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  1. Sil3nce Moderator
    Another reminder to take peoples' posts with a grain of salt.
    Lest they turn this into another HFM hate thread--which we all get by now.
    The Susvara was perfectly functioning throughout the show.
    I don't know where he got his information from, but I was there for the entirety of both days.
    Well you never asked to borrow the Susvara?
    It's not incompetence, it's simply a difference in practice between cultures.
    You're free to buy their products or not.
    And I sure hope you're not referring to user hostility at the show, because there was none.
  2. thefitz
    Wait, you're saying the Susvara blowing up was a lie!?
  3. Sil3nce Moderator

    At least in LA, it was perfectly functioning throughout the show.
    So yes, just people spreading misinformation.

    The EF1000 blew a fuse and the Shangri's amp was damaged during shipping, but that was that.
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  4. thefitz
    If someone purposely lied about the SV being blown up in LA, they should be banned and possibly sued. They'd be an absolute joke to this community.
  5. Toolman
    Just to be clear, that Susvara that blown a driver during CanJam Singapore was due to a careless user error, not unreliable QC or inferior production. I heard someone have accidentally forgotten to turn down the volume of the amp before plugging the Susvara in.
    Not hating HFM at all because i think they do bring a lot to the table but quality and pricing decisions could certainly be improved. The HEKv2 have turned out to be a delightful headphone after all the "shortcoming" of the v1 and their RE-2000 is a solid offering. I don't have a fit or comfort issue during my 30mins or so ear time with them, so perhaps it is just a different head different fitting issue as with most universals? 
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  6. thefitz
    So just the amp blew a fuse?
  7. bosiemoncrieff
    Correct. The headphone was in good working order as of Saturday afternoon, though the music selection was dreadful.
  8. Sil3nce Moderator
    I was under the impression that someone had mentioned the SV being broken in the SoCal show.
    I can't speak about Singapore.
    Whoever referred to the SV failing in LA, was clearly not at the show.
    Others can vouch that it was functioning throughout Sat. and Sun.
    Let alone I was exhibiting both days.
    It seems HIFIMAN shaming is quite common in a lot of these threads.
    Enough to the point that people will hate on a headphone that they've never even seen/listened to.
    Pity, because everyone that listened to the SV generally had positive impressions. Minus Moncrief and one other guy who liked the HE-1000 v2 more.
    And don't get me wrong, there's definitely logistical problems in the company. No one's denying that.
    In fact, if you knew me, I've been extremely critical from day one of their newer products.
    But there's no need to spread hate and false information.
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  9. thefitz
    I believe the post I recently quoted was the source of that confusion. Dare I say referring to "Susvara / EF1000" as one entity was done deliberately to make it seem like HiFiMAN is having significant QC issues with the Susvara, as opposed to an amp being damaged in transit.
  10. Sil3nce Moderator
    I don't believe you're wrong at all.
    That was shortly followed by people following up on the subject as if the Susvara had failed at both shows.
    Which is quite strange, because the SV is actually built very solid. 
    The HE400i and the Edition X had cable issues and intermittent sound from a few demo units, but the SV always worked 100%.
  11. bosiemoncrieff
    The SL damage doesn't bode well for the integrity of that amp, however.
  12. Toolman

    I believe they ship it in a Pelican case all the way from could (possibly) be down to the airline handling issue
  13. Jozurr
    Yes this kind of misinformation is in very poor taste indeed. 
  14. Toolman

    You are correct...just try to post a (less than 5-star raving) review of certain iem brand and see how quickly your post get taken down. Post a bad impression or anything negative on certain threads and the pain of 20 daggers stabbing your back within minutes from the fanboys who will defend the brand to death and accused your ears, taste, associated equipment, source etc other than a product itself. There became a siege mentality whereby no one will be bothered to post anything but some happy clappy news on the entire thread. Many (who does not have an opportunity to audition one) will likely be mislead by the general tone of the thread and lay down some $2K on their total iem then get a wtf moment when they finally hear it themselves.
    HiFiMan seems to be getting all the opposite treatment from many and we generally hear only negative impression when in fact (many of) their products are pretty solid in the first place. Still unhappy with my HEKv1 but thankfully their HEKv2 fixed most of my pet peeves
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  15. thefitz
    Yes, but to have threads and threads complaining about QC issues, followed by deliberate misdirection (IMO), is ridiculous. People will misrepresent any piece of info if it provides them a reason to **** all over HiFiMAN and provide a juicy scoop.
    Yep, there tends to be 99% immaculate praise/flaming, and 1% of people who contradict any and all claims (i.e. if a headphone is dark and bassy someone will complain about how thin it is). Whether it's praise or flaming is dependent on fashion.
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