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ALO Pan Am desktop/portable headphone amp/DAC: Impressions and Reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shigzeo, Sep 6, 2012.
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  1. TontonJoK
    I tried the Sylvania from 1945, good bottom end, detailed but on the bright side
  2. koolas
    I brought today all my tubes to the office and playing around with them. I was very happy with Voskhods for recent time. Today I first put Telefunkens, and then Mullards, and now... I'm back on Sylvanias (1945)...

    The obvious thing that popped up straight after popping them in was superb bass extension and superb treble extension. Amazing EQ-response to bass and treble (on all other tubes EQ-response was much lower).
  3. koolas
    My office setup :)
  4. TontonJoK
    Smart :wink:
  5. koolas

    I simply had enough of plugging plugs in every time I got to work, and unplugging before leaving office...
    I also thought it could be quite portable, though it's quite heavy:)
  6. BattousaiX26
    Can I copy your idea? (y)
  7. TontonJoK
    And there is still some room for a bud W
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  8. DarktoreS
    Hi, I read a long time Head-fi but I never posted any message! I am one of the lucky owners of ALO PANAM, I chose the Concero dac into a wonderful compagon travel!
    I currently have a PM-2 OPPO and LCD-2 Fazor have a killer sound with the Mullard 5654, but I must recognize that with the OPPO PM-2 is the best performance with the Sylvania 6HA5 ! I also ordered Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV, the Amperex 6HQ5 electron to a final experiment ! But so far my best choice with the PANAM + Concero 5654 remains the Mullard. For me the 5654 Mullard are much better than the CV4010 appears to be lacking in depth compared to 5654 or Voshtock ...
    I use a translator, my English is too bad to write !
  9. TontonJoK
    Hello Darktores

    Welcome to Headfi :wink:

    Someone correct myself If I'm wrong but the Mullard's CV 4010 are the same as M8100 The M8100 being for military uses and the CV4010 the regular ones

    6AK5 regulars and 6AK5W military version
    EF95 CV4010 M8100 5654 is all the same no ??

    A lot of people prefer the Mullards with Lcd2's and I agree about their sound qualities

    May be the fazored Lcd2's match very well with Mullards and the non fazored with some tubes with a little more highs emphasis (like Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV)

  10. BattousaiX26
    I think the Mullards 5654 are actually relabel as RTC 5654 not very sure though. Yes I wholeheartedly agree that the fazor LCD 2 sounds very good with the Mullards and the non-F sounds good with brighter tubes like RTC and JAN Ge
  11. DarktoreS
    I just received my new dac for the PANAM, the Director by Meridian promotion on amazon UK at $ 349! This is a monster dac the soundstage is wide, detailed, felt the voice and violin is beautiful ! It sends a surprising width while remaining full of detail with superb bass. A real discovery that I will not be baught to $ 700 for me a real success without a doubt with the PANAM !!
  12. TonyNewman
    I use my PanAm in the office and pack it up into a plastic lunchbox for transport to and from each day - not very elegant but it works and keeps the PanAm safe.
    I have not found another tube that matches the Telefunkens for all around performance. Curious - have other folks found the same thing or is there another allrounder tube out there I don't know about that tops the telefunken?
  13. BattousaiX26
    Still dont have Telefunkens but for me Mullards CV4010 and Jan GE 5654w are both good all arounders.
  14. TonyNewman
    I have the Mullards and like them, but they can be a little wooly and heavy in the bass. I have found the Teles the better all around tube compared to the Mullards.
    The JAN GEs I have not tried. Have to hunt down a pair. Thanks.
  15. dmhenley
    I've been posting my rolling experience on the other tube rolling thread - 
    I've been through several pair, and my favorites are the Mullard 5654, and the Tung Sol 6AK5 (1949).
    AKG Q701/ALO Pan Am-Gateway/Parasound Zdac/PC/Fidelizer Pro/Roon-Tidal
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