1. Mojo Mystique EVO Pro D/A Converter

    Mojo Mystique EVO Pro D/A Converter

    Built around Analog Devices' legendary monolithic AD1862 R-2R ladder DAC chips. Converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via USB, coaxial S/PDIF, AES, or TosLink. Direct-coupled ultrahigh-performance Staccato class A discrete op amps. No output transformers or coupling capacitors to narrow...


    Technical Highlights Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture True balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters) Native DSD decoding with 0.01% precision resistors FEMTO Crystal 45.1548MHz, 49.152Mhz Low Noise Power Supply FIFO Buffer Digital Signal Processing via FPGA DSD1024...
  3. SW1X DAC I Special R2R

    SW1X DAC I Special R2R

    SW1X DAC I SPECIAL SW1X Audio Design™ DAC I Special Performance Level 1 D to A Converter On special request of our customers, we are proud to offer the DAC I at its full glory with choke filtered and valve rectified power supply. This is a high performance entry level solution to a...
  4. HiFiMan HM1000

    HiFiMan HM1000

    Copper model contains 4 PCM1704 DAC chips. Silver HM1000 has 2 PCM1704 & Red HM1000 has 2 PCM1702 DAC chips. None of these DACs, which were originally manufactured in the late 1990's, are currently in production. Although the HM1000 has a micro SD card slot, the implementation of this...
  5. smallcaps

    Musician Audio Pegasus R2R DAC

    This is a thread to discuss and share information on the Musician Audio Pegasus R2R DAC. Product Website Drivers Head-Fi Gear Page Previous Head-Fi Discussion
  6. Musician Audio Pegasus

    Musician Audio Pegasus

    Official Head-Fi Thread Technical highlights Proprietary R2R + DSD structure Really balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32-step FIR filter) Low noise power supply FIFO buffer Digital signal processing via FPGA DSD1024, PCM1536 support USB and I2S input (Audio source must be compatible with the...
  7. Mitchell Lee

    msb discrete vs denafrips terminator plus

    Hi I was wondering if anybody can speak to comparing these two TOTL r2r dacs. I know they are at two totally different price ranges but I was wondering how much more performance you would be getting out of an msb discrete dac vs an already TOTL r2r denafrips dac.
  8. GoldenOne

    Need advice on which R2R dac to go with.

    I'm currently looking for an R2R dac to pair with my benchmark AHB2 and hifiman susvaras. Currently I'm looking at the holo spring 2 (Wildism extreme edition), Holo may, and denafrips terminator. I know that its going to be pretty hard to go "wrong" with any of these, but am curious if anyone...
  9. GoldenOne

    Has anyone compared the Holo Spring 2 Level 1 vs KTE / Wildism L3?

    I am currently looking at getting a Holo Spring 2 DAC, and am wanting to know if spending the additional cost to upgrade to the KTE / Wildism L3 version is worth it over the standard L1. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare any of the different levels of this dac? If so, what were your...
  10. chrisdrop

    R2R DAC Options

    I'd like to try an R2R DAC. Why? Reading the many threads and commentary has made me think I would enjoy one. I'd be getting it in the UK so references are from that perspective. My ideal price point is <= £2000 (~$2500). After forum scrounging, it looks like the main options in the space are...
  11. goaud27

    Hifiman R2R2000 Red vs Cayin N6II vs Sony WM1A

    I am looking for an upgrade to my HM601 R2R DAP. After reading some hundreds of pages of forums and reviews, these three seem to be the most regarded DAPs in 1500$ region. The R2R2000 Red seems to loose to other 2 in almost every possible way, despite the sound (no EQ, no hardware buttons...
  12. 4

    PecanPi - rPi R2R w/ headphone output

    I'm pretty happy with the rPi portable build and ran into an R2R rPi DAC. I'm not sure if this can be portable because it akwardly extrudes. If a compact case can be created, then maybe. Thoughts on specs? I'm able to control with an IR remote control a la Tera Player so was hoping I can do...
  13. Eaton Liu

    LP6 Ti 199 -- The Most Expensive and Technical Advanced Portable Player on The Planet?

    About two months ago, I attended an audiophile meeting hosted in LA. The meeting mainly focused on portable audio gears -- IEMs, DAPs, portable amps, and some sealed headphones. I was not a fan of this subject because I had been a full-stack system user for a decade since the debut of HD800 in...
  14. jude

    Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC: A Discrete Resistor Ladder DAC For $350

    One of the best DACs I have ever heard at any price is the totaldac d1-single-mk2. That totaldac happens to be a discrete R2R (discrete resistor ladder) DAC, and it is easily one of the two best DACs I've tried with the Sennheiser HE-1. The totaldac d1-single-mk2 is priced at €6400 (around...
  15. Drewligarchy

    Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why R2R kind of sucks - just to get you to think about stuff)

    I am 38 years old and a child of the 80s. While I played around with vinyl a little, I grew up on CDs. I want my digital music to sound like digital music - not analog. I like my music to sound "Hi-Fi". I don't think that's a dirty word. I am learning to avoid devices that are described as...
  16. BernieB

    Anyone sent back their equipment to Audio GD for repair ?

    Hi, i have been reading this really helpful forum since a while now, but this is my first post here :) I am (was) a proud owner of a new Audio GD R2R-2 DAC, bought in February 2018. It has played music flawlessly for 2 months when it decides to stop producing sound, no matter the inputs used...
  17. conquerator2

    Audio-gd R2R 11

    Seeing that the best budget R2R unit available does not have a dedicated thread, I took the liberty to create one myself. Website: http://audio-gd.com/R2R/R2R11/R2R11EN.htm Specifications: Model: Audio-gd R2R 11 Type: Single-ended discrete ladder (R2R) DAC/amplifier DAC: Audio-gd's own 2x DA-8...
  18. Schmidter

    Audio-GD R2R15/S15 vs NFB12.1 vs NFB11.32/28

    Looking for an amp that is smooth and warm. It doesn't need high bass, not what I mean by warm. It just needs to be as little fatiguing as possible, while having 0 static noise (Hizz) when nothing is on and at g ood volume. Been looking at these from Audio-GD. The R2R15/S15 uses something...
  19. m-i-c-k-e-y

    Soekris Audiophile Line DACs 1541, 1421, 1321, 1101

    Since this (DAC1541) will be available this week (now in stock!) and no dedicated threads, might as well start one. R2R Sign Magnitude DACs offered by Soekris Engineering. Web: www.soekris.dk @soekris Soren, please free to chime in. Thank you. DAC1541 - 27 bit R-2R sign magnitude DAC, fully...