquerator2

    Which DAC to get?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to choose a DAC/amp combo unit but am currently stuck between 4:   1] AUNE X1 24bit 192kHz USB DAC Headphone Amp...
  13. dontknow

    Advice required on audio setup

    I have recently build a new PC and have bought a dedicated sound (Asus Xonar DX), however after doing some reading and watching the following youtube video ( - Gaming Audio Myths: Avoid The BS & Save Your Audio Life), is there any point to having a...
  14. jhao19

    AKG K702 with Xonar DX

    Hi guys, I just had a quick question.  I am currently running the K702 off of the xonar dx, and was just wondering what the best options were for these headphones?   I am currently using:   Audio Chanel: 8 channels Sample Rate: PCM 192 KHz Analog Out: Headphone SPDIF Out: PCM (checked)...
  15. ScottRG

    External DAC or Computer Sound Card?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to audiophile and high end equipment, but for the last couple of months I've enjoyed my new stereo system I put together to play vinyl records. My next purchase I'm looking to make is on a DAC. I recently ripped my entire CD collection to flac on my desktop. I'm not...
  16. xquzic

    Amp/External soundcard for Beyerdynamic MMX 300

    Hi,  I'm tired of the Astro Mixamp, so I want to buy something as a replacement. I've been looking at the ASUS Xonar Essence One, but it is quite expensive, so what other opportunities to I have?   I'm using a laptop. I am looking for a device with really good sound quality and the option to...
  17. Sunburn

    What amp do you recommend for my setup?

    Hi everyone. I have finally ordered the famous Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I need an amp recommendation to get the best out of them.   I will be using them with my desktop computer. Here is the short list of my existing audio equipment:   Asus Xonar DX sound card (doesn't have a headphone...
  18. starbux48

    Inexpensive sound card for PCI/PCI-Ex1/PCI-Ex16 (or USB) to improve audio for lossless audio playback on Win 7

    Am not a gamer but mostly have lossless music on a Windows 7 desktop pc with the above slot types that I want to get something better than the builtin audio. It's an HP Pavilion pc about 7 years old.  Have to get under $100 card or USB Dac.  Will connect output to powered Swan D1010IV speakers.
  19. medex

    Recommendations for computer speakers and possibly a dac. Any recommendations?

    Currently use my audio technica ATH-A900x headphones with the onboard sound card (Realtek ALC892). I use the onboard since my Xonar DX broke.   I'd like to get a pair of speakers mainly for music, tv, movies and possibly some light gaming.  I really like my 900X headphones and will likely use...
  20. ferday

    xonar DX amp power?

    HI, I have a fiio e17 which i run my HE400's from, i like it but sometimes it's laying around somewhere in my house and i don't want to go get it i noticed the Xonar cards in the store the other day, they are really cheap, how is their amp section?  i'm currently building a proper desktop amp...
  21. Azriel

    Gaming HeadPhone For Hardcore Gamer

    Hello, I'm looking for Gaming Headphones for a very long time already without of success. I don't have any of experience and honestly there's no reason to throw alot of money into something that you're so not sure about. right now I have been looking in some few stores but still couldn't find...
  22. KennyBlue

    Asus Xonar DX and Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5MK2

    i just bought this sound card and headphone.. but not really satisfied with the sound quality especially on those heavy bass songs.. i can hear some distorted sound on the bass level.. then i have to tune down the base level in equalizer to avoid the distortion..  clarity is not so good...
  23. Nikitapo

    New SoundCard

    Hi, recently i have decided to buy a new sound card for my SteelSeries Siberia v2 headphones i bought the headphones without the USB sound card since i understood from posts and people that this soundcard sucks and not worth buying. I have been reading alot in this forum about onboard...
  24. zzllloz

    (Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)

    (Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)   Headphone i am using :DT880 250ohms   Thanks in Advance
  25. gambler

    Mic For Gaming?

    Hi Guys   First post...   I've been doing a lot of research on these forums prior to purchasing some audio gear.   I've got some Creative Aurvana Live! 2 (CAL!2) headphones on the way, and I need some kind of mic solution (I'm replacing the stock cable which has a crappy mic and inline...