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Any Buckethead fans here?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jc222284, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. jc222284


    I'm not a fan of Chinese democracy but I haven't heard those others.
  2. kenammo
  3. jc222284
    ^^^ agreed its going to be amazing!
  4. Rossinator
    Oh wow, I missed that.
  5. mcmurray


    Listen to the "There Was a Time" again solo and tell me it's not one of Bucket's finest pieces of work.
    You do realize that Bucket was the star of that album? Not even Axl could match his greatness on there.
  6. jc222284
    Bumping this thread let's get some discussions going! And also what do you guys think of the ideas that I came up with to purchase all of his studio albums? :D
  7. Rossinator
    What idea was that?
    I was poking around TDRS, looking for contacts, etc and was thinking of e-mailing them (found e-mail on forum). I was going to e-mail and ask that they put all of Buckethead's albums up for sale in some way; Bandcamp seems like a good way. Maybe we should all e-mail and ask for it to be done. Maybe get a petition going or something?
  8. mcmurray


    A nice idea, though a lot of his albums are owned by other labels hence this would be impossible. Also, it is forbidden for Bucket to sell Giant Robot NTT again because it contains unauthorized samples.
  9. Rossinator
    Oh, I had no idea. Hm...
    So, Electric Sea is "out". Anybody else give a listen to it? It's good.
  10. DimaSebastian
    HUGE fan here!! My nickname is Bucketbot actually. I listened to all of his work, and colaborations.
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