1. LAiV Harmony R2R DAC

    LAiV Harmony R2R DAC

    Harmony DAC is a R2R Ladder DAC by the company LAiV based in Singapore. The Harmony DAC is their first product aimed at audio enthusiast in the mid to upper range of the market. The Harmony DAC is designed both for Head-FI and HIFI users, comparing design the fits both on the desktop and in the...
  2. T

    How does Hiby fc6 R2R dac dongle compare against Schiit multibit dacs

    Hello all you lovely people, This is my first post in Head fi. Hoping to find help regarding a purchase decision. As an owner of Schiit Bifrost 2 OG and 2/64 r2r dac and Jotuheim 2 Amp with Senn HD 6XX headphone , I am planning to get the Hiby FC6 R2R Dac dongle for travel due to its small...
  3. henry9731

    The Holo battle: Cyan 2 vs Spring 2 KTE

    The test is conducted via coaxial input from a Philips Cd624 and is tested via a pair of vintage Ls3/5a speakers. Note: I will be referring the Cyan 2 and Spring 2 KTE as just “Cyan” and “Spring.” Excuse me for the lack of descriptive words. I am not a professional reviewer, and English isn't...
  4. Found Sound Davio

    Found Sound Davio

    Found Sound Audio Davio is a tube DACs from the R2R family. It has two versions: one solid state rectified and one tube rectified. The tubes are 1x 6SN7GT for the buffer and 1x 6C5S for rectification. It is designed to provide natural sound. Digital Inputs USB type B PCM max. 24bit / 96kHz...
  5. W

    DAC/Amp recommendations for the Hifiman HE-R9 or The House That Bass Built

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as well as audio in general and had a few questions. First and foremost thank you for taking the time to read this. Secondly I listen to a good 95% Hip Hop, so I need that bass from outer space, the kinda bass that inspired simulation theory, the kinda bass...
  6. MusicTeck

    Luxury & Precision Announced The Newest P-Series Flagship P6Pro Ti99!!!

    Ultimate Selection & Platinum Tuning, the "Pocket HiFi Flagship" L&P P6PRO Ti 99 Limited Edition is released! Two years after the P6PRO was launched, its "ultimate flagship" has finally appeared. Introducing the P6PRO Ti99, which combines the essence of L&P's high-end DAP technology. Only 99...
  7. Joe Bloggs

    HiBy FC6--R2R dongle DAC reborn

    Hi all, I'm here to re-introduce the HiBy FC6 to the head-fi community. https://store.hiby.com/products/hiby-fc6 First introduced early this year, it immediately found favour from AndyEF of DongleMadness, making its way to #1 of his top dongles list over hundreds of contenders in one swell...
  8. HIFIMAN SVANAR Wireless


  9. vishweshji

    Astell & Kern A&futura A&K SE300

    Just received my SE300 yesterday and I'm already in love with the A&K house of sound. This is my first R2R DAP and coming from WM1AM2 it's very different, sounds very clear and deep. This review helped me narrow down my choices - https://twister6.com/2023/05/17/astell-kern-ak-se300/3/
  10. HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop DAC/AMP

    HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop DAC/AMP

  11. Musician Audio Aquarius

    Musician Audio Aquarius



  13. J

    Audio-GD R2R-11 or Cayin RU6???

    Hello, I have been lent a Cayin RU6 by an audio friend who thought I might like the sound of the R2R Dac - which he is right about! Maybe it's all imagination, but compared to my Dragonfly Red, which I have used as a DAC until now, the Cayin just sounds distinctly... "more musical" and/or "more...
  14. gLer

    HiBy RS8 flagship Darwin R2R Android DAP -- Class A -- news and impressions thread

    HiBy is set to launch the new RS8 flagship Darwin R2R Android DAP in the coming weeks, featuring all-new Class A amplification. Come back here for more news and impressions as they become available. Features, pricing and more images will be available soon, so watch this space...
  15. tlite

    How will a Geshelli JNOG2 AKM or a Denafrips Ares II Sound Compared to an iFi ZenDac v2?

    Title says it all. But for further clarification: I'd like to experiment with new DAC's. I like my headphones just fine- don't need to do anything there. Trying to get a sense of how DAC's affect the music. I have a Dragonfly Red 2, and an iFi ZenDac v2. I can't tell much difference...
  16. rafabro

    Gustard R26

    Gustard is releasing new R2R DAC http://erji.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2266481
  17. HIFIMAN EF400


    HD+N (Line out): Between 0.002% and 0.004% Channel Separation: 125+/-3dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 118+/-3dB (A Weighted) Maximum Power Output: 4.4 W per channel Dimensions: 246.5mm(L)×228mm(W)×61mm(H) Weight: 3.08kg
  18. A

    Where are the HiFi Wolfson DACs in 2022? (WM8740, WM8741, WM8742)

    I recently found a great comparison between Wolfson WM8741 vs. Sabre SS9023 chip based DAC, while shopping for a Denafrips ARES II Resister Ladder R2R Dac. Remco Stoutjesdijk comprehensively reviewed both chip dacs objectively and subjectively: He distinguishes analytical data with actual...
  19. Cayin RU6 Discrete R-2R USB-C DAC/Amp

    Cayin RU6 Discrete R-2R USB-C DAC/Amp

    24-Bit Discrete R-2R Resistor Ladder DAC User Selectable NOS/OS Digital to Analog Modes High Precision Resistor Array Volume Control Dual Main Boards Layout DSD256 and PCM 384kHz
  20. Matthew Willims

    Musician Audio Aquarius R2R DAC

    Ok, I thought I'd start up this thread for discussion of the Musician Aquarius R2R DAC. I've had mine burning in for a few days now. Upon first turning on, it sound broken.... Your average $30 DAC off eBay sounded better. After 4 days it is in many respects rivaling my previous Mutec MC3+USB +...
  21. HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    As of Novemember 2021 There are 2 versions for sale The wired version - RRP likely to be $319 Wireless version - RRP $329 Wired version does not have Bluemini R2R Bluetooth Dac/Amp Module Wireless version has the following : Twin 3.5 mm TRS Sockets with cable supplied Stealth Magnets NSD - neo...
  22. B

    AudioGD R28 or R27

    Hi all, I am in the market for a new DAC, preferably with a pre-amp function that will not degrade the sound. I will use it mainly in my speaker setup but with an occasional listen on my HD650s. I am very curious on the new AudioGD gear, more specifically the R28 (1400E) & R27 (2300E), both...
  23. Mojo Mystique EVO Pro D/A Converter

    Mojo Mystique EVO Pro D/A Converter

    Built around Analog Devices' legendary monolithic AD1862 R-2R ladder DAC chips. Converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via USB, coaxial S/PDIF, AES, or TosLink. Direct-coupled ultrahigh-performance Staccato class A discrete op amps. No output transformers or coupling capacitors to narrow...


    Technical Highlights Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture True balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters) Native DSD decoding with 0.01% precision resistors FEMTO Crystal 45.1548MHz, 49.152Mhz Low Noise Power Supply FIFO Buffer Digital Signal Processing via FPGA DSD1024...
  25. SW1X DAC I Special R2R

    SW1X DAC I Special R2R

    SW1X DAC I SPECIAL SW1X Audio Design™ DAC I Special Performance Level 1 D to A Converter On special request of our customers, we are proud to offer the DAC I at its full glory with choke filtered and valve rectified power supply. This is a high performance entry level solution to a...