Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?
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Ten years...
Wow.  That's a bit of time now isn't it?  Ten years on Head-fi for me means 14 years of fascination with headphones and 17 years of wanting to really concentrate on good sound, running parallel, with good music (or at least music I enjoy).
Ten years... bloody decimal systems.  Using something like Base64 would permit me the graceful environment to forget I'm now squarely in the middle-age category, if only barely.  Ten years... on Head-fi!  Craziness.  I have trouble remembering all the good times and some of the rockiness that for whatever reason, were still very very entertaining (thanks kelly, markl and grinch!)
markl likely still posts but kelly does not nor does grinch.  Those days are long gone, and for many good reasons, that is a positive for the community, but no doubt the discussions stemming from the word play between kelly and markl alone was worth logging in multiple times a day :)
My nemesis in life is entropy.  A really easy way of explaining what I mean is simply using a singular word - change.  I hate it, but it exists and it is truly the one element of existence I can't seem to overcome.  Best to go with it then, rather than burn energy trying to stop what is truly inevitable.  
I've taken a good break.  A positive break.  An important break.  I worked out my schooling.  I spent time with my growing family and I even spent some time with friends, in real life no less!  True human contact!  I know, anathema, but hey, it's a learning curve and I'm always learning.
Will Head-fi every rekindle the original flame of true excitement that Headwize sparked but that Head-fi grew into a true blaze?  Gosh, hard to tell -  but doubtful.  This is true for all those wild-west stories one might come across.  The originating times, those events that shaped and solidified a community... they can't be recreated.  That does not mean that the best is not yet meant to come, but it does mean that what once was, truly has passed us by.  This leaves one with a binary decision: does one go with the flow with the anticipation of igniting something truly new and exciting?  Or does one revel in their remorse, the longings of yesteryears and what once was?  For me, positive thinking all the way, so forward we tread, with old friends ideally, but certainly with those who are new...

It is great to see your post again. We all thought that you're gone from here for good.
I, like many others, always enjoying reading your posts. Who can forget the John Grado interview? You inspired a lot of us.

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Hi all, checking back in.  Sad news for me this year actually, in June I caught a nasty head virus that resulted in my right middle ear getting toasted.  Yep, sayonara upper frequency hearing, nihao nasty tinnitus.  Did that MRI in the tube to check the head for tumors, all clear, so that's nice at least.  Took the horsepill medicines to wipe out any viral junk remaining, and on a holistic Tinnitus X regimen now, but no go on reducing this nice little whine in my right ear, plus the constant stuffiness feeling since the high notes are gone.  Sucks Bad.
I debated whether or not to break up the Tower of Power - you know, the Darth Grado HP2, the Melos Maestrobator SHA-Gold, so on and so on.  Let someone with 20/20 hearing enjoy the tunes instead.  But since I'm not cash strapped at the moment I figure I'll just hold on to it, and who knows, maybe my kids will be into music like I was later on.
In the meantime, I just jam on the guitar, drowning out the whine with some musical white noise, and on the go I just plug a Sennheiser HD-1 II Pro into my iPhone and be done with it - use those to monitor DAW recordings on my laptop too.  Sigh. Still love music, just some quality of life has taken a hit.
so in the words of two old catchphrases:  "CURSE YOU, TINNITUS!"  and "TINNITUS, HOW COULD YOU??"  and I guess "Goodbye to Head-Fi, sorry about my Tinnitus" fits the bill too.  Rats.
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Wow, Jahn, I am so sorry to hear that.  We miss you around here, buddy.  I hope your tinnitus continues to get better.
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how many people have 10,000+ posts 

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What happened to one of the female members who used to post regularly when I first joined back in 08?

For the life of me I cannot remember her forum name but I think she was from London in the UK.

It was her enthusiastic reviews that made me buy my set of Denon C700 phones that then got me to where I am now. I used to really enjoy her reviews. Does it ring a bell with anyone?
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Ah Ha! Answered my own question.. Should have used the search function in the first place :blink: It was soosieq!
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Thanks guys, it really does mean a lot.  You know what, I spent enough time this year moping about this situation, I think I'm just going to pound on my guitar and drown that crap right out, maybe concentrate on putting together some music earlier than usual.
Just posted that up today in the early morn - why not, at least some day I can hand some vinyl to my kids and say "this was your old man back in the day.  fire up the Tower of Power kids!"
You know, I'm going old school Head-Fi on this too.  Remember the original pair of Darth Beyers, DT770s modded by Headphile?  Well I still have them, it's just that one of the cables has a disconnect so only one ear has sound - I don't blame Headphile at all, his cabling is awesome, it's just that after years of abuse I must have finally popped something loose in there.  Well anyhow I was always meaning to get them repaired someday, but now I'm thinking that day'll never come for me unless I can really enjoy them fully once more - not happening. 
So here's a Head-Fi exclusive, buried in this one little corner of the internet - the first $100 pledger gets the cans, if they PM me after here on Head-Fi to confirm they're the first.  I'll then post up here to let folks know the can is spoken for.  The only caveat of course is that I reach the pledge drive minimum for the pledges to kick in - if I only have 100 bucks pledged at the end, the pledger gets to keep that benjamin and I keep the broken cans, yay for me.  I might add this as an exclusive for folks who have already pledged something, but that'll be a carrot later on only if momentum has stalled after chugging at first and it's all 1 buck promises, heh.
Well there you go.  Maybe that'll help kick me out of some doldrums about the whole sordid affair, and regardless I'll put some music out in Feb.  It would be nice to have it "done right" this time around, though!  Thanks for listening to my whining guys.

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