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Another Shure SE535 Red Limited Edition launched in USA

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  1. BlinkST
    The SE535 in general should not cost more than $150. My JVC FXT-200 LTD smokes them.
  2. Audio-Omega
    What sort of music do you listen to ?
  3. BlinkST

    Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock etc.

    Edit so people don't think I'm joking:


    The JVCs have a more "complete" sound to them. They match the Se535's detail, clarity, soundstage, layering, positioning etc. plus:

    Bring a stronger bass presence, and a stronger "ambience" to the sound that connects everything together. With the Se535, i don't hear $385 extra of superior sound; I don't hear superior sound at all. At the same volume mark, the sound hits my ears a little too hard (perhaps because the BA is more efficient). Everything I listened to with them that involved drums, was unacceptable. Compared to the perfection that is the FXZ-200, I consider the FXT-200LTD bass to be respectable. The Se535 does not match even that.

    I guess what triggered my earlier comment was the sheer shock that these are still retailing for $500.:rolleyes:
  4. Audio-Omega
    Do those JVC earphones have good build quality ?
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