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Anyone sent back their equipment to Audio GD for repair ?

  1. BernieB
    Hi, i have been reading this really helpful forum since a while now, but this is my first post here :)

    I am (was) a proud owner of a new Audio GD R2R-2 DAC, bought in February 2018. It has played music flawlessly for 2 months when it decides to stop producing sound, no matter the inputs used (usb, toslink, etc) or cables. Power was well going through the unit, but no sound coming out. I was really disappointed to have my unit broken because the sound was lovely to my taste, a perfect DAC paired with my HE-560 headphones and MZ2 Linear Tube Audio amp.

    After writing to Kingwa, he told me to sent back to unit to him. Shipping took 3 weeks, and Audio GD has received it a few days ago. I wrote to him but still have no news.

    Does any of you had to return a product to Audio GD in China ? How long it took before you had your unit repaired and sent back to you ? I'm asking because not having my dac prevents me of enjoying nice listening sessions i used to have, and i can't wait to have those back. Thanks for you help.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  2. FullBlownEargasam
    Wow I just got my NFB 11.28 about a month ago. I can't imagine it will be cheap or fast. Following to see if anyone has had to do this. I hope that I don't have to ever but its good to know. Sorry to hear about your DAC
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  3. BernieB

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