Astell&Kern XB10 Extreme Bluetooth Adapter

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by gr8soundz, Sep 6, 2016.
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  1. tim0chan
    Any wired dac functionality?
  2. rade363
    As far as I know - no, only bluetooth.
  3. rG-tom
    UK, I've managed to find a seller now though :)
  4. tryzub
    Is it an upgrade though? What makes it an upgrade to you - just that it costs more?
  5. tim0chan
    better dac?
  6. Audiowood
    VelvetSound™ series Dac ak4490.
    AmpExtreme™ headphone amp. This is a class A amp that could power anything from the most sensitive iem to hard to drive headphones.
    Li-Po battery plays for 20 hours without draining your phone's battery (wireless mode).
    No lag watching YouTube. The video sound sync very well with the sound.
    No hiss for sensitive iem like the k10 ciem.
    Can power my hard to drive headphones like hd650 etc.
    Can use as an external dac with window/mac or direct connection with android and iPhone.
    No need to use usb dongle like the dragonfly, hence profile is slimmer.
    Direct connection and Bluetooth SQ almost indistinguishable.

    SQ is the main thing. The amps deliver a powerful punch. The range is larger. Bass is deeper, punchier, mid has very good clarity and treble extension goes way higher. Soundstage way larger and deeper too.

    I also recommend Fiio q5. They are coming out soon.
    Use dual ak4490 dac.
    Can swap amps according to your phone.

    Both of these device were marketed as decoder rather than Bluetooth device.

    According to Fiio amp manager he said

    Q5 is a comprehensive performance decoder product, not a product with Bluetooth as the main selling point. If you are only using Bluetooth, you can pay attention to our new product, BTR3, and support LDAC\APTX HD. Will be listed in June 2018.

    So that is why I think it’s an upgrade beside costing more. I am getting a lot more.
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  7. Audiowood
    If u are considering centrance bluedac, do rewire your iem to balance 2.5mm TRSS. The sound quality is way better than my previous ak240 and q1pr. Both of which are consider some of the best DAp out there. The balance delivers a very powerful bass, more surround and treble extend more. Vocal clarity is powerful, feels like a desktop amp yet sensitive enough for iem.

    Do not buy an balance 2.5mm adaptor to 3.5mm unbalance, it does not work like this well. Soundstage will collapse.
  8. Audiowood
    Folks don’t get me wrong, the ak10 is a fine product that I have been using before it even launched. It’s better than my iPhone quality even using its bluetooth. But if u need to drive headphones like the hd800, or LCD x, HIFIMAN ed x with authority. The amp section is too weak. The ak10 is not design for that. It’s for iem only.
  9. tim0chan
    So what i am reading is tgat the bluedac is.the all rounder but is less portable ehile the xb10 is more portable but sacrificing sound and battery life?
  10. Audiowood
    Sort of correct.

    But then, the bluedac cost $400. Its not a fair comparison anyway. I think, if I just has an IEM, I will just stay with AK10. The AK10 is really good enough even for SQ wise. I am not sure I will pay another $300 more to squeeze that 10-15% more SQ. That being said, I have lots of other headphones beside IEM, so that is why I go for the Bluedac.

    As for Batt life, I will get a Anker cigar shape battery attached to AK10 and that extend the batt beyond 20hrs.
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  11. tryzub
    I read that the BlueDAC doesn't support HD. Seems odd to do so much, but come up short there. Can you confirm, @Audiowood?
  12. Audiowood
    As far as I know, there are no APT X HD or LDAC support for both Fiio Q5 and BlueDac.

    I am puzzle too.. If they can do it for BTR 3 or AK XB10, why can’t they do it for their flagship products? Hmmm..
  13. Ynot1
    Q5 may, but will not know until it is released. But BTR3 in June suppose to have LDAC.
  14. imparanoic
    just wondering, how good is this product, as aptx hd has been adopted on many phones, could be a very decent high res wireless solution
  15. slackerpo
    it sounds great
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