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  1. Ancipital
    The sweet sound of DC, isn't it?
  2. Dillan
    Should be an interesting headphone. I thought the impressions from the latest show seemed mostly positive. What's the price looking like, someone said $6k? If so that's hilarious. Especially for a hifiman headphone which is known to usually measure kinda all over the place. I guess if I listen and it sounds that great then I may be in trouble!
  3. Nbe9
  4. bmichels
    Sensitivity = 83 db ! A real big headphone amp is needed ! I wonder why they need to have such a low sensitivity to reach their SQ goal ?
  5. TheAttorney
    Well, hifiman seem to have taken on board some previous criticism about poor communication on what differentiates their top model from lesser ones.
    This is much more professionally presented.

    Shame though that they have not taken on board criticisms about over pricing. It's still $6k..

    Although I have had no quality issues at all with my HEK V2's (touch wood), I have previously commented that I wasn't impressed with the look and feel of it's arc assembly. The simple metal finish of arc and grills doesn't look or feel particularly expensive. And the arc rings for several seconds when tapped. So much so that I've covered some of it with paper-based masking tape (that looks surprisingly in keeping because it's the same colour as the headband). This has significantly reduced (not eliminated) the ringing, although I can't honestly tell if this has affected SQ.

    Now, this cheaper look & feel may well contribute to the low weight of the HEK's. And possible that the arc (and grill) ringing helps contribute to the sound tuning that the designer intended. So I'm not complaining too much about that on my HEK V2's. What I am complaining about is that the same arc assembly is ok for the £1.3k HEX's, and it's borderline disappointing for the $3k HEK's, but it's totally unacceptable for a $6k headphone IMO.

    I'll still get to listen to the Susvara's one day, and I may even consider buying them if their SQ is a massive improvement over my HEK V2's.
    But it would have been so much better had I been super excited at the prospect, rather than sceptically curious.
  6. paradoxper
    Still won't be supporting this sinking ship.
  7. cocolinho
    I had the chance to audition these Susvara together with the Shangri-la system, obviously the electrostatic system is waaaaay overpriced but at least it sounds good to me, cannot say the same about the Susvara, but the positive thing is that they are subjectively beautiful :grimacing:
  8. TeamHiFiMAN
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  9. wasupdog
    man, it's so overpriced they're throwing in a free amp with the purchase. I did hear it at canjam and it sounded very very good, well, at least as much as I could tell in a convention setting with ambient noise everywhere.
  10. JaZZ Contributor
    «Acoustically invisible Stealth Magnets»

    ...a slogan that simply leaves out one major acoustic interference inherent to all planar headphones:

    Susvara-Magnet-System.JPG ...the standing waves and air acceleration effects (known from compression-chamber drivers) between membrane and magnets and between the magnets (you may also replace «magnets» with «stators») – which will make for about half of the acoustic effects caused by the magnet system. Nevertheless, the Susvara's magnet design certainly represents a progress in terms of acoustic openess, but «acoustic invisibility» is too big a word.
  11. FastAndClean

  12. bmichels
    In Munich, in a quite room, with their EF1000 big amp, we listened to the Susvara, and ... my friend could not justify upgrading from his HEK v2 ! And for me, the low sensivity is a no-no for traveling (I have a BHSE+SR009 for home use)
  13. Jozurr
  14. Rchandra
    "It's expensive because it sounds good" I won't knock the headphones although I think it's a ridiculous asking price. I admire the guy for making headphone after headphone. But the prices are just down right silly.
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