Another "Deadbeat Head-Fier" Thread
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Oct 27, 2006

A little over a month ago, I helped a fellow DIY HFer with some out-of-stock parts. I gave him a good deal and even let him after he receives the item. (Yes, yes... I know, stupid idea. But I was shipping it regular mail w/o tracking and it was $15.) Needless to say he hasn't paid me yet, but that's not why I'm mad. I could care less if he ever pays; I mean $15 isn't going to break the bank. What gets me mad is that he doesn't respond to any PMs. I had put aside some spares in case it got lost and was waiting for a response from him before giving them to someone else. Several weeks w/o a response and he's logged in recently. Now, I know not everyone has PM notification enabled, but that's a poor excuse. I do think that he received the item, because otherwise he'd be asking for the other set. I figure I'll give him another couple of days before leaving feedback.

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Another good head-fier screwed... kinda sad that people would take advantage of such a giving community.
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Originally Posted by aaron313 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Maybe he died?

Nah, he logged in today and sometime last week.
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Originally Posted by vcoheda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
is he a n00b?

He's been here for quite some time; a lot longer than I have been here. He has no feedback though, although that may soon change.
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Hmmm......certainly not a nice fish to swim in our waters.
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We do not need people like that on this forum. Hope the person has a good reason.
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Take it up with a mod and see if you can sort it out before openly naming the culprit. If you can't sort it out - name him and leave honest FB.

I read an expression once that seems apt:

If you loan money to a friend and you never see him or the money again - it was worth it.....

(Does anyone have the source for this saying or quote?)
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Another one of those not-so-friendly Head-Fi'ers it seem.

Its a shame that people don't follow up as agreed, and instead try to scam as best as they are able to.

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