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Amp for j3?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by chitman123, Jan 19, 2011.
  1. chitman123
    i have j3 +Um1
    I wonder if any portable amp suit me as i find it very good when connecting my hi fi amp 
    budget around $200 
    or do i need to upgrade my earphone?
  2. cytotoxin
    Same question here.  I'm thinking the Fiio E7, but honestly don't know if it would work as well through my J3's phone-out as it does through a dedicated line-out.
  3. Mad Max
    What he said.
    Also, an E7/E5 would only degrade the sound quality.  A T3 would probably be best if an amp is necessary at all, but I doubt it with the UM1.  Better earphones would bring more improvement than an amp for sure.
  4. juman231


    Can you explain why e7 or e5 would degrade the SQ while other amp would not??
  5. Mad Max
    They are too muddy and lacking transparency among other things plus they will hiss a bit with really sensitive earphones.  I get hiss just with my TF10 straight out of my J3, but adding one of those amps will just introduce more than there already is, and the J3's HP out is more refined than those amps.  I figure a T3 would be better and it is not much bigger from pics I have seen here, I know my Minibox-E+ completely massacres those little FiiOs.
  6. cytotoxin
    Thank you Mad Max for the quotes and comments.  Where my situation differ from chitman123 is that I use full-size headphones on my J3, like AKG k271 mkii and dt660.  But I guess your conclusion that the Fiios would only degrade the SQ probably stands, right?
    If so, what amp would suit my setup best?  Thanks!
  7. Mad Max
    What is it with AKGs and the low sensitivity?  91 dB/mW?
    They will benefit from a beefier amp.  DT660 as well.  There's the P4, D6, Stepdance, and more if you search.
    You can probably scratch Minibox-ES off of the possibilities list for sure.  It will probably do well with the beyers, but not those AKGs.
  8. cytotoxin
    That is correct.  So the k271 mkii probably needs more juice.  However P4 and D6 are beyond my budget.  I would try one of those T3 or T3Ds and see if it makes a difference.  If not, I'll just settle with no amps.  The AKGs and beyers sound great already on J3.  Thank you!
  9. ovrclkd
    When needed I am using the iBasso D12 with HiFlights kit. It's a marriage made in heaven. [​IMG]

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