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Amp. for Sony MDR-XB1000 (My first amp. purchase ever)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hwangmihee, Jan 2, 2012.
  1. HwangMiHee
    Hello guys

    I am planning to purchase Sony MDR-XB1000 because I love house, electronic and trance music. (I listen to dj: rt24 from soundcloud if you want to check out my music taste)

    Would an amplifier for example like FiiO E11 make a lot of difference for me listening to music from both the PC and also from my iPhone/iPod nano (6th generation)? (I have no amp. at this moment)

    IMPORTANT: I am a complete newbie to this site. I just got interested in upgrading my sound system. I have had Sennheiser HD555 as my "best" headphones (Dr. Dre studios excluded because they are a complete waste of money imo.)

    Side question: Do you guys know about the "mixamp" from astro? Because I play some call of duty now and then and I was wondering if the "mixamp" has any good amplification of the sound so I could use it for music listening as well.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. HwangMiHee
  3. roker
    mixamp serves it's purpose for gaming, but if you're not interested in adding a mic of some sort, then it's usefulness is gone.
    If you're not looking to spend a lot, I'd say something from Fiio lineup might suit you well.
    You could aways get a Fiio e10 or e7, which are Dac/amp combo, providing you with a clean line out from your computer and ample amplification (thankfully you don't need a monster to push the XB1000s)
  4. HwangMiHee
    Hi thanks for helping me out
    I do have a Creative X-Fi Fatality soundcard in my pc. Will I be able to still use the amplifier?
    Can I use this amp/DAC with me for example traveling and on airplanes?
  5. roker

    The e10 needs to use a USB for sound as it functions as it's own soundcard, so your soundcard is irrelevant.  I think you can use the e7's amp portion only.
    My biggest question is why would you take the XB1000 on an airplane?  it's kind of big and I"m pretty sure it leaks sound pretty bad.  I'd go with more portable headphone if that's your intended use.  You could also just get the amp only Fiio e11 and use that from your soundcard or ipod.
  6. HwangMiHee


    I didn't know they leaked sound. That made me start thinking.
  7. HwangMiHee
    But I thought people said that they isolated well :frowning2:

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  8. BassBizness
    I own the xb 1000's with a fiio e7 amp and the amp is still under powering the headphones. The headphones can go much louder, considering the xb 1000's max out at 106db and the fiio e7 maxes out at 100db when plugged into usb - just screams at you this is not enough power. I must say im dissapointed with this amp, my last hope is getting the e9 fiio to make it a combo amp and hope for it to blast.
  9. HiFiGuy528
    The XB1000 does leak sound and not good for portable use.  The Audioengine D1 I use plays nice with the XB1000 for only $169.
    Get the Audio Technica M50 coiled cable.  It sounds good and easy to travel with.

  10. eugenius
    I recommend the Gilmore Lite amplifier if you get a bass heavy headphone. Should be around 250$ in the Classifieds.

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