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Are there any portable headphones with HiFiMAN-like signature?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by conquerator2, Oct 24, 2014.
  1. conquerator2
    Hi guys,
    It is no secret that I absolutely love my HE-560 and RE-400 [essentially a slightly n-shaped HE-560 lite for a steal price!].
    Now that I have my IEM and home full-size covered for some time, I'd love to find a portable headphone, which sounds similar to either of them.
    My definition of portable is quite broad - it is anything from closed to open full-sized headphones [no IEMs], which is reasonably durable, relatively portable [no uber full-size HiFiMAN-like behemoth] and lastly reasonably easy to drive [16 - 64ohms, 95+ db/mw].
    Possible external, portable amps are the Fiio E12 or Cayin C5.
    So far I was looking at the Sony MDR-7520 and Philips Fidelio L2 [or even X2]. I've also looked at the Z7, ADs, Vibros, Slants or Paradoxes but I'd rather keep it reasonable since these will be used outdoors or for commuting and I already have my [preferred] open headphones when at home. I'd like to keep it around 200$ and definitely under 300$ tops.
    Any suggestions appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards
  2. Darkkp
    +1 need help with the same thing. Love the sound from my he 500s with lyr 2 amp, so atm just saving up for a portable headphone setup to run with my x5. Looked at the z7s, ADs, and w8ing for the audio technica w1000z(still w8ing for impressions on these), but if there is a headphone that can be described as what is said above, and in that price range i am all in. :D
  3. conquerator2
    I pulled the trigger on the Philips Fidelio L2. I kinda liked the X1, so if the L2 is similar with less bass and more mids and treble, that should be quite okay and within the lower digits of my budget [though still not cheap...]
    I'll give my impressions when I receive them [​IMG]
  4. Darkkp

    Gonna w8 for your impressions then. :D
  5. Darkkp

    One quick question, u were checking out the z7s, so why didnt u try checking out the mdr 1a?
  6. conquerator2
    The MDR1A did not seem to differ much from the older MDR1R, according to some impressions/comparisons that I've read.
    I was hoping the 1A/Z7 will be a bit more neutral or at least a bit akin to the MA900...
    But the Z7 has so many mixed reports that it just was not worth it. Plus, the L2 is not even half the price, which is always a plus and it is semi-open [​IMG]
  7. Darkkp

    Man gotta love these fast replies :D. Well that's a shame thought the 1a would be mini z7s >.<, semi open to me is still open and i need some closed cans, little bro keeps getting pissed when i use my he 500s and crank the volume a bit high, keeps telling whats the point of headphones if i can still hear them like speakers lol. Got the he 500s and q701s as open hps for different genres so trying to find a closed can that i can use when needed, and not suffer from a major decrease in quality. The z7s where on my radar because i kept thinking about the possibility that they can be modded to have wood cups and if that happens i wanted to have them to mod them :p the ADs where the only ones on my list cuz to be honest i just cant find any other hps that might sound close to the he 500s, then they announced the z7s and then the audio technicas w1000z(and they have an amazing wood finish :p) so atm im quite baffled with the options out there >.< and which one i should chose. Sorry if that is asking to much but you are the one who took the time to answer me so [​IMG]
  8. conquerator2

    Yeah, tough luck! :wink:
    I think you pretty much picked the best closed candidates that I was eyeing myself.
    Plus the Slants, which seems pretty good too.
    I will report back on the leakage of the L2. From my understanding, it should isolate significantly more and leak significantly less than the HE-500, K701 and the likes.
    The 560 leaks like a bloody speaker :D But I love the sound so much!
    Anyway, that is why I picked the L2 as it will hopefully offer the best of both worlds at a reasonable price :) It is very easy to drive too... I really hope I like it but that remains to be seen:)
  9. Darkkp

    Well subbed and followed gonna check ur impressions then :D
  10. swspiers
    Subbed for a great question
  11. conquerator2
    Well the Fidelio L2 is not it.
    That's not to say I don't like it - it's pretty good actually and I might keep it.
    But it is a different signature than most HiFiMAN are. I suppose it is more similar to the RE-600, which I think is an odd duck in the line up. 
  12. Darkkp

    Hmm, so u gonna keep it because u like it and you're gonna continue to use it as your portable headphone, or are you gonna keep it and continue looking for another one to match that sound signature?  
  13. conquerator2
    If I can like it enough, I'll keep it.
    If I don't, I'll keep looking.
    Jury's still out for now but overall and for the price, they're not bad at all [​IMG]
    Pasted from the L2 thread - my initial impressions:
    Just received mine!
    A bit different than what I expected but these are my initial observations:
    - These are not bass light! I think they have a bit more bass than what's neutral. The extension is very impressive [sub-bass down to ~18kz] and there's plenty of punch. A bit boomy but still controlled enough to not make me question its qualities. In all I think the bass is pretty close to the X1's bass with a bit more extension [due to semi-open design, I assume] but a bit less impact.
    - Midrange is mostly neutral if a hair laid-back at certain points. I have a slight bias for forward sounding mids, but the L2's mids are still adequate for me, meaning not recessed and mostly well-present. Comparable to the X1 but a bit more forward by memory.
    - Vocals are a bit strange to me. They have quite good presence but they're not too forward. They are coming off a bit tiny and harsh at times for now, but nothing too serious. There's some slight sibilance at times but not too emphasized. I am sensitive to sibilance and I still find it within my rather strict limits. I think the X1 did vocals slightly better overall, but not by much. It has the benefit of being fully open of course.
    - Highs are reasonably forward, smooth and well extended. Cymbals and such came off quite clean without any recession or that I could hear. I believe it's a similar tale with the X1. The X1 might be a bit smoother and the L2 a bit more forward, but I am going off long term memory here, so...
    - Instrument separation is pretty good. Tie with X1 I think.
    - Imaging is decent. Might not be the best ever but it's fine, not muddy or diffused. X1 was slightly better, maybe.
    - Soundstage size is very decent. Not too small but still within intimate range. X1 had a bit bigger stage but again is fully open, so...
    - Isolation is decent, between closed and open headphones [duh!], comfort is also okay [the headband does create a bit of pressure after some time and the earcups are just so-so, but they fit me]
    - Build quality is great!
    That's all for initial impressions.
    Cheers [​IMG]
  14. money4me247 Contributor
    not sure about what the finalized sound signature will be, but oppo is releasing a new portable closed planar magnetic headphone, the PM-3, if you are interested in orthodynamic headphones.
  15. conquerator2
    I am keeping my eyes on those :)

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