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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. KimChee
    More functional Tidal...
  2. lil BANE
    All great suggestions! But I thought the chipset is what limits the AK380 from being able to use Tidal offline and MQA? I remember someone a while back from AK mentioning that as a reason - but maybe they just want us to buy a new model!!
  3. baldric555
    I believe they were looking into it (that's what Jason told me) . I think what they did discount was the introduction of the OpenAPK plugins (or whatever its called) that is on the newer models.
    Native apps could theoretically still be written

  4. Element47
    20190818_200507.jpg 20190818_200544.jpg 20190818_200608.jpg Hi,
    I'm trying to create a playlist but I think I'm doing something wrong.
    When I open the playlist file it shows nothing, I have attached some fotos of what the display shows. I would apreciate if someone could help me further.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  5. STR-1
    My AK380 takes a long time to load the playlist. If you waited a minute or two would it load for you? I'm wondering if it was one of the more recent firmware updates that caused this problem. A year or two ago I didn't have this delay.
  6. Element47
  7. Element47
    my ak380cu says there is no playlist, I really dont know why is this happening...
  8. rbalcom
    How are you trying to create the playlist? I have no problem creating them on my AK380 or loading them on after creating them on my computer, but I need to know a lot more about what you are doing to help you.
  9. Element47
    I started by adding a song by pressing the "+" and then creating a playlist "X", but If I go to the Playlist folder it says "there are no files", but when I add another song pressing the "+" the playlist "X" appears, as soon as I close that window to search for more songs to add I can't find the playlist anymore.
    All music which I downloaded on the ak380 has only the music and the image of each album, I erased the m3u files, I don't know if this may be the reason of my problem.
  10. rbalcom
    Access to the Playlist folder is blocked by the AK operating system so it shows the "there are no files" message. You have to manage the playlists by using the PLAYLIST option on the Home Screen. Since I do not have my AK380 anymore, I can not walk you through the steps to do it, but it works just like the AK380 manual (pages 30 - 32) says. The download link for the manual is https://www.astellnkern.com/eng/con...rd=&cg=&goods=SC10720&idx=1000044&page=1&no=1

    Creating a Playlist
    1. Press [Playlist - Playlists] from the
    home screen to display a list of
    2. Press [+] at the upper-right corner
    of the screen.
    3. Enter a name for the playlist, and
    then press [Add] to create a new

    Adding a Song to a Playlist
    1. Press [Playlists] to display a list of
    2. Select a playlist and press [+ Add]
    to display a list of songs.
    3. Select the desired song, and then
    press [+ Add] to add the song to
    the selected playlist.

    I'm sorry to not walk you through it, but I sold my AK380 and shipped it off to the buyer yesterday. I think it works the same as my KANN does so the simple steps are:
    1. Select PLAYLIST from the Home Screen.
    2. Select PLAYLISTS from the next screen.
    3. Select + from the upper right to add a new playlist.
    4. Give it a name and press CREATE from the upper right to add the new playlist.
    5. Select the playlist to open it.
    6. Press Add from the middle just below the line to load a list of your tracks.
    7. Tap the tracks you want to add to highlight them,
    8. Press Add from the upper right to add the selected tracks to your playlist.
  11. Element47
    I tried to do exactly as you described (and the manual), when I press playlist from the home screen it says "loading" and nothing happens, you can see it on one of the fotos I attached above.
    I really don't know why it doesnt work.
  12. rbalcom
    I would guess some level of corruption in either the firmware or the library. Try a restore factory settings reset and if that doesn’t fix it return it or send to Astell & Kern for repair.
  13. Element47
    Ok, I will try that and see what happens, thank you very much for your help.
  14. KimChee
    Do you have one of the filters on?
  15. Element47
    Filters?, no idea, could you please explain more where can I find them.
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