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Announcing the Audeze LCD-GX, the First Audiophile Gaming Headphone

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, May 10, 2019.
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  1. Vitandus
    It's the difference between boomy dynamic driver bass and fast and impactful planar magnetic bass that seems to throw some folks off.
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  2. Kwant0hm
    If it is the way you describe I think that is perfect for me. I am still very interested.
  3. SoundHelmet
    Just gonna second MadLustEnvy's impression of the LCD-GX. I listened to it and canjam and it definitely wasn't bright or bass lite. Still sounded like an LCD. Flat bass, soft upper mids and treble was at a good level.
    Brighter than lcd2c but not bright.

    I don't see why Audeze would throw away all their tuning philosophies just because its a gaming headphone. The mobius is a well balanced headphone for example.
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  4. Audeze
    This was one of Mark's first show. The GX is not by any stretch have piercing Treble.
    >> The first thing I noticed was the bass and mids were so far recessed
    This is not how it sounds.

    The GX does not vary too much from the Audeze House curve. Mids are quite smooth and upfront. We had a similar experience at the show with another headphone as well. Someone listened to two headphones and told us about how different they sounded. Unfortunately they had identical hardware and even firmware revisions and sound pretty much the same. Sometimes it is less than ideal conditions at shows and the choice of music changes perception quite a bit.
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  5. The Socialist Nerd
    That makes me happy... I do a lot of gaming but I tend to enjoy music and detailed listening a lot more...
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  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Thanks for the confirmation, Audeze. I thought it strange that someone's opinion was drastically different from mine. Lol.

    Probably a case of the person listening to a bass heavy phone first, then jumping in to something more neutral/flat.

    When you listen to two headphones with different flavors, your ears take time to adjust to the most recent headphone.

    This is why I don't ever believe in show floor impressions. There's way too many uncontrollable factors at play. From expectation bias, constant swapping of sound signatures, etc.

    These things take time.

    The GX is only my 3rd experience with Audeze, and it sounds every bit like what I would've expected coming from an LCD2.2 and Mobius as my first two.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
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  7. Fegefeuer
    I listened to them at the High End Show and as usual SVS was hammering the area like mad, with their huge subwoofers, yet still there's no way those impressions are somewhat plausible or realistic.

    Not even SVS can outmask Audeze Bass. :dark_sunglasses:
  8. Mark Up
    The LCD-X (open) always seemed to have the best low sub bass response and extension (despite its graph showing less than the LCD-2 or 3, it sounds different when you hear it). 1-2 db more than that at 20 hz would make them ideal sonically, as they have a bit more treble than the other classic styled large LCD (not counting the smaller portables or Mobius) and that makes the treble neutral vs the typical dull. Because of that the LCD-X mids don't overwhelm since there is a balance in them the others don't have (that typically lack low sub bass & treble). Their weight and price is off-putting. These being lighter & less costly, if they have a similar response, might definitely appeal to me even more.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  9. Vitandus
    Here's the problem with the LCD-GX. Black and red are my colors in-game; they're the color of our clan and guild logo, and hell, even my truck is that color.

    The problem? My willpower is eroded even more as a result.
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  10. Kwant0hm
    Two more impressions.

  11. roskodan
    Guys, don't forget about the unicorns!
  12. Asahi Templar
    A brighter LCD sounds great as long as there are no horrible peaks.

    Just out of curiosity did anyone here win one of the 5 they were giving away? Drawing was supposed to be on July 1st.
  13. Audeze
    We are slightly delayed in production. So we have postponed the drawing and are waiting for the units to be ready.
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
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  14. Asahi Templar
    Thanks for the update! I still have a chance then yay!
  15. Monokai
    I'm curious, why would you want the mic to need phantom power? It would be the right thing to do for audeze to add a dynamic back to these as a condenser like you are talking about would we way to sensitive and have sound leaking in from the open-backed headphones. It better be a dynamic, and those don't take 48v power.
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