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Appreciation thread for the Ray Samuels - SR-71A: I just spend the night listening to the SR-71A with a cold beer and nothing to distract me.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by syan25, Jan 24, 2011.
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  1. Syan25
    Just want to say that when I originally wrote to Ray to ask what would suit my portable needs - he said the SR 71A would put a smile on my face. Never was this more true than tonight when I first listened to the amp. Never have I been more shocked in my life by the sounds I was hearing and I am a musician - I thought I knew sounds pretty well...
    I am totally dumb-struck by what I heard. Sometime in the year, when I have had more time with the SR-71A in conjunction with the HD600s which are coming soon (at the mo listening to the SHURE SRH 840s). Though I have hi-end hi-fi equipment and love it to bits - the sounds I heard from this little amp - BLEW ME AWAY...never have I heard more natural sounds on any amp I have ever heard.
    Below is one of the albums I was listening to....
    This thread is for anyone who has enjoyed RSA products to share their comments for this legend in my books. I had tears in my eyes in Europa....not because it is great music (though it is) but because the sounds I was hearing was a revelation to me...
    pure joy
  2. wolfen68 Contributor
    For single ended, the "a" is one of my favorites...only beaten by the original SR71 in my opinion.
  3. Syan25
    ah...and you have the B - I expect the B is quite a wonderful amp...
  4. Rock Drummer
    I'm seriously considering the SR 71a for my Senn.HD650s.  Did you consider the Meir Stepdance before your purchase?
  5. Syan25
    I can't comment on the StepDance - but having read so many awesome details reviews and after emailing the man himself - I just trusted my gut...
    It is nothing short of breathtaking...the SR-71A is designed for the HD600 series - specifically the HD 600. Ray told me himself he designed this amp with the HD 600 in mind and he used it to test the amp. Personally, I am not a fan of the HD 650 because I feel the bass too heavy for my tastes. But the SR-71A is amazing with tight deep bass - always in control.
    This amp is as high as it gets in terms of "hi-end" for portable amps because the sound quality from his amps is probably the best there is ..if you choose the SR-71A or the SR-71B (balanced) you will never regret it in my opinion...
  6. Syan25
    Total Bliss...on Day 4 of listening...
  7. Rock Drummer
    With Senn 600 what volume setting do you need to go for max volume with no distortion? I heard with the Stepdance 3 O'Clock position was common.
  8. Syan25
    Depends on the gain setting used. I have used low and mid gain setting with the HD600 as loud as my ears can take it and that is pretty loud - I didn't hear any distortion at all. The volume knob was close to the maximum in low gain setting. For mid gain - it was two thirds of the way to max - but to be honest - with so much more gain - there is so much more sound anyway - so you need less volume to get the loudness you want - if that is what you are looking for...
    It is a very powerful amp.....and it is perfect for the HD600s...
  9. Syan25
    There may be only me on this thread - but that's ok...when I listen to my Black Bird - it is a solitary experience anyway...[​IMG]
    And most satisfying...
  10. estreeter
    Riiight .... so you are pleasuring yourself and taking the time to post about it ? There's a lot of that on Head-Fi.
  11. Happy Camper
    Internet Strokers.
    Our HE-6 thread has some well experienced members clamoring over the SR-71B handling what is about the toughest load out there.
    Must be a keeper.
  12. Syan25
    Indeed, the SR-71B came out just as I had made the order for the SR-71A. I am sure the SR-71B is out of this world... 
    In Taiwan, I am not sure who I would approach to re-cable my headphones to balanced so I haven't tried otherwise I would have opted for the SR-71B.
    But I am having such an amazing experience with the SR-71A that I can not complain...for now it's RCA interconnects for me - and all is truly wonderful in the world of sound...
    And it would be a shame indeed if the SR-71B overshadows it's older sibling - the SR-71A...
  13. jamato8 Contributor
    I don't think the 71B overshadows the 71A. The 71B does balanced great and the 71a does single ended great. Now the 71B also does SE, so you do have two options but as far as sound, they both do an excellent job. No let down on either one. 
  14. Syan25
    You do realize that it was your review that got me onto the Black Bird in the first place. So I have you to thank for all of this...really TKS mate!!

  15. Syan25
    Spending Chinese New Year here in Taipei - with the sounds of the SR-71A - classical, jazz, pop, R & B - you name it  everything sounds natural, clear, and crisp - what an amazing amp.
    It keeps on revealing sonority so natural and REAL - just like the instruments were in front of me..
    I can't wait to get my HR-2...
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