Amplifier under around 500 GBP for newly converted Head-Fier
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New Head-Fier
Jul 31, 2011
Hi there my first post so please be gentle 

I've recently moved into an apartment and had to make some serious compromises to the way I listen to music.  Headphones would seem to make sense so I'm about to treat myself to a head amp/headphone package. 
Apart from ear-buds my only current headphones are a pair of Sennheiser HD25P's I bought when I was into home recording many years ago and a pair of Bose QC15's I bought for travelling.  
Of the two the Bose sound much more "my cup of tea"  but then of course the HD25P's are monitoring phones so I guess a little "clinical".
Most of my listening these days is sourced from my PC either FLAC rips (dbpoweramp)  replayed through FOOBAR through an EMU 0404 USB connected to a pair of Roland active monitors.  
So the new system would I'm thinking be laptop - EMU -  amp - phones.   I know the EMU has a headphone amp and it does seem to drive the HD25P's ok but I'm sure I can do better.
I've seen a package for 615 GBP  of Graham Slee Solo SRG  and HD650's that appeals going by what I've read ( I live in Cyprus so a demo is pretty much impossible).   Any other suggestions ?  
Budget is flexible
thanks in anticipation
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Jul 4, 2010
I would prefer the HD-600 over the 650, you'll be substituting a grey and black plastic finish for the 650s' fancy titanium metallic housing, but you'll still be getting a high-end pair of open-air headphones while saving enough money to buy a really nice amp as you listen to your music of choice, ongoing rate is around £200, from amazon uk.
For the amp, consider the Portable-Desktop amp from Qes labs, it is battery operated, can come with USB DAC option, so you directly hook up to your laptop. A review is here.
SQ is superb, and both would fit your budget.

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