Announcing our newest team member: CEE TEE

  1. Mike Dias Contributor
    Hi everybody — Mike here from UE. I want to share some great news. We realize that we can always be more responsive and more engaged with the community and that we can do more at the meets. And in order to better serve the community, we know that we need help from the inside. So with that, we are pleased to announce that CEE TEE will be helping us in a more official role. He'll be our  head-fi UE Ambassador. And while you can still call on any of us for help, feel free to reach out to CEE TEE with any and all questions. He'll be there to help.
    And like all of us, we respect CEE TEE's neutrality, his honesty, and his passion for gear and music. His new affiliation with UE will have no bearing on his honest and accurate participation in the community. CEE TEE is a head-fier first and foremost and we would not have chosen to work with him had we felt that his affiliation with us would compromise his transparency or diminish his role as an active community member and supporter. So without further ado, looking forward to having the chance to serve the community with even greater response time and dedication!
    Many thanks,
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  2. Mkubota1 Contributor
    Who is this CEE TEE fella you speak of?  [​IMG]
    You guys picked a good one... CEE TEE is the best!
  3. fishski13
    x2.  excellent choice.
  4. KingStyles Contributor
    Congrats cee tee.
  5. He’s the real ambassador/
    It is evident he represents the best of all Head-Fiety/
    Noted for his awesomeness, humility and piety/
    He wants you to enjoy it just like him and not just buy it he/
    is UE to the core.
    He’s the real ambassador/
    Though he may be built like Thor/
    He’s a diplomat, in a pirate hat/
    He’s the real ambassador yes, the real ambassador!
  6. shipsupt
    Ambassador!  That's so cool.  Kind of like when Spock got old, only with IEM's instead of pointy ears.  Not saying he's old, or has funny ears...
    It's going to be great to have a guy we know close to UE. 
    Now, @CEE TEE, where the heck are my UERM's?
  7. CEE TEE Contributor
    You guys rock.  Thanks, all!
    UE gives me license to keep being myself (plus giving us some demos to play with in the Bay Area)...while you guys let me share experience, enjoy music, help with orders, and keep hanging out!
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  8. JMcMasterJ
    Congrats, man. That's awesome
  9. CEE TEE Contributor
    ^Thanks, JMMJ!  Hey, I like your choice of gear and that your location is "CT", LOL.
    Feel free to PM me about which Firmware you are running on the PWD, which tubes you are running in the S7, and which mods (if any) you are running on the HD800.  (Always nice to compare notes.)
    Have not yet tried the UERM out of the fabled education is not yet complete!  
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  10. rosgr63
    Congratulations Cee Tee, best choice UE could possibly make.
    Looking forward to your tips and advise.
  11. bazelio

    CEE TEE I guess we will be seeing a lot more of you now that attending Bay Area meets is essentially an official job function of yours! Good for us and good for you ... Congrats on the dream job ! !

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