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Any Buckethead fans here?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jc222284, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. jc222284
    Love buckethead, been listen to him since 2008!
  2. jc222284
    Glad to see a lot of fans on here!
  3. slaw slaw
    2009 here.  Best guitarist period.
  4. jc222284


  5. darcyb62
    Been listening to him since 1998 when he released Colma.  Man, that's a long time ago already. 
  6. jc222284


    Colma is my favorite album by him hands down.
  7. sexiewasd
    I don't own any of his albums. I've only been able to satisfy my buckethead cravings with youtube videos, most of which are poor quality, but still I will say that he is my second favorite guitarist of all time, behind Kaki King.  I love how a true artist like Buckethead and Kaki create an entire atmosphere of sound with one instrument, like they are painting a scene, fabricating a world and story with sound.  Major appreciation!
    Example, and my favorite:

    It bothers me that he is so often compared to Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, John5 and Slash when he is in an entirely different class, and nothing like them in any way.  He is a true artist, simply more than a guitarist.
    EDIT: same class as Hendrix now that I think of it.
  8. slaw slaw


    the exact video my avatar comes from[​IMG].  There's a longer version out there.  That one has the into cut out.  You should try get some albums by him.  Not much can compare to a song like Seige Engine at high volumes on a good set of cans.  
    This is what I think is his best performance, except for maybe Animal Behavior.

  9. Rossinator
    I love Buckethead. It's insane how much he has released, along with everything else he has taken part in. I've been listening to his music since 2007 (possibly 2008), and after discovering him and listening to his music I decided that I wanted to learn to play guitar. I was blown away by what he was able to do; although I may have heard other people coming close, I had never heard anything quite like Buckethead. The first album of his I heard was Pepper's Ghost and it's my favorite. The fact that it was the first one I had heard might be part of the reason why it's my favorite.
    My favorite albums of his, almost completely in this order are:
    Pepper's Ghost
    Decoding The Tomb Of Bansheebot
    The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
    Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse
    Slaughterhouse On The Prairie
    Albino Slug
    My favorite albums, and some that might not be favorite but have some of my favorite songs on them (example: Crime Slunk Scene), all were released somewhere in 2006-2009. He seemed to really be on a roll then, releasing a lot of albums in just one year. Not sure if he had just accumulated a lot of songs over the years or if he's really just that crazy. I assume he's just that crazy.
    I have not checked out much of the stuff he's done with other people/other bands. [​IMG]
  10. darcyb62

    I think Buckethead and Vai can compare quite favorably to each other.  They both have an ability and desire to explore new areas with their music although Buckethead does go quite a bit further into the experimental side.  With the rest of the group the only similarities would be is that they are all guitarists but differ in that they are kind of one trick ponies.
    I can listen Buckethead and Vai all day but that's not the case with the Satriani, Malmsteen or John5.  Slash is different again and I find him a lot more listenable than the three just mentioned.  Some other solo guitarists I quite like include:
    Jeff Beck (my all time favorite)
    Andy Timmons
    Lee Ritenour
    Mattias Ia Eklundh
    Neal Schon
    Brett Garsed
  11. R_burke


    I second the emotion
  12. jc222284


  13. slaw slaw
    We've succeeded!
  14. jc222284


    haha nice!
  15. Hawaiiancerveza
    Yup fast and slow music from him is awesome!
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