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Announcing the Audeze LCD-GX, the First Audiophile Gaming Headphone

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, May 10, 2019.
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  1. kid vic
    Has the winner of the giveaway been announced yet?
  2. Zeeke
    I know a few others have asked but is there any news on when these will be released?
  3. Kwant0hm
    They said early August. But I suspect mid to late August. They have had delays it appears.
  4. phase0
    I was wondering if the big difference here is the cable? Like if you wanted a nicer set of drivers + the mic if you could just get the cable and attach it to your LCD-4 and have the same thing with better drivers than the GX? Or is there something specific to the GX package? I have the Mobius which I like but I still think the mic is kind of crappy. The pictures here look like they have the same kind of Mic as the Mobius. Anyways I'm casually curious about these. Really would be cool if they could some how manage a wireless LCD-XC or LCD-4 and have it sound as good as the wired version but that may be dreaming given the protocol chipset dac amping issues/nightmare... Maybe it could come with backpack for the electronics and battery LOL.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  5. Giullian
    Yeah, I was a backer for the Mobius and couldn't handle that microphone and the user interface for the switch modes, to complicated and no memory (e.g when turning on every single time I needed to do all the switches cycle to turn off the 3D motion, was no way to make off as standard). Sold it really quick.

    The GX looks my area (no gimmick), but the microphone being the same as the Mobius is a big negative for me. If Audeze is smart enough, they would sell the microphone cable as an accessory on their site, so much people asking if that would be an option.

    About Dac/amp setup, I think GX will be a home option and Mobius a mobile one. imagine those huge notebooks + dac/amp setup + the GX box on a backpack. Or a professional player with an open headphone on a championship noise stadium, no way.
  6. Zeeke

    Not sure if anything changed from the kickstarter but the mic on the mobius is pretty dang good for what it is. Even RTINGS has it rated as one of the highest quality of any production headsets. I use it for work calls and games and it's been great.

  7. Giullian
    Cool, I hope it changed or mine was defective. I bought it basically to be used at work and every single call I had with it the other person complained and no adjustment of the position helped enough.
  8. Aliv3
    When the first reviews will start to appear?
  9. phase0
    I felt the same. I know Audeze had some Mobius firmware updates to try and adjust sensitivity. I got one firmware update. I wouldn't say it's terrible but what I prefer and use is my cellphone with the Apple earbuds or my Westones. The Mobius are just wireless headphones and in pinch I plug in the mic and use that like when I need to have something like Skype working but I never preferred the Mobius mic. Hopefully they've made some refinements for the GX. I think it would be one part hardware and one part software. If the underlying hardware is really good then they can fix the software as they iterate through the updates and receive feedback (in theory). However the earbud Mics seem to just work and nobody complains I'm fading in and out, or distorting, or too quiet...
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  10. Giullian
    That can be the case for the Mobius, with firmware update to try to correct the issues. But for the GX everything is analog, so if the microphone is not good, will be hard to correct it manually without a mic mixer system. Let's see how it goes after these latest delays, I'm really interested in this one.
  11. DReborn
    sorry if this was answered but how does the mic work?

    as in, i plug the headphones into headphone amp but then where do i plug mic into? back of computer? is there any headphone amp/dac that has mic input and headphone output?
    cardeli22 likes this.
  12. cardeli22
    Mayflower ARC:
  13. DReborn
    Thanks! Looks like a solid combo unit

    worst case I could use my headphone amp and plug the mic port into my 3.5mm mic input in computer?
    cardeli22 likes this.
  14. cardeli22
    I would assume so.
  15. Giullian
    That's what I was thinking. But the real "Gamer" would go for the Sennheiser. :)

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