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Any Buckethead fans here?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jc222284, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. jc222284

    Yeah, I feel the same way. Not a personal favorite but it is a keeper!
  2. Rossinator

    I never found that site, but I found some of those albums/links.
    I've bought most of what I've been able to find on his site, and some others used that don't seem to be sold anymore. I really wish I could get copies of Population Override and Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse fairly cheap (around $20-30). PO seems to get close to that often, but SOTS is always really expensive (I've seen several over $100). I guess I'll just have to settle for it from that site. I haven't been keeping a eye on them on places like eBay, because I currently have no money for it and that probably isn't going to change for a few months.
    Getting his CDs hasn't been really simple/cheap. I remember I made a big order of them from TDRS and I had to wait months to get a few of them, since they apparently weren't selling very many copies (I think that was the reason).
  3. jc222284

    Just saw a Peppers Ghost selling going for $150! Holy S***!
  4. Rossinator
    Wow! So it isn't sold anymore? I'm glad I bought it when I did. [​IMG]
  5. jc222284

    You lucky! IMO Peppers Ghost is Buckethead's best mastered CD

    and Yay! 300 posts :D
  6. jc222284
    The prices for these CDs are so high! I would love to own a physical CD by him but even a used copy is expensive!
  7. Rossinator
    Yeah, it's crazy. I really wish they would start selling some of them again.
  8. slaw slaw
    Click TDRS Music Store down the bottom.
    Also, has anyone else noticed the fan mail address is a hospital according to Google Maps.
  9. Rossinator
    [​IMG] You're right, Google Maps takes you to a pet hospital.
    I took a closer look at TDRS Music Store and saw this:
    "New! 320kps mp3's and Flac downloads.
    We are trying out the Bandcamp download store. We have added a few titles
    and will be adding many more soon."
    I really, really hope they put everything up on Bandcamp.
  10. jc222284

  11. darcyb62
    Bermuda Triangle would be my least favorite.
    My two favorites would be Electric Tears and Population Override.
  12. jc222284


    my 2 favorite are Colma & Electric Tears
  13. mcmurray


    You must check out Axiology, Dragons of Eden, and Chinese Democracy immediately!!
    Bucket's best work happens when collaborating with other artists.
  14. Rossinator
    Ok, I will. I did check Dragons of Eden a little bit awhile ago.
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