Astell&Kern XB10 Extreme Bluetooth Adapter

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by gr8soundz, Sep 6, 2016.
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  1. slackerpo
    even though having not tried out aptx hd, i think that codec serves pretty well. i remember trying out a bluetooth aptx by audioengine on its B1 model, and i couldnt tell it apart when comparing with 24bit hdmi audio from a marantz receiver.

    its quite possible that 5.0 will just take further aptx hd to a more standard (maybe more mainstream) adoption.

    although if im not mistaken, you can already output 16/44 or 16/48 with aptx (flac or wav), in my book thats as cd quality as you will get.

    with aptx hd you can get 24bit wich will get you to the highres domain some of us crave for
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  2. lostman
    I was wondering whether it would be possible to buy a custom cable that would be short enough so I could keep the adapter attached to the collar. While it might look a little bit weird it should be quite convenient. Any ideas who could make such cable?
  3. k4syx
    Try AliExpress, I always get my custom cables from several sellers there.
    I used to make my own cables, until I've realized that buying them custom tailored is actually cheaper.
  4. zolom
    Looking for a short (60 cm) balanced cable (2.5 mm connector)

    Please recommend

  5. Audiowood
    Try headphone lounge from Ted. Amazing guy and reasonable price.
  6. tryzub
    How would one see his inventory and past work, testimonials or feedback? I have no idea who Ted is.
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  7. mellda
    How can I find out what codec is used when listening on Sony Xperia Z5 Dual (E6633) with A&K XB10? I have android 7 and the phone won't get android 8.
  8. sandy1010
    I can vouch for him fwiw. I know I don’t post here much but he’s very reliable & does quality work

    I’ve bought 2 cables off him & several adaptors.
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  9. Audiowood
    Below are his website and other links are all the reviews and commentary about his work. Ted is my personal “go to” person for all my customs cables needs. He can repair, change termination and built you any customs cable at a very resoanable cost. He is usually very busy building cable. I bough a few of his OCC silver LITZ cable. He has type 2 now. Awesome guy.]=0&c[p][sonnb_xengallery_photo][aperture]=0
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  10. Baroninkjet
    I wonder if someone might be able to give me some guidance on BT pairing. I'm using mine with Pixel 2 and pairing works fine, just seems to take more steps that it should. I have yet to pair it without both 1) turning A&K off and on again, and then 2) initiating pairing from the phone. If the A&K is on and in standby mode (whatever they call it), shouldn't it be listening for the phone pairing? Otherwise what is it doing?

    What am I missing here?
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  11. Audiowood
    For me, it will initiate pairing automatically once the AK is turn on, no pairing needed on my IPhone X. It does so automatically.
  12. Audiowood
    Also IPhone X has bluetooth 5, which means I can connect multiple bluetooth device to the phone at the same time. I am not sure about Pixel2.
  13. Audiowood
  14. Baroninkjet
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  15. Baroninkjet
    FYI, that has nothing to do with BT 5. My Galaxy SIII did it years ago, as does current Pixel. iPhone is finally getting around to modernizing its BT, I guess.
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