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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. mordim
    Well, then we will wait.
  2. BournePerfect
    Could you explain how the KingRex USB PSU connects to the Eximus. The pictures aren't doing me any favors...or does it connect to the SBT instead in my case? Thanks...
  3. leeperry
    Oh, well maybe you can post in my Kingrex MK2 PSU thread so we won't get too OT? I think my thread is as self-explanatory as it gets, so I dunno what else to add really: the USB Injector passes the data from the computer and merges it with the 5V from the PSU straight into the DP1 [​IMG]
  4. leeperry

    To my ears, the DP1 sounds more like a musical instrument than a mere DAC.....sure there are always technically superior guitars or synthesizers, they measure better, they sound clearer and less colored........but at the end of the day, people still use ages old violins and electronic gear from the 70's because they simply sound "good".
    The DP1 is using OPA627, hardly ground-breaking........and it might even take a while to appreciate its sonic color as you can easily find clearer sounding gear out there, and for a lot less money too. But once you're hooked to its sweet 3D SS, you are doomed [​IMG]
    My real world experience has kinda proven me that there's always a compromise to be made between 3D SS, creamy mids and deep bass.....sure you can find a bassier headamp than the DP1's(reason why they added the megabass "filter" button I would guess) but more bass inherently means less mids, and I happen to be a mids-head [​IMG]
    The LCD2 is another good example, you get thunderous deep bass but the SS would appear to be very narrow and the mids slightly recessed, hah....I'll stick to the very light vintage yamies with their creamtastic mids, highly percussive non-bloated bass and 3D SS, TYVM.
    It's a bit of a let-down that for $3K they didn't take the opportunity to feed the USB input of the DP1 from its internal PSU but I guess they just wanted to slap a U3 board in there and call it day(the DP1 supposedly took 10 years to be designed), it also gives something to play around with so no biggy ^^
  5. Nahuatl
    I have been the owner of the Eximus DP-1 for about five months.
    Back then, I upgraded from an Asus Essence One DAC to the DP-1.
    Initially I wasn't blown away by sound difference between the two DACs, probably because I was second guessing my purchase (difference in price)
    As time went by, I began to like the DP-1 a lot more. The case design and the simplicity of the control panel is nice and love the power switch.
  6. Neogeo333
    I dont want to sound rude, but you didn't hear a difference right away? I have a Creative Labs HD Platinum and I hear the difference right way. could there be a weak link in your system? maybe the headphone?
  7. zenpunk
    I will always remember how shocked I was by how little differences there was between my Asus STX and my first expensive DAC, a Meier Stagedac, which I decided to buy after I started to visit this forum. 
    That didn't stop me from wasting money on few more DACs, costing even more,  [​IMG]. I am quite a bit wiser now after putting myself through stringent blind tests.[​IMG]
  8. BournePerfect
    I remember how little differences in dacs I heard until I got better, more revealing gear-and more used to said gear...and the downgrade is almost always ear-grating...
  9. sebna
    Looks like I was lucky. My first more expensive DAC was at around 1500$ mark and I did not like its sound signature at all. Needles to say the difference between Eximus and other one was huge on both speakers and HPs making it an easy choice to upgrade.
  10. Baxide

    Even if it is possible to hear the difference, the important question is which of the two differences is the one that is most liked.
  11. Nahuatl

    I am not sure if you have tried the Asus Essence One, but I thought that was a good DAC.
    I was accustomed to Essence One, so I didn't hear a big difference right away. Over time the DP-1 grew on me.
    I used a Beyerdynamic T5p and T1 on both DACs at the time.
  12. Neogeo333
    I haven't heard the Asus yet. I was going to get it but decided on the Creative HD Platinum. I was a impulse buy since it was cheap. Mainly to compare against a Eastern Electric Dac. Even back then the difference was night and day. Its true that if one is used to a certain sound signature at first its hard to distinguish the difference. Like the EE Dac and the DP1 at first. Then I heard small changes over time and your ears get accustomed to the DP1 signature. Still any computer sound card seems noisy and artificial compared to a stand alone dac.
  13. shimm
    Did anyone try a newer Thesycon drivers? Its still 1.22 on April's site but you can google 1.63 easy. I mean I'd like to, just not sure if I need the complite driver reinstall (with some components replacement) or just re-register some dll(s)... Thoughts?
  14. leeperry
    Buddy, you're late to the party: http://www.aprilmusic.com/eng/bbs/bbsView.php?id=27&code=bbs_product_m
    These drivers provide a lot of features the 1.22 lack, such as bit-transparent 32bit ASIO(since 1.33): http://pastebin.com/bA75dUdj
    BTW, anyone tried a better AC cable on the DP1? USB PSU's and RCA caps do improve the SQ IME, so let's open the AC cable/fuses pandora box, shall we [​IMG]
  15. shimm
    Hmm.. I got mine in april 2013, used driver from the site and it shows 1.22. And mine DP1 had last firmware already. Whats your driver version? AC cables? I'd say DP1 is very sensitive to those. ATM I use handmade Oyaide 22 + Furutech connectors. Its better than some wireworld one I used before and way way better than stock one. BTW, leeperry. Could you use KS in WinXP? I can't no matter I do - bitdepths, samplerates. It just tryes to use system driver with no luck (and no sound). I can see some Thesycon KS dll files but those are not used.
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