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Announcement: The Edition 6 is Dead

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  1. Jozurr
    I agree. I've bought the HE500, HE-6, and HEKV1 from them and I really do enjoy their products. Some stuff regarding their products is disappointing yes, for which they are getting the heat. However, what is happening now with the misdirection and unnecessary flak is unfair. As a community we at least need to be fair. They aren't the first offenders with QC/Pricing/CS issues.
  2. Sil3nce Moderator
    Yeah it's literally boxed in a foam cutout, shut in an old-school Pelican case and sent to/from China.
    The amp wasn't actually broken.
    Mike (Woo) and Peter (HeadAmp) both went over to take a look at it.
    There was just an issue with the connecting points of the 300 tubes (slightly dislodged during transit perhaps?) and we couldn't get consistent sound.
    But really, I'm glad most of you feel the same way.
    For all the negative feedback people may have, there comes to a point where a line is crossed. 
    Constructive criticism is great, but public shaming not so much.
    One bit of misinformation leads to 10 other guys jumping on the hate train.
    And I've been seeing a lot of that throughout the forums, not just this one.
    If you don't like their products and don't agree with their business practices, simply don't purchase anything from them.
    If it's really that bad, then sooner or later they have to make changes or go out of business.
  3. mulder01
    Yeah true.  Perhaps nobody is jumping in to defend it yet because nobody owns one - I think once people invest thousands into a product and enjoy it, they get a bit more defensive when someone attacks it.
    Why the heck we are getting bugger-all impressions from (I am assuming) dozens of people who would have tried it at canjams makes me wonder.  I have noticed in the past on other threads that people are often hesitant to say anything that goes against the norm.  Maybe everyone is waiting to see what everyone else is saying about them so that they don't get attacked by a bunch of people with a differing opinion.  Just hanging back to see what other people say and then chime in with the old "yeah, yeah that's what I heard too..."
    I guess in a thread full of hate, if you try and bring something positive to the conversation you'll get shot down just as quickly as someone trying to say something negative about a popular product.
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  4. pedalhead Contributor
    So, nobody's concerned that this 6k headphone blew a driver just because they were plugged in without turning the volume down? Sure, it's best practice that most of us always follow, but I'll put my hands up and admit I occasionally forget, and I'll bet I'm not alone. Headphones need to be robust enough to deal with this scenario, especially those that cost as much as a small car.
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  5. Shure or bust
    They were plugged in with the volume knob probably past 12 o'clock or maxed out since most the attendee's were deaf.
  6. Ancipital
    Yep, the fact that the Sampo is that easy to kill is worrying. If you're dropping that amount of money, you expect a certain level of engineering foresight. Pretty sure the Utopia would survive that.
    (Actually, pretty sure my HE-560 would, too, ironically. Plug it in with the appropriate amp up halfway? No problem. I have to remind myself why HFM used to be a popular upstart.)
  7. mulder01
    I think there is a difference in design with speaker amps compared to headphone amps though and you are never supposed to connect/disconnect a load while powered up. I recall a while ago someone using a speaker amp with their abyss blew a fuse while disconnecting his headphones. I think it may have even been in standby. If the amp used for the sus is indeed a speaker amp as Fang says, then that would probably explain it.
  8. bluesaint
    Let's not forget this is on a nanometer sized diaphragm, so not shocked it can be blown out by bad practice
  9. thefitz
    Holy ****... any evidence behind this claim?
    Go on Audeze's website - they actually give you a max power handling rating and how long it can handle it for. The ass-talking on this thread has to stop, to the point where the mods should come in and remove the outright lies and uninformed speculation. 
  10. gikigill
    Hifiman has its own history of driver failures so the new one failing isn't exactly news either and I say that as an owner of 5 Hifiman headphones.
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  11. Ancipital
    I'm sure that was relevant in your head.
  12. thefitz
    Of course it's relevant - a driver is going to explode if you give it too much juice, and some manufacturers (ie. Audeze) can actually quantify it. Speculation like your remark about the Utopia is completely fictitious.
  13. mulder01
    It's not a continuous feed of power, but rather a spike created on the connecting/disconnecting of a headphone from a speaker amp. Don't ask me how it works, but it's definitely a phenomenon I have heard of before regardless of the headphones connected.
  14. thefitz
    Just like Schiit's issue with the original Asgard... but that requires understanding
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Or the original Lyr. Took out both my Edition 8 drivers on startup.
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